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Creating our reality series: This is a world of illusions… or is it?

SVG picture demonstrating Ehrenstein illusion....

Our belief system (part 1)

Belief creates reality and reality creates belief.

Many have heard this (I know I use it a lot) but what does it really mean?

And more importantly, what does it mean for you?

This is a subject with several layers and all of them are important.

Not only do they affect your life, but they also affect your reality.

It has been said throughout the ages that this is a world of illusion. However, this statement, while accurate, it also misleading, as it doesn’t really explain anything useful.

Yes, this is a world of illusion, but the fact is, everything is an illusion. The entire universe is.

The problem here is that the word illusion suggests that something is not real.

I think a better phrase would be a created reality. Because while this is all an illusion, that doesn’t mean that it’s not real, because it certainly is.

So, how can something be both an illusion and real at the same time?

From a metaphysical perspective, there are two realms. The realm of the absolute where all is one, and all there is, is oneness  and light and love Then there is the realm of the relative, which is where we are right now.

It is said (and I agree) that the entire point of life is to experience who you are, but when there is only oneness, that is not possible to do.

In order to do this, we need contrast, and the Realm of the Relative is exactly for that purpose.

What is more, it can be molded to allow us to experience anything of our choosing so we can experience exactly what we want.

What is created is said to be an illusion because it creates the illusion of being separate with everything having its own individual properties and abilities.

Oneness is divided into infinite aspects, but it’s all the same stuff at its very base level: The stuff of life.

So, while this world may be created, we are living in it, and it is, for all intents and purposes, real and should be treated as such. At the same time, those who can see and understand it is created  should always bear in mind what the purpose of this illusion or created reality is.

What is important to understand, though, is that someone else didn’t create it. It was created by you, with the help of your other aspects (which are also parts of you.)

The problem is that we actually forget that we have done this, and we forget because we need to so we may experience who we are completely.

But the power to create never goes away, and we use it in every moment in our lives.

The next entry will be looking at how we do this, and what we can do to take back control and make it work for us, rather than against us.

Next: The power to create.


Paranormal experiences series: Trapped in a world you did not create… or did you?

When it comes to time-lines, the reason you shift is because the current one you are on no longer serves your current purpose.

This may be because the energy is not quite right, or certain events need to happen that won’t occur in the one you’re currently in.

You may well find yourself in a reality where people seemingly have a change or heart, a more positive attitude or some innovation has been made which makes things possible.

But be aware, these things can work both ways.

Your actions and intention will attune you to which reality you will end up in. Negative intentions may shift you to a darker version of your time-line.

If you constantly do things that are positive and uplifting, then this allows you to shift to a more positive version.

For those who can see possible futures, they will know there are some incredibly dark versions of this world out there and the shifts to them may happen gradually.

The shifts happen naturally but never without your permission on some level, even if it’s on a level that you are not aware of.

They may occur in many ways, too. Perhaps you might die a natural death, and then shift to a time-line and to a point in time before you got sick.

Perhaps you might be in a car accident. You might have thought you survived against all odds, but it’s also possible that you died, and then shifted to another time-line and to your mind, seemingly walked away without a scratch.

Perhaps someone killed you and to horror of those around you, you died, but to your recollection, it never happened because you shifted, and came back to a point just before it happened. You might also come back with a premonition of danger and avoid doing something you feel will not end well.

It’s also possible that in this version, others were the ones who ‘died’ and you survived.

Or it could be just through the natural cycle of reincarnation.

Remember, all the realities exist, and they are all being lived in the eternal now. Where you are is where your focus is at. That is the Master You. The one where all your attention is and the current life that you, as a soul aspect, are living.

This may mean that those things that seem like terrible events in your life may well be a blessing. They may well free you to move to your next level.

And this is why it’s so important to focus on things that you do indeed desire, and more importantly, what will not hurt or disadvantage others.

Every time you abuse someone, steal, scam, put them down, take advantage, etc, etc, you are actually attuning yourself to another level.

They add to your vibrations and your energy pool. Eventually, you will find yourself in the reality you have attuned to, and wonder why things are so bad.

These are the natural consequences of our actions. Some call it Karma, though that word is often misunderstood.  (And a topic to be looked at in a future post.)

I’ve rambled on a lot here so I will try and summarize this post.

  • Everything you do attunes you to the reality you are currently experiencing.
  • You will shift when you hit a critical mass.
  • The shift may be up, down or even sideways.
  • Whatever you do, do it from a place of love instead of fear.

Next: Belief systems.

Paranormal experiences series: Attunement or this is what makes me who I am.


With me so far? If not, please ask for clarification. 🙂

I mention the word ‘attunement’ a lot. It’s a word that popped into my mind around the mid noughties.

That’s not to say that I had not heard the word before (I’m sure I had somewhere) but all of a sudden, my guides kept on talking about it and said I needed to learn about what it meant.

In an interesting synch, soon after, I was sitting next to someone on a train on the way home from work who was reading a book. I glanced at the page he was on, and the subject was: What is Attunement? I took that as confirmation of what I was being told.

So, what exactly is attunement?

In a nutshell, it’s matching your energies or your vibrations to something so you become in synch with it.

By doing that, you are able to use certain abilities, tap into energies, read people or even shift to different time-lines that suit our purpose more than the current one we are in.

But how do you attune yourself to doing these things?

All I can do is share my own experiences and observations at this point of time.

It appears that intention and focus is one of the keys here. When you decide to achieve something, keep on choosing it over and over again. Let every action you do reflect what you have chosen. If you see yourself as a healer, for instance, let everything you do be with healing in mind.

That may include study, following any synchronicities that lead you in a new direction or maybe developing your empathy to a degree that you can tap into what people need.

What is very important is that you don’t take actions that negate what you are trying to do.

Every decision, every thought, every action all adds up to who you are and who you are trying to be right now. Eventually, those things will hit a critical mass, and suddenly something will shift.

What you are doing, in essence, is building up energy. This energy creates, and when there is enough energy, it will manifest into your 3D life.

This is how all things are created and for many things, it can take a lot of energy and focus.

Every time you do something that is counter to what you truly want, it not only takes away from your current energy pool, but it creates another pool that will eventually manifest itself, too.

Therefore, it is very important to watch every thought you think, and every intention you have.

This has been said by many in the past, but I don’t think people really understand what it exactly means, and how easily they can create something they did not really mean to.

Next: How this fits into shifting time-lines.

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Paranormal experiences series: Time is an illusion or but yeah, you’re still late for that meeting.

Photographic illustration of a near-death-expe...

Warning: Extreme metaphysical / spiritual information in this entry.  Avoid if not your cup of tea.

Last entry, we discussed how World of Warcraft can be used as a model for time-lines. In this entry, I plan to go into this further.

Free will is a concept that suggests that we may do anything we wish without restriction. (Though that doesn’t mean there are no consequences. Everything you do has an affect who you are and what happens.)

Free will allows us to experience whatever we choose. When we decide on a direction, all is set up on those higher astral levels where our main soul aspect are.

By astral level, I mean a higher (or lower) vibrational level, which may also be on what we term a different dimension. It’s basically, a place where what exists there is not solid to us. However, it is solid to those who are there. The higher the level, the faster and easier you can create something, but the less substance it has. (Which is why the third dimension is ideal for creating things that have real value and substance as it takes a lot more energy to manifest anything.)

On an even higher level, which is extremely high compared to our current one, the souls we are connected to, which you can consider your greater self, has all the knowledge and insight that will ever been needed in order for us to create and experience whatever we choose.

Sounds fantastical? Too many flaws in this premise?

I can’t blame you for thinking that.  Unless you have experienced something along those lines, it’s often very hard to accept it as possible or even fact.

To clarify I am basing my premise on the following assumptions.

  1. Time is an illusion. All things are happening right now.
  2. Which means all realities exist at the same time. The fact there is no time means everything must be happening right now. Only the illusion of time exists.
  3. We are literally all one. By that I mean, there is only one soul, and everything from it is an aspect of it. Hence, there is nothing to plan with anything outside of yourself, because the only person who is doing this is You. The illusion is that we are all separate from everything else. (Though an Empath will argue this isn’t so.)
  4. Nothing is random. Unless you choose it to be. You can experience randomness if you wish, but even that is a choice. For instance, you might say, there is no free will, and then experience that very reality because you have chosen it. Even not making a choice is making a choice.
  5. Separation is an illusion, but is needed in order to experience exactly who we are by being in the presence of what we are not. For instance, if you turn on a flashlight in broad daylight, on a sunny day, you won’t see it’s even on. Turn it on in the dark, and suddenly, you can see what a wonderful thing that light really is. (And in turn, the darkness which allows us to experience that light.)
  6. We have all of eternity to experience everything we wish in any way we want to. Hence, we can keep on coming back again and again, until we are done, and ready to move on to something different and new.

Now, all the above are certainly not my ideas. Such things have been spoken of many, many times. I am just using them in this context of time lines.

But there is something I have felt, that I haven’t come across elsewhere before.

There is a ‘Master You’.

By that I mean, while we experience all realities at the same time, there is one main You where the current focus is. You can see potential time lines, the probabilities, and experiences what could have happened, but didn’t, simply because you didn’t choose them.

It’s as though, you have sent out your Avatars to experience those probabilities conceptually as though you were doing a simulation.

For all intents and purposes, it has happened, but not to the Master You.

But all those Avatars, that have experienced those potential time-lines, return to You, and give you other experiences and insights that you might not have otherwise been able to obtain normally.

You can follow those time lines in your mind, and see what might have been.

For example, I’ve personally followed three potential paths that I could have had at various points in my life. I saw them unfold in my mind’s eye, and eventually saw how they ended.

For the record, they all ended badly. In two of them, I saw myself leaving my life (possibly to try again.)

Some time-lines you may not want to experience at all and you do not have to. It’s all to do with what we choose in the end.

Still, while this addresses one aspect of this subject, it doesn’t explain why we sometimes shift from one line to another.

I will attempt to address this next.

Next: What is attunement and how does it affect us?

Paranormal experiences series: You are an Avatar or is World of Warcraft a model for time-lines?

World of Warcraft

Most people nowadays have heard of World of Warcraft or (WoW), the massive multi player online role playing game (MMORPG).

The concept of time lines, dying and returning is a hard one to fathom. Word of Warcraft can help to illustrate some of the basic points.

To explain, for the uninitiated, it’s a role playing game where you choose your side, your character and then level it so you can enjoy many aspects of the content available.

WoW it set up so that the game is run on individual servers. There are 100s of identical copies of the gaming world (and each one has their own individual name. )

wow realm

I play on the alliance side on a server called Khaz’goroth, for instance

Now, in game, each server is exactly the same to play on, but each version of the server has its own set of people, interactions and even rules. Some are for role playing. Some are for player v player and some are for player v environment.

Regardless of what you choose, the same in game events happen. You can choose to indulge yourself in any of the many activities available, from pet battles to raiding.

And each time you try something, it might in a different way, especially when you’re trying to work out how to defeat an objective.

You could liken this to the time-lines I’ve been talking about. Each version is identical, but each time, events play out different (even if it’s just slightly), depending on what you choose to do, who you decide to do it with, and so on.

You can also decide you’re not happy on the server you are on, and decide to transfer. Everything will seem the same, but it won’t be. There will be subtle differences, including the feel and atmosphere of that server.

This is akin to shirting to another time-line, where the current only no longer suits your purpose.

Also, death has no real consequence. Worst is that it will cost you some gold for repairs, and delay you for a few minutes.

Should your character die, you just come back, over and over again, until you work out a way to win or avoid death.

wow dead

Though I’m using Word of Warcraft as an analogy here, it’s not a perfect one, but it helps to paint the picture.

In real life, you come back time and time again, trying different ways, making different decisions, and trying to work out how to experience or achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

But you may not be aware that this is happening. Or if you are, you will more than likely put it down to a faulty memory due to the fact that it doesn’t make any logical sense.

In World of Warcraft, you are fully aware of what needs to be done, and how to do it. (Or if you are not, you will work it out soon enough.)

You could liken that to what you refer to as your higher self being aware of what you need to do in order to achieve the goals you have chosen in this life. You may not be aware of it, but your greater self knows everything it needs to know in order to do the things you desire.

You are its Avatar.

Your higher self might even have more than one Avatar at the same time, which is also something you can do in World of Warcraft. (You can have up to 50 characters per account.)wow tital

But let’s not get too complicated here. Let’s look at how you are an Avatar, and how it all works.

Next: How you are an Avatar. 

Paranormal experiences series: Losing our possessions or now where did I put that thing again?

In the last entry, I spoke about attunement and how every action defines the reality you end up in.

Now, you may argue that if this is so, then how come life sucks so much? How come, if I’ve chosen such a good life, all I get is bad things happening?

Here’s the thing. If you keep on choosing the same thing over and over again, and try to live your life in a way that is according to who you are, then eventually things will begin to shift.

But there are a few things, in my observation, that you might want to be aware of, even if you are not aware of them when they happen.

We have discussed how we can die, and come back to a slightly different reality. There are a few things about this that should be clarified.

In order to shift, and make the shift not so blatant, events may happen in your current reality that prepares you for your next one.

For instance, before my ‘death’ back in 2000, I lost a lot of childhood memorabilia that was important to me. It was put into a garbage bag during renovations by my then partner and I never saw them again. I suspected it was thrown out by accident.

I suspect that when you lose possessions, it may be due to us being made ready to move to another time line. If the objects are no longer are around, you won’t miss them when you shift. This is important if they don’t exist in that particular timeline.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories, or experienced things that you knew you had, but have vanished without any explanation or a trace. What if the person in question shifted, and those possessions were never obtained in that particular reality?

You could extend that theory further, such as objects being lost to theft, fire or any number of the ways that might happen.

Now, I realize just how that might come across to those who have experienced such things. It’s not pleasant to have experienced that, to put it mildly. But what if the tragedy was so you could move on with your own evolution and life?

Possessions do weigh you down. I can feel that myself. When I have too many it’s like the energies get heavier and more cumbersome.

When I moved house a couple of years ago, I made a decision to throw away entire collections. Not because I didn’t want to keep them, but it felt like it was the right thing to do. I still feel that way.

And this is where it starts to get a little more complex.

When move to another time line, it may well appear to others, that  we have actually died. However, to the person who supposedly died, but continued on elsewhere, nothing will  have appeared  to have changed. Maybe it might even appear that others have departed instead.

Major disasters, where entire groups die may well be people who have shifted, as a collective, to another reality.  Do they continue on in another timeline?

One thing I am very sure of is that we don’t die until we’re ready to.

Next: The World of Warcraft analogy on parallel worlds. 

Paranormal experiences series: Defining who we are or I look after my own interests… so what?

From left to right: Snidely Whiplash, Dudley D...

So, we have discussed death, alternative memories, coming back, and parallel worlds.

I also mentioned that this kind of thing happens to us a lot, but we don’t normally remember it, or we don’t twig to what is really going on.

Clearly, this raises a lot of questions, some I will attempt to answer and some I am trying to still work out myself.

Let’s start off with one of the overused sayings in spiritual circles. Time is an illusion.

It’s also a very good and complete one.

However, all things are happening now, and everything that ever was, is, and will be is all occurring right at this very moment.

It’s only the illusion of time that allows us to experience it as a separate stream of time.

So, if everything that ever existed is happening now, and there is no time, then we, as spirit, can choose to enter into any timeline we choose, at any particular moment in history. The only limits are what we are attuned to within our own soul aspect (which is what we call our soul).

By this I mean that if you have raised your personal vibrational levels enough, you can shift to a higher version of the world you just left, and if your level is lower than before, then you might find yourself in a lower or darker version.

Now, I’m not trying to use anything like Heaven or Hell, or trying to scare or convert people, so please hear me out.

What level you are attuned to depends entirely on you. There is no being sitting in judgement deciding if you are worthy or not. There is no judgement: Only experience and attunement.

Every action you took, every thought you had, every intention you have all add up to who you are right now.

Whether you come from a place of love, or a place of fear, it all has an effect on you.

Every decision you make is an opportunity to redefine yourself. None of the things that happen to us are random. They are all opportunities.

To use a simple example, let’s say you buy your lunch, and you notice the sandwich hand gives you back too much change. Do you keep it and say nothing or do you let them know? In the scheme of things, it won’t change the world if you decide to keep the change, but this isn’t about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about an opportunity to define yourself and declare “this is who I really am.”

Do you give the money back? Do you keep it? Would you say something if you were short changed and you noticed? Does your moral code work both ways?

And so forth.

And these opportunities come up all the time. Some are small, some are large, and many just happen as a matter of life happening to us. And every single one of them counts.

Even the smallest decision can change the course of your entire life. You just won’t know it at the time. At least, not till you look back and see it.

Now, this is not an attempt to convince people to be a goody two shoes, or be holier than thou, it’s simply stating that in every moment you are making a choice about what you will experience, and the type of world you may end up living in.

Also remember, belief creates reality, and reality creates belief. If you are not happy with your current reality, change your belief system.  (I will discuss this subject in a future blog.)

Just remember that we are choosing our reality all the time.

Next: If we choose our lives, why do they suck so much?