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Empath Series: The human lie detector or fool me once, shame on me.

One of the polygraphs used by Thomas Jefferson, a portable version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the advantages that many Empaths have is that they just know when someone is lying. They can sense when something doesn’t feel right, in spite of the veneer and evidence to the contrary.

No matter how plausible a story might sound, or how convincing someone is being, the Empath will get a sense that all is not what it seems.

From personal experience, I will get a sense of anger and annoyance about having been told something that is not true. Sometimes I will sense the real truth (or if I don’t, at least I will sense what is not true) and in spite of what is said, will just know what it is.

Now, the interesting thing about this ability is that it can sometimes be blocked by a person who is very charismatic. If they have a very strong energy, they can actually fool the Empath for a short while.

I’ve had people that, while they were talking to me, I accepted what they were saying as true. However, once I remove myself from their presence, I would suddenly just know it was all a lie or a story they made up.

There is a window on fooling me. It might be a minute, it might be a few days, but once I lock onto a lie, that’s it. You won’t fool me again. I am now attuned to what is going on, and I am always aware.

Empaths are masters at reading people. They not only pick up feelings from others, but can sense energies and intentions.

There are some people, who in spite of their friendly, cheerful appearance, will make me feel like I’ve been swimming in sewage after talking to them. Time has always proven me correct. I can also sense when someone is dangerous, and if someone is manipulative.

Often is the time I gave warnings about certain people, only to be ignored. Later on, I’m told that the victim wished they had listened to me.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing something and not being able to do anything about it. It’s like seeing a car on the train tracks, and a train bearing down, and everyone tells you that nothing is wrong. To say I find it frustrating is an understatement.

Empaths are amazing lie detectors. Only problem is that most of them don’t trust that ability. They figure they must be wrong because no one else is seeing or sensing it. They figure that there is no logical reason to be suspicious and so, they ignore their feelings, often to their peril.

When someone tells you something, and it doesn’t feel right, listen to those feelings. They are your truth. Be very careful not to ignore them.