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Spirit Guides – Part 7 – There are voices in my head (and they don’t like you!)

Contacting your guides – Part 1

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


The heading is flippant, but couldn’t resist.

From time to time, I’m asked how someone can get in contact with their guides. All I can do is pass on my own personal experience.

I’ve always had thoughts in my head. Sometimes they might be my own, of course, but much of the time they feel different, as though they are more rarefied.  In both cases, they are a voiceless voice:  Thoughts that come to my mind without any logical connection or volition on my part. The energy attached to each one is quite distinct though. The best I can put it is that it’s like listening to different musical notes. Each one sounds quite unique.

I’ve had two main kinds of communications of this sort.

The first is just a general conversation, like you would have with a 3D person.  This is a very interesting experience as it’s like carrying a chat partner around with you 24/7. This type of chat tends to be mostly discussing philosophy, teaching me information I need to know or just giving me insights. I used to spend a lot of time arguing with them in the early years, even before I acknowledged them as guides. I don’t do this much anymore.

Every ‘but’ stops you from becoming who you wish to be.

I also find that the conversations come through strongest when I’m walking, or am in certain areas such as a closed off room. Also, I get my strongest messages when having a shower.

The second kinds of communication are short messages.

These are often just a few words long, but will repeat over and over until I understand the message. This can and has taken years in some cases. It also seems that no sooner do I comprehend one message that it gets replaced with another. As an example, one of the most prolific ones I had, which would lasted a good seven or so years were the continual words: “Who are you?” and “You are the phoenix.” (for those who know me, that message will make sense.)

I got these many times an hour, every day until I made sense of it. I must admit, I’m a bit slow as I never noticed the two statements as being connected.

I find the best way to talk to my guides is to ask the question and then let things come naturally. Trying to force an answer will result in no answer or an answer that comes from your own thoughts.

A forced answer tends to be a tainted answer, especially if you have an attachment to the answers. The more you push, the further away it becomes.

I often find that when someone asks me: What do you guides say? I try to get an answer, but I don’t hear them. It’s actually pretty annoying, but the moment I relax, information starts to come through.

In my case, I get those short messages every time my guard is down and when I’m chatting with my guides, I treat them as though I’m chatting with another person. When you have a conversation, you say your piece, but you don’t have to focus on making the other person respond, they either will or they won’t. If they do, it will take no effort on your part.

Many people often dismiss guides as their own imaginings. What they fail to understand is that sometimes your imagination can be used as a means of communication.

Of course, this does not automatically mean that everything you receive is from another entity or if it is, it’s automatically true. In fact, you may find the opposite to be true.

Always run the words and the source past your feelings. If something resonates, then it’s right for you. If it doesn’t, then take a closer look.

Next: Other ways of communicating. 


I’m having a bad day and I DON’T want to talk about it!

Sometimes things don’t go right. You know those days where everything seems to go wrong in clumps?

You might have had a rotten night’s sleep and the traffic was unusually bad on the way to work. Your car chooses that day to develop some problem. Your co-worker or staff rings in sick so you end up having to do their work and yours, but problems that never happened before (or since) occur when you’re at your busiest, stopping you from getting what you need to do done… and so on.

I’m sure most of us, if not all have those days.

And I’m sure that most of us are tired, grumpy and just over it by the time they get home.

All you want to do is just zone out, rest, or do something that will amuse you or make you happy.

However, there are people who want to talk to you, and that is the last thing you want to do right then. You tell them, I’m sorry, I’ve had a really crappy day and I’ll deal with this tomorrow.

Then they’ll say, do you want to talk about it? You tell them no, but they insist, saying it might help.

No, what will help is if you leave me alone, and give me time to rest and re-centre! And no, I don’t want to friggin’ talk about it today. I just want to let it go and move on!

People certainly mean well when they want to help, but unless someone has asked for that help, then it’s certainly best not to try and insist on giving it.

Probably the best thing to say to someone who’s had a bad day is: Understood. You know where I am if you need me. (End of communication.)

We are surprisingly resilient, and get over our bad days pretty fast. We know what we need to do and as long as we’re left alone to do it, we will be fine the next day.

Bad days happen and it’s all okay.