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Empath Series: Reading people or I know you better than you know yourself.

English: Image:Villianc.svg (Vector version of J.J.'s Villian cartoon character) with a transparent background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the more useful abilities of being an Empath that I’ve found over the years is the ability to read people.

Now, this is a skill everyone has to some degree, and this can be seen in movies that have been well casted. You can immediately tell the type of person, and their personality, on sight. You know if they are a villian, the hero or someone who is sleazy.

Empaths can often take it a step further in real life, as they can see, not only the type of person they are dealing with, but how that person is likely to react, and if they are dangerous or not.

The Face

For instance, just by looking at a face, you can normally tell someone’s history, their personality, and their disposition. If they have suffered trauma, what their mood is, and so on.

There are books dedicated to how to read faces, but I never felt a draw to them and over time, I started to become more in tune and sensitive to what a face was telling me.

The Voice

A person’s voice also reveals a lot about someone. I know that when I pick up a phone at work, the moment the person speaks, I know if they are going to be demanding, friendly, difficult or clueless.  Rarely I’m disappointed in what I am picking up, and can pre-empt a lot of issues by adjusting accordingly.

It’s generally in the tone, the pitch, the forcefulness, and the words which gives it all away. It’s not what they say, it’s in the voice they are using that reveals it all.

The Name

Even a person’s name will tell you a lot about their character. It is possible to pick up the vibration of names and sense the energy behind it. Names are very important, and you can change your personality by changing your name. People will also react differently to you, depending on what name you decide to go by.

I found these  abilities developed naturally as I got older and gained life experience. There are nuances you come to recognize, and certain patterns that occur time and time again.

While I’m sure that anyone with experience can read people, I believe that there are levels that Empaths pick up that the average person does not.

The problem with most people is that they ignore this information. They dismiss it, figuring that they must be wrong, or if others can’t see  it, then they are just imagining it.

Personally, I have felt frustrated time and time again because no one listens to me, or says, hey, you can’t say that without knowing someone. And yet, I’m rarely wrong.

When someone asks me for help, I often ask for a current photo as that tells me a lot, and a sensitive person will also see the energies connected to the person at the moment. And they will also see when the energies change. For instance, if someone is under attack, there will be a greyness around the face, but if it clears, the greyness will also go.

If you have the ability to read others, and you know you have it, listen to what you get. Trust in it. It could even save your life and a lot of distress one day.