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Intuition series: An example of intuition or why doesn’t anyone listen to me?

Hanging Rock

I don’t scare easily.

In spite of me ignoring my intuition on certain things (such as relationships I wanted to pursue because I didn’t like that answers I got), I have generally listened to it in the past when there was no emotional attachment involved, and I didn’t care about the outcome.

I’ve stated that you can’t always just explain intuition away rationally, so I thought I’d share a story about how intuition can warn you when there is potential danger, even when there is no reason behind it.

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I used to go up to Hanging Rock on a regular basis in the late 80s and early 90s.

It would be either just me and my then friend, Paul, or a group of us in a couple of cars. It was always at night, and we’d always go to both Hanging Rock itself (because the gates would mostly be left open after dark) and Straws Lane, which is a place of weird anomalies that cannot be dismissed as just illusion.

In the early 90s, we had been there quite a number of times. Sometimes we climbed the Rock in the dark and there was even one time when we came back down to find the gates had been padlocked closed. (We got out because I happened to have a hacksaw in my car that day.)

Never once did any of those things bother me. Never once did I sense anything bad might happen, and nothing ever really did.

Except for this one time.

Because memory can be such a fragile thing, I’ve decided to just post an entry from my diary at the time (and edited to remove irrelevant details.)

This entry was written on Sunday  22nd March, 1992.

Yesterday was not quiet the equinox but we decided to go up to Hanging Rock anyway.  Paul also asked a bunch of his mates and around eight of us went up that night.

We took two cars. Normally I take my car but Paul felt it was his turn.

It was night, but everybody to climb the rock again.  I wasn’t against it but somehow I felt we shouldn’t do it. As we were driving up, Paul remarked: “I’ve got the feeling nothing going to happen tonight.”  

I didn’t agree and said so. The uneasy feeling was growing.

We arrived and made our way up to the gates.

I once again stated that we shouldn’t climb the rock. Paul asked why not and all I could say was it was a gut feeling.

The gates on one side the grounds were open. We all got out of the car and heard this unearthly howling sound coming from the direction of the rock.

“That was no animal,” said Paul.  After a couple more times, it stopped and everyone promptly forgot about it.  I kept it in the back of my mind and kept bringing it up as an argument why we shouldn’t go in.

We also saw lights and heard some sort of music.  A bit more investigation revealed there were people inside. 

Still, everyone wanted to go inside and climb the rock, regardless.

Once again, I argued against it.  I was adamant that we shouldn’t do it.  Somehow I knew I wasn’t going to convince them. 

I then suggested that the gate could be closed when we come about out and I wasn’t about to climb over barbed wire.

We drove around to the other gates and found those were closed.  One of the guys used his keys on the lock and found, to my horror, that it opened it.

“That’s one of your excuses gone,” Paul said to me. 

“I still feel we shouldn’t do it.”  I replied, with a sinking feeling. No one listened and we drove in through the open gate and down into the car park.

I reluctantly accepted that they were going to climb the rock and I decided to go with them.  I felt the rock itself that wasn’t the problem:  there was something else. 

In any case, I felt they would be safer with me with them. (I always had a sense that I could protect others.)

We started to climb but barely a few minutes later, we saw headlights drive into the car park and stop where the cars were. The lights went out for a few seconds and I heard a door a slam. Then they came back on and a four wheel drive drove up and shone his headlights up towards the rock.  He must have seen us for he sounded his horn

We made our way back to the car park and Paul said to what must have been the park ranger: “Is there a problem?”

“Can’t you read,” he said angrily.

“The gates were open,” Paul replied.

“Wake up to yourself. Get out of here,” said shouted back.

He drove off up the track and sat there waiting for us to leave.

“He knew he was wrong.  That’s why he didn’t hang around,” said Paul.

But I wasn’t so sure.

When we got the cars, we smelled a strong lime smell that seemed to be strongest in the car.  I thought it was odd and could find no rational explanation for it.  As we were driving down the road, the driver of the other car, Dean, said on this UHF CB that there was something running down our back window and boot. We stopped to take a look at it and found someone had poured some sort of acid and brake fluid over the boot (trunk) and it was burning into the paint work. 

We rushed back to Woodend as fast as we could and pulled up at an all-night service station where they proceeded to wash the acid off.  Dean’s car wasn’t too bad and I think we just managed to save Paul’s but it would need a cut and polish to restore the finish. 

We spoke to the service station attendant who described the man we met as the park ranger called Guido.  He was adamant though that he knew Guido and he would never do something like that.

“You get all sorts of weirdos going up to the rock,” he said. “They have satanic rituals up there and on Straws lane. I even had some guy ask me at midnight were the graveyard was.”

My strong sense was that we were lucky that night. Possibly the ranger scared off whoever had the acid, and even more possibly, my delays may have just been enough for him to call us back before we disappeared from sight on the rock.

Certainly sounds like a plot from a bad horror movie.

My intuition was very clear on what to do, and what not to do, and the important thing to note that, even though it started as a normal journey, I was already feeling that something would happen, and as I said, I don’t scare easily.

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Intuition series: I can’t work out what’s wrong or let’s play twenty questions.

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Intuition series: How to use intuition or should I head north to go south?

confusedI don’t know what it’s like for others, so I can only draw on my own personal experiences here. For me, I find when I’m thinking about a certain course of action, or am doing something; my stomach (in the solar plexus chakra area) will either feel distressed as though something is churning within me. (It’s a feeling resembling fear, even if no emotion is attached.) Or I will feel a sense of joy, connectedness, truth or love.

When it’s the former, it means that actions or situation will not suit my purposes. The stronger the feeling, the less I should do something. When it’s the latter, it means I should follow the actions or situation, no matter how unlikely or insane it might seem at the time.

The thing with your decisions is that other people will try and talk you out of it if they think you are wrong. They will tell you that you’re making a mistake, or that you’ll regret a course of action.

Or if you know something bad will happen, they will try and convince you that you’re being paranoid or negative, or that you’re a wet blanket.

Many tend to accept the advice of others, in spite of what they may feel.

This is a mistake.

Intuition is a sign that you’re  connected to your feelings. It’s like saying I wish to head north, but we’re heading east right now and we’ll never reach our goal.

Being told you are being negative might convince you that you should be continuing east, rather than listening to their internal guidance.

Remember, people give advice based generally on what they want, and not what you want.

If things were that obvious, we wouldn’t need our intuition, but they rarely are. When we call forth events in our life, we are also given directions, but those directions might seem wrong because they are pointing you in a different path. That’s when people ignore them and go in the direction they think they should go, or what logic dictates. In the end, often things just don’t work out quite as expected.

As an example, supposing you are at a train station and you need to get to your destination as soon as possible. The train arrives. Your first inclination is to board it, and logic tells you to, but something holds you back. It may be a feeling that something is wrong, or a sudden anxiety. It could even be a resistance in your movement. Perhaps you might even start to stress or panic.

What you need to take notice of is if it feels right to board that train? You listen to your feelings and you decide not to board it.

Five minutes later, another train comes. This one happens to be an express train, and will get you there 10 minutes sooner. You didn’t have that information, but your intuition did.

There are also those times when it’s not  easy to tell what of intuition is telling you.

This is because fear can cause interference.

For example, supposing your  child is home late, the fear of something terrible having happened to them will kick in and often override your intuitive feelings that all is well. (In which case, I’d recommend the Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus, for known fears.)

Fear can cause a lot of grief and when you love and care for someone, it can really be hard to overcome  and be impartial.

(The Bach Flower Remedies Red Chestnut and Mimulus can really help here.)

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Intuition series: Logic or why doesn’t it work?


Spock (Photo credit: Tram Painter)

I’ve spoken about intuition on and off, but have yet to really explain what it means.

I used to think that intuition was about manifesting and using mind powers.  That was back in the 80 and 90s, when there just wasn’t any information around at the time.

My intuition was working fine, but I would just ignore it because I didn’t like what it was telling me.

More importantly, when I was going to try something that didn’t feel right, I thought that it was just nerves, or me being negative, so I thought that if I soldiered on, thing would work out.

They never did.

It wasn’t till around 1994 that I finally started to understand. I’m not sure what caused the shift, but one day, I just somehow understood what I needed to do.

As I mentioned in previous entries, I had finally got to the point where I was so over failing in getting the things I believed I wanted. I was worn down, and had to admit that I just couldn’t brute force my way thought things.

Once I started to trust it, it became one of my greatest tools.

The skeptics out there claim that there is no such thing as intuition. They will put it down to us having the ability to read subtle signs and signals that we’re not even aware of.

Now, there is truth to this, make no mistake, but to dismiss it as all there is to it would be an error.

While we might be very good at reading signs (especially as an Empath), it does not explain how you can know about things where there are no signs to be read.

It doesn’t explain how you could know things that were never spoken of, of things that are happening elsewhere, when  you’ve got no prior knowledge of it.

It doesn’t explain why something might feel right today, and then tomorrow it feels bad, even though you’ve received no new information.

If it was a matter of being logical, then most of the decisions I’ve made would not have been made and the ones based on logic would have ensured my life would have thrived.

Logic has gotten me nowhere. Even reading the signs has failed me when it doesn’t match with what I was  feeling.   In fact, often,  what I might be feeling may be totally contrary to what I’m observing.

The fact is, intuition is real, it is powerful and can really steer you through the minefields of life.

The fact that people fear to trust their own feelings shows that logic has very little to do with  it, because people tend to take the logical route, or the path that they feel will lead them to the most benefit, even if they don’t feel good about the choice.

In these things, fear is often at the root of our motivation.

Intuition is like your personal inbuilt GPS with full traffic information and where the speed and red light cameras are… well, I’m sure you get the idea.

It will navigate all the obstacles that you can’t possibly be aware of. All you need do is listen.

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Empath Series – Psychic attacks. More ways to ward off attacks or should I pay for help?

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

Psychic defense. Final thoughts.


One of the things I’ve noticed with people who are under psychic attack is that their chakras (the body’s energy centres) are way too open.

When a chakra is in that state, too much energy flows in and it can be overwhelming. The high level empath will often be vulnerable because their third eye will be over active and I believe our empathic powers come from that chakra.

You can balance your chakras, and adjust them by visualizing a lotus flower turning anti-clockwise with the petals closing.

I won’t get into the details here, but there are website that are dedicated to how to do this, complete with what colours to use, and what sounds resonate with the chakras.


Burning white sage is said to be very effective at clearing negative energies. This is called smudging, and can be used to clear a house or your aura.

Paying psychics for protection.

I’m sure there are plenty of people and so called psychics that will tell you that you are under a curse or under attack, and they will happily remove it… for a price.  Beware of those people. They will happily milk you of your hard earned money without producing any real results.

Never pay anyone to protect you from a psychic attack or remove an evil spell from you!. Those who do it for money are unlikely to have the power to help in the first place and more likely than not, have not even picked up on if you really are under attack. It may be just a lucky guess!

I remember once I visited L.A. and out of interest, I visited this psychic lady who advertised on the street. She told me people at work were plotting against me, and if I had faith and trust in her, we could work together and overcome it. I nodded in agreement while thinking, if she’s that good, you’d think she’d know I’m only here for the day. She was clearly a con artist trying to draw me in by methods of fear. In all probability, the work place will contain people who give you trouble so it’s a high chance of success of them guessing right.

Even if they are genuine, I believe that it’s not actually the money that reduces your vibrations or ability to heal, but your intentions and ego. If your intention is to make money, then so shall it be, but normally at the cost of your ability to heal. If your intention is to heal, then so you shall, but you might not automatically make money. It very much depends on what your attitude is towards money. Is it something ‘bad’ or is it simply a tool to help get what you desire? (check your belief system on that subject.)

There are also psychics who are actually very good at what they do, but then, ego takes over, especially when they have great success to start with. They make the mistake of believing they are somehow better than others, and jealousy, and elitism may also come into play. They may also become vulnerable to negative entities, who then can mess with their results.

I don’t have a lot of good things to say about psychic healers. Yes, there are some out there which can indeed heal, and there are some out there who are very psychic and do have powers. My experience has been that despite their obvious powers, many of them forget they are just a channel for healing and ego and false humility sets in. Also be wary of those who call themselves ‘Master’. ‘Master is a term of separation and I believe a true Master will be humble and will not refer to himself as such, or let others call him that title.

The same goes for those who are self-proclaimed prophets. (And yet, seem to have turned that into a business.)


There is a school of thought (which I subscribe to) that says that nothing can happen to us unless we agree to participate on some level. If you believe in this, then this means that you have agreed to the attack. The reasons why may be as simple as that these attacks make your stronger, help you to experience who you are and to grow as a person and soul.

More importantly, they can help reveal your weak points, and lead you down paths that you would never have gone down without those attacks.

I know, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am if my life had been attack free.

Psychic attacks can be a real pain, and can really bring a life to a complete stop, and perhaps even destroy it. Never give into the temptation to fight back, and try and avoid being a victim, as that just adds to the problems.

Remember, there are many ways to deal with them that are gentle and safe.

Ask for help. It will come. And when it does, make sure you listen, and take it. 

Empath Series – Psychic attacks – Other ways to protect yourself or how new age of you.

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of...

There are a number of ways you can balk psychic attacks, though they have varying success rates.


Bach Flower Remedies:

For stopping psychic attacks, this is my one stop shop. If you can identify where the attack is targeting, then taking the appropriate remedy will stop it.

The usual culprits are guilt, self-doubt, known fears, lack of faith, being overwhelmed, and, I guess, any of the 38 states of being.

Details on this will be covered at a future date or you can check out details on my website


It is claimed that crystals can help ward of attacks. I don’t know much about them, as it goes, but I did try using them at one point. I did not seem to gain any benefits.

I think they need to be awakened, and attuned to you in order for them to work.

Here are some crystals that are said to aid you against psychic attacks.

Carrollite: This mineral can be useful for providing grounding of each chakras; it can also facilitate the closure of the chakras, allowing for protection of the self against psychic attacks.

Chlorite: Forms of chlorite have been used with amethyst to remove unwanted energy implants; the presence of chlorite and amethyst within ones energy field has also successfully protected against both energy implants and psychic attack.

Limonite: It provides for the strength and virility of youth, enhancing the substance of ones character and providing an ‘iron hat’ for protection against detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, and psychic attacks. It also furthers accuracy in the intuitive processes.

Ruby: It is an excellent shielding stone, protecting on all levels and safeguarding ones consciousness from psychic attack.

If you use the stones, remember to awaken, energize and connect with them.

Creating a white, luminous five pointed star. 

This star should have a point corresponding to your head, both hands and both feet. You should mentally draw it. It is said that once you are inside a five pointed star, nothing but nothing can touch you that is bad as it is an elemental of protection.

The reason it should work is that we are able to create elemental forms or thought forms just be thinking about them. Thoughts are real energy and whatever you think will add to a pool of energy. By creating these things in your mind, you really are creating something that will protect you. The more you do it, the stronger it will become.

It’s really important to note that the key to any type of shielding, including white light auras, is to create the shield with thoughts of love, peace, compassion and blessing.

This will repel anything that is unlike that energy. Keep fear and anger, etc, out of your thoughts. It will not aid you.

There is, however, a stream of thought that by creating a shield, you also attract the things that attack you. This is because you are setting intentions to be protected, so you, by default, call things to you to be protected against.

I, personally, try to drop shields, and just be the highest light I can, using who I am to try and heal what is around me.

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Empath Series – Psychic attacks – You can’t destroy fire with fire or I shall smite thee verily.

Image-1 (1)Many Light-workers consider themselves as spiritual warriors. They see the darkness, they spot the enemy, charge in with their shield and sword, strike it down, and the day is saved.

The enemy is vanquished by taking a stand and defeating the darkness, hopefully for good.

The day is saved and all is well.



In actual fact, attacking what we perceive to be evil, dark, and negative is possibly the worst thing you can do.

In fact, all you are doing is empowering and enabling those things.

It’s like fighting a fire by throwing fuel on it and then wondering why it’s growing stronger, rather than going out.

It is also the very opposite of what a Light-worker actually does and what they stand for.

You cannot change the energy of something by feeding it the same thing it feeds on. You have to introduce something else.

As mentioned, I spent a good part of my life under psychic attacks, and up to the age of 20, I was fighting a daily, but losing battle.

At the time, it didn’t really occur to me that this wasn’t normal. It was just something I just had to put up with in my everyday life.

I’ve faced down a lot of attacks over the years, but this type of attack was different to the ones that came later.

It’s hard to describe what it was like. Best I can do was that it was an overwhelming, clawing sensation in my mind. The pain was more mental and psychic, than physical, but it was there, it was strong, and it was unmistakable. I felt that if I gave in, I would lose myself, or possibly go mad. (It was only many, many years later that I understood what was actually going on there.)

I didn’t tell many people about it, but those I did pretty much told me that it was the devil trying to take my soul, and that I needed to resist and ask God for help.

It was actually pretty useless advice, because it only helped in the moment, and the moment I took my focus away from asking for help, the attacks would return just as strong.

But I had nothing else to go on. There was no information out there, and even those who were supposed to be psychic and knowledgeable were completely clueless.

So for many years, I was determined to beat old Satan, and I would ceaseless fight him, and attack back, while avoiding any references to his name, lest it draw him and give him power.

Needless to say, the battle did not go well.

It was a silent, private, daily battle that I was surely losing. Yet the thought of giving in or even losing was, to me, unthinkable.

Each day, little by little, the attack would become stronger and I knew something would have to give, though I did not know what would happen to me if I gave in.

Then, one day, in 1984, I was at lunch when I suddenly found myself reasoning that I had spent years fighting this thing, with no success, and it appeared that my hate and anger was making it stronger.  If that was the case, then maybe sending it love and peace would help.

So I sent out a message that whatever was attacking me could join me, as long as it was in  in peace and harmony. I also sent it thoughts of love instead of anger.

It was in that instant, the attacks ceased completely. It was as though someone had flicked a switch. They say that what you resist persists, and what you make your own disappears, and this was certainly the case here.

My life changed from that day onwards.

The biggest lesson, which I carry with me to this day, was that the only way to overcome such attacks is to not engage them and be of a higher and loving energy.

Bless them, send them love and light. Give them peaceful thoughts. Be compassionate because those who are attacking know not what they do.

Over the years, I’ve come across many attacks: Some on me and some on others. The ones on me have been more a nuisance factor than any series danger or problem. I’ve always come out of it better and stronger for it. (Though, to be fair, there were some close calls, but the answer was always given to me on how to overcome them, which may not have been the case if I had just attacked back.)

What has amazed me is that nearly every time I come across someone under attack, their method of dealing with it is to attack back, and with as much hatred and force as they can muster. They also tend to pull the ‘victim / poor me’ card, which also doesn’t help anything.

Psychic attacks do happen, and there are a number of ways to counter them, but never, EVER, attack back. Never give the source any more energy to attack you with.

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