The Top Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Person with Generalized Anxiety

I really liked the thoughts on this blog and thought it was well worth reblogging. From a Bach Flower Remedy point of view, Aspen is amazing for anxiety.


There are some things that you just need to hold back from saying when it comes to communicating effectively with someone with an anxiety disorder. Although anxious people hear these kinds of comments and questions quite often, they don’t get any easier to hear as time goes by. If you are part of a support network listen up, because here are the top 10 things you shouldn’t say to someone who suffers from anxiety:

  1. You look worried.” Anxiety sufferers will be thinking, “If I don’t worry, how will I keep everything under control?” They feel like if they don’t worry, then mentally, emotionally, and physically they will be stuck in the unknown, a world that is very uncomfortable. Worrying is a coping mechanism that anxiety sufferers rely on, one that will diminish as they become more in control of their physical and emotional sensations. Bringing attention to the worrying…

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