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Paranormal experiences series: Attunement or this is what makes me who I am.


With me so far? If not, please ask for clarification. 🙂

I mention the word ‘attunement’ a lot. It’s a word that popped into my mind around the mid noughties.

That’s not to say that I had not heard the word before (I’m sure I had somewhere) but all of a sudden, my guides kept on talking about it and said I needed to learn about what it meant.

In an interesting synch, soon after, I was sitting next to someone on a train on the way home from work who was reading a book. I glanced at the page he was on, and the subject was: What is Attunement? I took that as confirmation of what I was being told.

So, what exactly is attunement?

In a nutshell, it’s matching your energies or your vibrations to something so you become in synch with it.

By doing that, you are able to use certain abilities, tap into energies, read people or even shift to different time-lines that suit our purpose more than the current one we are in.

But how do you attune yourself to doing these things?

All I can do is share my own experiences and observations at this point of time.

It appears that intention and focus is one of the keys here. When you decide to achieve something, keep on choosing it over and over again. Let every action you do reflect what you have chosen. If you see yourself as a healer, for instance, let everything you do be with healing in mind.

That may include study, following any synchronicities that lead you in a new direction or maybe developing your empathy to a degree that you can tap into what people need.

What is very important is that you don’t take actions that negate what you are trying to do.

Every decision, every thought, every action all adds up to who you are and who you are trying to be right now. Eventually, those things will hit a critical mass, and suddenly something will shift.

What you are doing, in essence, is building up energy. This energy creates, and when there is enough energy, it will manifest into your 3D life.

This is how all things are created and for many things, it can take a lot of energy and focus.

Every time you do something that is counter to what you truly want, it not only takes away from your current energy pool, but it creates another pool that will eventually manifest itself, too.

Therefore, it is very important to watch every thought you think, and every intention you have.

This has been said by many in the past, but I don’t think people really understand what it exactly means, and how easily they can create something they did not really mean to.

Next: How this fits into shifting time-lines.

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