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Spirit Guides – Part 2 – All singing, all dancing…

The following blog  is a 8 part series on on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


 It’s become clear to me that I’ve already had guides and even early memories fit into what I experiences later.

For instance, from the age of thirteen, I’ve always seen my guides dancing around me.  In later years  when I mentioned them to friends, they claim that they seem them dancing around them, too.  When I did some research a few year back, I found that one interpretation of their name is ‘sky dancer’. As I had not mentioned dancing at all, I know it wasn’t a thought I planted in others.

Is it just pure coincidence that we see the same thing? From what I understand, guides aren’t generally associated with dancing, so there wouldn’t be any logical leap to see them as such.

When I’ve sent my guides to help others I have been amazed by the stories that were told to me.

While I’ve always had guides, I just didn’t acknowledge it until around 1995. I was quite stuck on the belief that I wasn’t worthy of them.

I can identify them by feeling and their energies, but giving them names is another matter. I don’t think you can really produce a meaningful name that truly reflects them, as they are more vibrational in nature, meaning that they are more a feeling than a word.

It always me scratch my head when people say their guides names are ‘Tom’ or ‘Fred’ or something equally banal. Maybe that’s true, but I think it’s more a convenience sake, so others can easily refer to them.

I know, that at least for one of my guides, I use the name is he commonly known by, though I doubt that’s his real one.

I appear to have several guides; some who seem to also serve as protectors. My partner calls them my Mafia guides, and it’s certainly is my experience that they don’t have a sense of humour about me being attacked without provocation. It is also true that their reputations, in cultures, are not as fluffy, fuzzy beings.

So far, I’ve identified the names of two of my guides. The first, I won’t yet mention, as I consider it to be controversial and the other I will discuss in my next blog.

Next: Discovering the Dakini Part 1.


Depression Series – Empaths and the seasons or ‘Tis the season to be jolly… I wish.

Seasonal depression

Each season has an energy to it. For instance, Spring is the energy of renewal, and Winter is the energy of withdrawal and rest.

For the empath, Autumn / Fall, can be a terribly depressing time. It’s the time when things are dying. Leafs are falling off the trees, the days are getting shorter and the weather is growing colder.

For me, there were two weeks in May, our Autumn, where I would fall into a deep, deep depression. It was debilitating and I could barely function.  After a couple of week, things would settle, and I would still feel depressed, but could function again.

It wasn’t till Spring came that things would seem to shift, and there was hope again. My depression even lifted for a few months.

But the cycle would repeat every year. And while I made the connections as to what was happening, I was powerless to do anything about it.

It’s been a long time now since I’ve suffered that, and I believe that clearing my past shock and trauma had a lot to do with that.

The energy of the season, especially for the empath, can magnify how you are feeling.

Apart from clearing the causes of your depression, it also is a good idea to work with the energy of the season.  While you may not be able to do this on a professional or work level, it’s possible to do this on a personal level.

Fall is the time to withdraw and rest, but Spring will come, and make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes.

It is said that light therapy, and burning orange essential oils helps with seasonal depression.