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Cause for conCERN? Is Armageddon coming?

supercolliderTerrible pun aside, there is a lot in the news lately that Armageddon coming. It’s pretty much connected to the CERN Super Collider project where they are trying to recreate the big bang.

Back in 2012, they successfully identified the so called Higgs Boson (also known as the God particle) and this was hailed as a major discovery for physics and who can blame them for saying that?

What has many up in arms is that the Super Collider has been turned on again, this time with twice the power. While I do not believe it will be earth ending, I have to question the wisdom of such an act. It would seem they are trying to discover hidden dimensions.

There is a reason why dimensions are separate and opening them up in this slice of reality is not really a good idea. But that aside, it’s interesting timing for this to happen. I can’t get a proper fix on the dates on when they will do this, however the general date seems to be from the 20th March to the 23rd this year. (2015).

A rare solar eclipse has just happened and it occurred near the equinox (that time of year where the days are of equal length).

While those two events would not really have much effect on their own, in my opinion, it should be noted that many rituals are done at this time and that produces a lot of psychic energy, that can be harnessed by those we term as negative beings.

It also seems that CERN will also produce its own energies and those who can see into the astral have reported countless groups of demonics building portals.

What is most interesting is the reports of beings in the astral ‘freaking out’ about Armageddon coming.

Now, normally I tend to ignore such things. I’ve seen plenty of ‘End of Days’ stuff, including the infamous 2012 scenario which I had to ensure for seven or more years.

However, over the past few months, there have been things happening that I can’t ignore as it matches those mentioned in Revelations.

I’ve never really read through that book. I’m not a Christian and it’s a hard slog for me in any case. In spite of this, I have come across many references to it during my life, so when something happens, it twigs my memory and I look it up.

There are several clear signs that things will come to pass, and it appears it’s all because of CERN trying to open up into another dimension.

Other astral level are not barren or vacant. It’s not like space where it’s mostly dead and debris. There are entire societies which are extremely active on those levels. Sometimes they will interact with this world, either by coming closer in spirit and taking over a body, but all in all, they go about their daily business just like we do.

It seems very unwise to try and bridge the gap in such a way.

I’m still tossing up on whether I should say what signs I have seen pass for Revelations. Suffice to say they are not allegorical or vague interpretations, but the literal events including the one that refers to ‘The Beast.’

In any case, it is a nightmare for Empaths as they will be picking up on the activity and many will no doubt feel anxious without understanding why.

I guess its watch this space for now.

People say I’m highly sensitive, but am I an Empath?

empath122One of the most common things I see, when people e-mail me for advice is: Am I really an Empath?

They have looked at all the signs and can relate too many of them. They don’t always fit all the traits of an Empath. There are very few who do. However, they certainly fit many of the major ones, including being told that they are just too over sensitive or highly emotional.

HSP or Highly Sensitive Person is a signature trait of being an Empath.  It means that you react with a heightened sense to everything that is going on around you.

If something bad happens, your reaction will seem to be over the top to others.

It might be something along the lines of having a bad day at work. You believe you’ve made an error and now you feel very guilty about it.

Maybe someone reacted in a way to something you said or did that you didn’t think was positive and you feel bad or even guilty about how you made them feel.

Perhaps a partner or a friend is having a hard time and you can’t enjoy yourself around them because they don’t feel happy. You feel obliged to make yourself miserable so you can empathise with them.

You might even be cautious or afraid to let others know your true feelings because you don’t want to come across as uncaring or indifferent. You will make yourself feel unhappy because that seems to be your best option.

The Empath will feel obligated in some sense to react in a way that allows others to see that they are not alone and they have support.

This is generally unhealthy for all parties concerned because it simply feeds the negative energy rather than healing or helping anything.

As I said, it’s common for an Empath to be highly sensitive.  They take on the pain and discomfort of others around them, no matter if it’s human or animal or even plant.

Generally, if you ask yourself if you’re really an Empath, the very act of asking is a good indicator that you are. Non empathic people won’t ask and won’t even care. They will dismiss it out of hand.

Chances are high that if you ask the question, you are an Empath.

The Empath Guidebook – Now available in paperback.

empath guidebook amazonOver the past years, since I have put it online for free, thousands of people have downloaded The Empath Guidebook.

This book was written by me as a gift to the Empath community and covers an abundance of subjects to help new and experienced Empaths alike.

Many have also asked if this book was available in paperback format. With that request in mind, you can now choose to purchase it from for USD19.95.

The e-book is still free for download for those who wish to have their own PDF copy.

You can download the free version here:

You can purchase the paperback version here or by clicking on the picture on the side bar.

If you have enjoyed this book at some point, and think this it’s worthwhile, please feel free to give it a review. It would really help me out.


Introducing the Empath Support Community Site.

ESCFor a while now, I’ve been thinking about creating an empath community.

Yes, I know there are already some out there, but they seem restrictive and having had my membership terminated on one of those communities (why, I’ve not real idea. Maybe they didn’t like the odd blog entry I put there) I felt it was time to give people a place where they can be themselves.

The problem I have observed with other communities is that they are controlling. They will demand people act in a certain way and if you fall out of line, you will be kicked.

I’ve also mentioned this to be the case with chat rooms.

Personally, I don’t see how one can create anything worthwhile and long-lasting if there are so many rules and restrictions in place.

With this in mind, I finally felt it was time to consolidate all the empath resources I have created on the web and centralize it into a one stop shop that people can join, connect and share their own thoughts, ideas and concerns.

For all those Empaths, Highly sensitive people and psychics who are looking for a place to be, the Empath Support and Community site may be for you.

There you will find the chat room, this blog, my empath website, groups, forums, and the ability to create your own profile, befriend others and blog what’s on your mind.

As with the chat room, all you need do is remain courteous and not attack another and you are welcome.

This is an open group and all you need is a valid e-mail address to join.

You can find the ESC at (the blog will be at until domain mapping have been worked out.)

The hidden astral world series – Omen

The follow series of blogs will contain some very disturbing and, for many, frightening information. I find myself in the unique situation of being able to pass on uncommon knowledge.  I’m not one to dramatize things, so when I say read at your own risk, then take note. For those who wish to gain a fuller understanding of the denizens of the astral worlds around us, then proceed by all means.


In my last entry, I explained how the seeds of doubt were always being planted in my mind and I needed something that I could not refute.

Astral experiences could be explained away too easily and 3D experiences could be the result of people following logical trains of thought to a logical end. Just because they agreed with you didn’t mean they were right.  You don’t know for sure if they’re saying it to seem like they had the experience of that it really happened.Plus the mind is too easily swayed.

The only thing that would really work was a being that both belonged to the 3D world and the astral world at the same time that I could actually talk with.

That was a pretty tall order, as you can imagine. I don’t know about other people, but in my experience, such beings are not exactly thick on the ground, and those who are, rarely reveal themselves, let alone make themselves available. If such a being did exist, it was hardly going to fall into my lap.

Ironically, that’s what happened.  Well, not fall into my lap, but came into my life.

One day, a whole lot of synchronicities that had been building up for a while, suddenly came together and allowed me to start talking to someone who was exactly that. A being bound to two worlds at once.

This being has gone by many names and for the purpose of this exercise; we’ll refer to him as Omen.

I won’t go into the details of how we met and the circumstances that led me to talking to him as that’s not that important. What is important is that he’s agreed to give his perspective on things from the point of view of a dark entity.

You might ask why I’d want to put such information out there? Mostly to make people aware of what is happening on other levels, and more importantly, to help them become more in tune with their environment, and the inherent dangers out there.

Too many are not in tune nowadays. They dismiss and ignore all the warning signs and evade responsibility for the events in their own lives.

If someone uses this information to become aware and work with nature, rather than trying to subjugate it, then it is well worth it.

It will also explain many of the experiences people have, but make them think they are crazy.

So, who exactly is Omen?

*deep breath*

Well, that’s an interesting question with a fascinating answer.

In a nutshell, he is a demonic being who has been bound to a human body for many, many thousands of years.  Every time the body dies, he immediately finds himself in a new one with full memory of his past ones. As a result, for him, it’s been one long continuous life.

He has been doing this for a mind boggling sixty thousand years.  (Probably give or take a few.)

Sometimes he’s attached to a male body, sometimes female. The current body is in its early twenties.  He’s actually not in the body, but outside it. He uses it like a marionette, but is attached enough to show emotion and react to normal body functions.

Now you’re probably thinking by now: Okay, Gary has finally lost it. Not only is it impossible but even if it was true, how likely is it that he would be chatting to this demonic being on a regular basis?

More to the point, why would he take the word of a twenty something year old just because they claim to be this being? Anyone can do that. Anyone can do some research and pretend to be anyone.

And yes, this is true. If you dedicated yourself full time to studying up all the information on the net on history and metaphysics, you may be able to pull such a thing off.

And yes, I can ask him any question, and he will have an answer. He can reel off historical facts and approximate dates and completely obscure information that would make your head spin.  It’s worth noting, though, that he can only relay that information relative to where he was at the time.

It’s no different to saying, hey I lived in the 21st century, and someone asks, well, what happened with so and so on such and such a date, and unless it was something really noteworthy, chances are you would not have a clue. Then they would say: Oh, you must be lying as though being there means you’re the repository of all information that ever existed. Even people alive today could not tell you a fraction of what has happened in the world during their lifetime.

But yes, he has the historical knowledge.

He also has an abundance of metaphysical knowledge that puts me to shame. It is obscure, abundant and he mentions things that I had only intuited over the years. Things that just aren’t on the net.

But, you might be thinking, if this person is real, then surely they can do, well, spirit type stuff.

And yes, he can indeed do the things you’d expect an astral demonic being to be able to do and he has done this, upon request and on demand and repeatedly when I have asked.

And yes, the experience I had was real enough that I experienced a definite shift in my senses that was more than just imagination. (Like if you stub your toe. You know you did because you feel the pain in no uncertain terms.)

But this is not about my own experiences with him. This is about the knowledge he has.

I’ve tossed around the idea with Omen of doing an interview for a while, and he’s kindly written a few things about the perspectives of being from the so called ‘dark’ side of things.

Now, to be perfectly clear, this is not a channelling. This is not someone who is possessed by a demon or someone who is being influenced. This is an actual demonic being.

The following series of blogs will be about what he has written, but next there will be a personal introduction from him.

Next: An introduction letter from Omen

I am The Phoenix,  my autobiography, is now available on paperback at