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Phony psychics and faked paranormal or why are my eyes tearing up?

They are out there in abundance and they hurt those who are really trying to demonstrate that the paranormal side of life is real, is happening and people are experiencing it.

A quick browse through You Tube with the keyword ghost will produce a multitude of videos that claim to be real, but are not.

Some are poltergeist activity caught on tape, others are ghosts that just happen to be captured while someone decided to film some place for no apparent reason.

Mixed in there, are some examples that feel quite genuine, but thanks to all the other videos, they get lost, discredited or dismissed out of hand.

Sadly, there are many out there who pretend to be psychics while using the tricks of a stage magician.

One of the more notorious ones that come to mind from my childhood is Uri Geller. Everything he did was totally contrary to how a person with true psychic abilities would act and use his abilities.

I mean, seriously, if you really had telekinetic powers, would you spend them all bending keys and spoons? Why not just move something with your mind if you’re that powerful? Why all the window dressing? Fortunately, many of his tricks have been revealed, but people like him hurt the psychic community a lot. Sceptics come out and use them as proof that psychics and spirits don’t exist. Sadly, they go to the other extreme, though I do respect the work they do.

As an Empath, you can normally tell what is real and what is faked. When you hit upon something that is real, your eyes will start to pickle, and tear up, even though you are not sad or emotional in any way. I guess that is the equivalent to goose bumps, which is that shiver that goes through you and you feel your skin start to literally crawl.

I used to experience the tearing eye phenomenon all the time, and could never work out what it was. No one was able to tell me either. Eventually, I understood that it was when I hit on a truth that was connected to the astral / spirit levels, it would happen. When I saw something that felt real, I would break into tears. I still do. It’s both disturbing and absorbing at the same time.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences this and for those of you who do, it’s an excellent way to determine if something is real or faked.

Personally, when something is faked, even if I don’t know anything about it, I will feel a sense of extreme annoyance and irritation about the subject. I will get feelings of belligerence and anger. If I look closer, it’s because it’s a subject that’s being touted as real or true, and people believe in it.

It’s the belief in this subject that causes those feelings. If the truth comes out that it is fake, those feelings dissipate.

For those of you reading my blogs, I would hope you would use those feelings to see if what I write about feels true, and resonates.

There are genuine psychics and genuine sightings out there. Some are indeed caught on video. Use your feelings to determine the ones that are real.