Spirit Guides – Part 1 – If I can’t see them, can they possibly exist?

The following blog  is a 8 part series on on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Do spirit guides exist, and do we all have them?

This is one of those questions that I queried time and time again over the years. There was a point in my life where I not only believed that I did not have guides, but that if they did exist, they certainly wouldn’t be wasting their time on the normal person, and certainly, not on me.

I used to be quite the student of controversial author, Tuesday Lobang Rampa, and while many things he said were certainly debatable, he did say something on the subject of guides that stuck with me for a long time.

Why would a Native American or Indian, or what have you, suddenly rush back to be your guide when during their life, they had been treated with disdain? He was quite empathic about the fact that no one had spirit guides, and anything we heard was from our ‘overself’ or higher self, as it’s generally called. This made logical sense to me at the time, even though my own experiences were very different, but I tended to ignore them.

In those days, I would ignore most of my thoughts and experiences because they were too fantastical, improbable and completely impossible. Regardless of that, most of them have now been verified.

It was certainly a curiosity, though that he had his own guide in the form of a departed friend.

All that aside, however, I’ve always had that voiceless voice in my mind. It would always come unbidden, and carry on conversations with me with unique thoughts and ideas that I had not considered.

My life is as contrived as any bad Hollywood movie and if I was reading a book on myself, I would, no doubt, cringe on every sentence.

Something certainly did appear to be guiding me, and something certainly still does.

Personally, I’m in two minds about if guides are just our higher-self talking to us or if there are indeed spirits that spend their time hanging around us and giving advice and direction.

I also have to consider if it’s not a mental disorder. Perhaps there is something wrong with me, and I’m making this all up. Perhaps I want to believe so much that I’m making everything fit to make sense.

Still, if it is a disorder, then it’s an experience that is shared by many others.

Next: Discovering my guides.






25 responses to “Spirit Guides – Part 1 – If I can’t see them, can they possibly exist?”

  1. Nitsy Avatar

    I have a question. Are such signs by way of suggestions or could they be predicting future events. I have had various signs which were more in form of answers to my questions. But this once, I saw a sign which seemed like suggesting a likely future event. But due to lack of trust at that time I dismissed it.. I did not act in accordance with it and now it seems impossible that that future event would occur. Could my spirit guides be upset with me for disobeying? Was that the best thing that could have happened to me, and having dismissed it, have I deprived myself of all the happiness that that event could have brought? Or would I be given another chance, to act with more faith this time.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Personally, I don’t think spirit guides understand the emotions we have on the 3D. I would be surprised if they were upset, though. Also, you are definitely not under any obligation to obey them. They are guides, not masters.

      I would put this down to experience. Chances are that when the next opportunity occurs, you’ll be ready this time. Nothing is ever lost and you can choose the outcome you desire, however also remember that you are exactly where you need to be right now. The reasons why only become apparent in hindsight, though.


      1. Nitsy Avatar

        Thanks a lot! That clears some of my confusion and will definitely help me take better decisions for myself..


  2. starlight Avatar

    Okay, I want to write my own comments here. I’ve been through quite a bit related to this. During one of the stages of my meditation something suddenly happened in my brain and I started to pick up what felt like ‘rushes of new information/tuning into new radio frequencies’, immediately after that I started sensing spirits or all shapes, sizes and personalities ‘everywhere’, like floating about, entering my room, watching me from a distance or sending me telepathic messages. Also invading my body 😦

    An energy based healer who the family trusts and I trust got some information about this for me, and she told me I wasn’t ‘mad’ but just psychic, she said my outer aura was too open and had to be closed up because I was an open door to invading spirits. She did something to close up this outer aura – and I immediately stopped sensing or hearing spirits. (much later on, months later it started to come back again but not quite as intensely).

    I also spoke to her about this particular spirit which had a presence and a voice and had tried to guide me for a long time! from the information she got (I believe she gets it out of my unconscious mind or a deeper level of truth), was that this spirit was real and someone I knew in a past life who was ‘trying’ to help me, but that they didn’t know what was right or best for me…so at most I was getting a bit of advice from someone who wasn’t quite the expert. I asked her about spirit guides, she told me in everyone she ever tested – no one has ever had an official spirit guide!
    She obviously agreed with me that there are a tonne of dark, lower frequency entities hanging around in the astral, just waiting to pounce on people to play with them, play tricks, leech their life energy and so on. None of these entities will be of a high frequency.

    Even though I say this, I know there is a higher plan in order for all of us, and ‘the universe’, as I call it, gives us many coincidences and triggers to help guide us. If it is possible for a human to connect deeply into their inner spirit (the bit connected to the source, also higher self), that is fantastic and the best, most pure source of information! Why would anyone try to get information, which could well be lies or mis-truths, when they can bypass all the strange other entities and connect directly to the source?

    I have recently found some good information I believe to be true, which states that no ‘ascended master’ will EVER channel through anyone! But plenty of entities who channel through people pretend to be ascended masters and use pretty words. It says all channeling is nothing more than ‘astral rape’, and allows entities to enter your aura (usually causing damage to it, weakening it).

    The allure to channeling is that it provides exciting and truthful information about the spirit world – and while it can – sometimes – it also provides damage, lies and mis-truths, So my take on the matter is – if possible – avoid it – if you’re really into it, be careful and try to work on strengthening your aura!

    For me personally, my inner intuition comes as a wordless ‘knowing’ feeling which emanates from my heart center, this is the part I trust more than anything else. I have gotten various messages, intrusive thoughts I perceived to come from ‘outside’ before, and then I detected creepy spirit entities at the other end of these messages, watching me.

    No one should ever take my message or other peoples messages as truth! but I’d like it if people considered what I have to say as a possibility 🙂
    Plenty of times now, with my experiences and research into the spiritual – I’ve been wrong! It’s a difficult area to make sense of.

    Hope this is a useful comment!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks, and yes it was.

      I will suggest that nothing is absolute, though, and different people have different experiences.

      I’m pretty sure I know who my guide is and if he’s not a high level one, then he’s done a pretty damn good job of pretending to be one. 🙂

      Having said that, I have had my fair share of negative entities trying to come through me.

      I think it’s important to understand that there are no absolutes. Free will cannot exist otherwise. My particular path needed what I have experienced, and without the guidance, it’s doubtful I’d have been able to complete what I had to do.

      Great comments, though, and indeed, trust your intuition and feelings. My guides always say not to trust them, but only what you feel.

      I think the best way I saw it worded was in Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

      It was you can know what is true for you by the feelings of truth, love and joy. Anything less is from a lesser source.


      1. starlight Avatar

        Yeah most of my messages to people about these topics feel negative because I’ve been through a lot more ‘bad stuff’ than ‘good stuff’, relating to the astral. Although I have not had an OBE yet.

        Two spirits who I kept talking to felt helpful to me, one of them channeled me an unbelievable love energy which was nice 🙂 the other is the one who I mentioned…who DID help me along my way for part of it. After I prayed for spiritual growth, he guided me to tai chi, and then into taoist alchemy!
        I have no doubt that mid-ranged spirits who have good intention pop up every so often to try to help guide us (especially if they knew us before this life).
        Also, I have sensed very high frequency spirits who radiated gentle love, they came to check on me after I read someones blog. I know that there are good beings out there in the higher levels, who wish the best for us. It seems like our experience as humans is functioning on a more ‘lets throw them into situations …and see if they can learn it for themselves’, scenario!


  3. sylstrong Avatar

    I’m a new blogger learning blogging etiquette and offering responses so my apologies if I overstep. As you can see from my still upside down photo I uploaded, technology isn’t one of my strongest abilities. Saying that, I would like to comment on the subject.

    Spirit guides, those generous, loving beings of light. Yes, we have many. Some are inner band guides that you will get to know through meditation. If you are clairvoyant, you may immediately visualize them or you may only begin to see colors. And, even if you see a foggy black or white, those too are colors, so don’t get discouraged in your quest to meet them. Outer band guides come in and out of our lives to support and love us, too. All guides signed on to be with us, guide us along our life’s path and to encourage us to fulfill our goals.

    Now, these thoughts and messages from your spirit guides, clairaudiently heard, are only loving messages. These messages will never be disturbing, dark, or negative.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      True, not from spirit guides. However, there is more than spirit guides out there. 🙂


  4. Ishaiya Avatar

    Well if you’ve read either of my blogs, and I know that you have then you know where I stand on this. Have you checked out my ‘Spirit Portraits’ and my post on ‘Faces: I see them Everywhere’? Search them out and see what you think, it may help shed some more light on your own experience. I’m deeply honoured that you visit my sites regularly, it reminds me to keep doing this 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks, and agreed.

      I wrote that first part to be objective. In the other parts, I’m left with no doubt they exist.


      1. Ishaiya Avatar

        Yeah I totally get that. But it’s a good point you raise, particularly when you look at empathic skills within the context of the society we live in and what is believed to be ‘fact’ and ‘truth’. It takes courage to go against the flow of the world we live in, but as I keep being reminded, conviction and intent are everything. Address doubt at every opportunity, move on and keep growing and remembering 🙂


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Agreed. I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I didn’t. 🙂


          1. Ishaiya Avatar

            Exactly, and I’m glad you are 🙂


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  6. neophyte psychic Avatar
    neophyte psychic

    I’ve decided to start from the beginning of this 8 part series and work my way through. I have no idea if what you wrote in this post is still relevant to what you have written later on in part 8, but nevertheless, I shall reply to each one as I read it.

    I really liked this part: “All that aside, however, I’ve always had that voiceless voice in my mind. It would always come unbidden, and carry on conversations with me with unique thoughts and ideas that I had not considered.”

    That is *exactly* the same as what I have experienced many times! A voiceless voice which seems to just be words or “knowledge” which just “appears” (for lack of a better word) inside me, like it’s just there. One of my guides is usually there, but this one seems to communicate telepathically so no actual words are spoken, hence, no actual voice. Sometimes it seems like the voiceless voice is in my head, and other times in my solar plexus region.

    I’m also not sure if it’s my higher self or another being altogether. I get the feeling that it’s another being, but maybe an aspect of myself in the future, perhaps in another life, so maybe it can be my higher self *and* a different being at the same time. I’m still not sure.

    Very interesting! Thank you! 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Especially the one about you from the future. I look forwards to your others comments.


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  8. pattidonofrio Avatar

    I’ve never considered the possibility of a spirit guide, food for thought. There has always been my inner voice as I’ve always thought of it as. Thank you for a wonderful post!


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  10. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

    I, too, have had thoughts about whether or not I would soon be diagnosed schizophrenic or worse. I think it is so hard to try to overcome the beliefs that were imposed on us in the past, that we tend to think that believing this way HAS to mean we are crazy. When you invite your spirit guides to start conversing with you, and you open up the door to the possibility in your mind, it’s amazing what will happen. I lean toward BELIEVE because I have seen it for myself, time and again.


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  12. nattietee Avatar

    Perhaps our guides are neither our higher self or spirits. Perhaps they are actual real beings that have spiritually evolved beyond needing a physical body. Perhaps helping us helps them to give love, learn and evolve further. Some food for thought. xx


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, definitely. Certainly much, much more than people may give credit.


  13. Lights of Clarity Avatar

    Interesting points you bring up here. I err on the side of “Oh yes they do exist!” 🙂


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