Q&A session: Your questions answered

A few people who have responded to the survey on the side bar have asked for a question and answer session.

If anyone has a question I have not looked yet, or gotten to yet, please feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Topics can range from Empath, depression, my personal experiences, Bach Flower Remedies or anything else that’s related.

You can either e-mail me at xeraphax@gmail.com or post in the comments section.

I’ll look at posting the answers on Sundays.






6 responses to “Q&A session: Your questions answered”

  1. ryan j rivard Avatar
    ryan j rivard

    I was working last night and a man came towards the area I was working at. He paused several times and would bob his head and utter something, then move ten feet and do it again. He was probably a schizophrenic and un-medicated (it was cold and raining and he was in a t-shirt and light clothing and it didn’t seem to bother him) he wandered off and about five minutes later an impression and feeling came over me very strongly; that of an old american city (like the early 1800’s) whatever it was missed this city and it’s companions and want to get back to that city but didn’t know how to? I turned around to see why I was feeling this way and the man was 10 feet from me. As he wandered off the feeling dissipated and eventually disappeared. I am wondering what this means for me? Because I have always been sensitive to other people and spirits?


  2. Gab Avatar

    I would like to know more about soul calls and how to handle them.


  3. Nits1987 Avatar

    As empaths we tend to absorb others emotional or physical pain or thoughts. But do we also take upon their troubles or difficult situations in life? For instance, if a friend of mine is going through a difficult relationship, or perhaps is on the verge of a break-up. By listening to her or being with her, is it possible for me to take on that trouble and have a break-up in my relationship?


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      It’s possible, depending on your boundaries. You may well end up feeling bad or even guilty when something goes wrong for your friend.


  4. Q&A – Developing my abilities or I might have been out of my mind. | Psychic Empaths Avatar

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  5. nattietee Avatar

    Have you ever thought or tried to hone your abilities as an empath? I would love to hear more.


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