Past lives – Soul families, friends and nemesis or you don’t need to have children to have children!

I seem to have this weird knack of recognizing if I’ve known someone in a past life or not. I can’t tell you the details, but I can tell you who they were.

Not instantly, mind you.

At first, it will be just a sense that I know this person somehow. An old feeling that may be either comfortable or a sense of antagonism for no apparent reason.

Sometimes it takes a while to remember, but when I do, I do, and what is more, I will often get verification from independent sources that those people harbour the same knowledge and memories.

When I do recognize someone, I will sometimes let them know, and sometimes I’ll just keep the knowledge to myself.

For instance, I long recognized one of my staff, but didn’t say anything about it. One day, about a year after she left, she told me a psychic had told her exactly what I had known.  Validation like that helps me to know it’s not all made up and in my mind.

Whether or not I tell the person, depends on if I feel it’s a wise idea or not.  Many times I’ve found that it’s not. Later I, in many cases, I find out that they already know.

It’s hard to describe how I know this information. It’s not like I suddenly have memories flooding into my mind, it’s more a psychic sense. It’s a knowing and the sense of truth.  It’s a feeling coupled with impressions which has no discernible source.  And I’ll just ‘know’.  There will be no question in my mind about it.

When I do pass this information on, it can make puzzle pieces fall into place for those receiving that information.

Now, I am not a past life reader. I don’t do regressions, and I certainly do not seek this information out, but occasionally, something will either jog my memory, or my guides will flat out tell me who someone is.

A couple of decades ago, I used to be interested in my own past lives. I felt I had them, and I even did some past live regressions, back in the 90s but found they really weren’t useful or relevant.

Iin the end, I didn’t need to. I started to remember them when the time was right. When that happened,  the stories and events that came to me were too unbelievable to accept and while I documented them at time, it would be many years before I found others who held the same memories. Those people were of my soul family.

Some are what I would consider family, even though there are no blood ties in this life.

They recognize and acknowledge me, and visa-versa. Also, oddly enough, I find that my memories of how they were back then seem to back up who they are being now. It appears that there is a permanent personality at work here.

Interestingly enough, many of the dramas that were present back in those past lives are still present today, including sibling rivalry, jealousy, resentment, and a lot of anger.

I don’t believe it’s any coincidence that we have found each other, nor is it any coincidence that those who also represented a bane in my past lives have found me as well. (And who have caused me no end of trouble in this lifetime, either in the physical or the astral.)

There’s an entire book that this could cover, but this point of this entry is more a warning about remembering past lives rather than who my soul family is.

I believe that when the time is right, you will remember who you are. It is also unwise to force this information as you will most likely awaken traumatic memories and reopen past wounds.

Many people can barely cope with the memories of their current life, let alone the things they did and experienced in their previous ones.


9 responses to “Past lives – Soul families, friends and nemesis or you don’t need to have children to have children!”

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  2. pattidonofrio Avatar

    I really feel you make a great point about being ready to know any details about past lives as some people can barely handle the memories from their current life. I have had the uncanny feeling with some of my worst memories of what has happened within my current life that I am somehow reliving nightmares that have happened before….oh how to resolve these things once and for all…


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Well, remember, guilt is the great destroyer, and it’s normally what screws us over.

      If that’s what is making it hard, the Bach Flower Remedy, Pine, is certainly something that would help you there. 🙂


      1. pattidonofrio Avatar

        Gary you are amazing! I have always been consumed with guilt. I will look up how to get that Back Flower Remedy right now 🙂


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Welcome 🙂 Let me know how it changes your life for you.


  3. The Oracle of Love Avatar

    I had a past life regression done to figure out why i had such anger to my mother in law, come to find out it was past life karma. Along with many of other things in my past life i am working on in this life with my karma debt. I also received validation that my husband and i are soulmates and have had many many lives together. What a wonderful post per usual my friend! I look forward to reading your stories!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, it certainly can explain a lot and i think that most of those we meet are those we’ve known for many lifetimes. We are generally drawn together by karmic bonds.


      1. Colleen Avatar

        my friends carrie and allie are people whom I have reincarnated for many life times. It’s kinda cool. When they came back into my life we instantly clicked. It was awesome


  4. Colleen Avatar

    yup experiencing this now. However their seems to be many different schools of thought into remembering who you are. One could say to remember who you are through your past lives. Then their are others that say to remember the spiritual being you are as in the God self of you and how you wish to portray your god self. Thirdly their is the school of thought about remembering your soul name and yourself in that.

    So it gets rather confusing in how you remember yourself when their are so many different schools. Personally I am just remembering my lessons and what I want to do for the next few lives and it seems to be working for me well. I don’t know if that’s the same


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