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Psychic reading: Tips on what to look for or those readings leave me cold.

English: Psychic reader booth at the Canadian National Exhibition midway August 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sylvia Browne being in the news in regards to her wrong reading about Amanda Berry being dead is a cautionary tale about psychics.

This isn’t going to be a blog ragging on these kinds of people. There are already enough of them out there on this subject, and, anyway, psychics who scam with cold readings really annoy me because they hurt people, and also those who are truly genuine psychics by bringing them into disrepute.

This topic is about those who actually do have some abilities, but are not discriminatory about their sources.

There’s an odd perception by the public at large that if something comes from a spirit, or a guide, or a ghost, or what have you, it must be true.

Those who believe in psychic readings will latch onto every piece of information they receive, which can be to their detriment.

There are certain things that really one should bear in mind if one ever consults a psychic.

The future is not set in stone. In fact, there is no future as such. (Yes, the old time is an illusion thing) All there is, is the eternal ‘now’ it’s being created and recreated every moment by our thoughts, words and actions.

A psychic reading might well pull you onto a path you did not intend by making you create what you expect to happen, based on that information.

Remember, reality creates belief, and belief create reality.

There are many beings and entities out there on the astral levels. Not all of them are interested in working for the good of people, and some are just mischievous, or even malevolent.

Also, just because a psychic is passing on a message, it doesn’t mean they actually have the full story. One thing I have learned from my own experiences is that bringing down information to this level is really a challenge. Often, one needs to be attuned, and sometimes the information coming through is clearer than other times. And really, you simply can’t be ‘on’ full time. Not unless you are willing to risk psychic burn out, which is a very unpleasant state to be in.

And supposing, just for the sake of arguments, your messages are crystal clear, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the entity delivering the message actually knows what they are talking about. Not everything is clear to those in the astral, and not all information is readily available. At least, not on this level.

I know when I need to find out information, I have to ask my guides to look into it, and a few days later, I will get an answer if they are successful. Sometimes, it can take years!

I am pretty sure that there are genuine psychic readers out there, based on my own experience.

A few years back, I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit Expo with a couple of people I had met in a spiritual chat room.

In the afternoon, there was a man called Jason McDonald  (If I recall the name correctly) who was doing group spirit readings. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical, as I am want to be.

However, he said he was getting the smell of freshly cut lawn, and asked if that meant anything to anyone. It did to one of the ladies I was with, and she was told it was her father and she got some messages passed on.

Afterwards she said that before the readings, she had asked her father that if he came though, to indicate it by using freshly cut grass.

After the session, the other lady, Maureen, said she wanted to find out if he was genuine, and so she want to where a group had gathered around him to ask him questions.

I was hanging around in the back with her, when Jason asked if there was a Maureen in the crowd. She went up to the front, and then, for no apparent reason, I was called to join her.

He asked us what we were looking for, but I had no answers to that question. I can’t recall Maureen’s response, but suddenly he said: Hang on, you’re just testing to see if I’m genuine or not.

As I was walking away, I felt a presence right behind me. I felt it was probing me to find out who I was. I probed it back and it became aware that I could sense it, and left right away. My sense was that it was a lower level being or entity that while, not malicious, was not considered on a guide or angel level either.

So I’m pretty sure that genuine readings do exist.

If you ever get one, just remember to run everything through your feelings. If it doesn’t

feel right, it’s not the information you need.