Past lives: If they are not important, then why do I remember them?

past livesWhen it comes down to it, I’ve had a really interesting life. Even during my earlier years, things were rarely dull. (Though they were certainly painful emotionally.)

And by really interesting, I mean it’s been an adventure of discovery and experiences that have surpassed my wildest dreams.

Along the way, I’ve met and interacted with some incredible people, some of who I still connect to today.

People who not only validated my experienced independently, but also validated who I am.

Interestingly enough, some people, while acknowledging who I am, seem to think that’s not important. They feel that what is important is who we are being now.

And that’s very true.

We’ve all had past lives. We’ve all had future lives. (That sentence is intentional… not a grammatical mistake.)

Is knowing who you were all that important?

My esoteric studies, knowledge and understanding tells me that no, it’s not. No it shouldn’t be. We are all just playing our part and ultimately, we’re just one with everything that exists. My understanding is that we shouldn’t get bogged down with past lives and what we did in them. The only thing that matters is now, and who we are being right now.

And yet, oddly enough, my experience tells me that it’s not that cut and dried.

My guides went to a lot… a lot of trouble to remind me of who I was. They clubbed me over the head with it for decades. They threw in synch after synch (that is, meaningful coincidences better known as synchronicity) until I could no longer deny the truth of my experiences.

I have to, then, ask myself, if it’s not important to remember who you were, then why go to all the trouble to awaken me?

But it doesn’t stop there. It appears to be a continuum of a journey. Just remembering one life isn’t enough it would seem. There are other lives and my guides are hell bent on me putting the pieces together and also recalling the, too.

But it doesn’t even stop there. I not only start remembering who I was, but I also remember who others were. I remember their personalities, our interactions and if we got along or not.

It’s a very weird sensation to somehow recall things that never happened in your lifetime. Those kind of memories, as I’ve said in other entries are like impressions rather than actual recall, and more importantly, they feel right.

And they are impossible to prove. I don’t blame any sceptic for dismissing such things as fantasies or delusions.

Still, let’s assume that it is true, for the sake of this exercise. Let’s assume that we can remember who we were.

Still, the question remains, if it’s not important to know who we are because it doesn’t matter, then why are so many of us reminded by our guides and other experiences in our lives?

And for that, I’m going to ask my guides if they can assist here which I will explore in the next entry.






10 responses to “Past lives: If they are not important, then why do I remember them?”

  1. pattidonofrio Avatar

    Gary, I have mentioned in the past, pun intended I guess, that I really don’t think I have any memories of past lives. Yes I do have dejavu occasionally which I can’t explain through events that have happened in this life, but that is about it. You also commented that certain medications can sometimes get in the way of being fully aware. Would you have any other suggestions for someone like me to progress in this area in order to self actualize in this lifetime? And, can these memories/feelings come at any age or is it too late for me? Thank you for all your help and support. 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I believe that deja-vu is when you’ve already experienced this particular time line, did not like the outcome, so are trying again. The reason you feel you’ve done it before it because you have.

      Anti-depressants tend to block empathy. Which is why they are more harm than good for Empaths.

      I can tell you that it’s NEVER too late to start. You can start at any age, as long as you’re aware and choosing it. All you need is intention. I know it’s not easy and can feel like you’re not getting anywhere. But you are. Even if you feel you’re going backwards.

      I have written a book which also deals with seven stages of self realization. Have yet to do anything with it yet, though.


      1. pattidonofrio Avatar

        That book regarding the seven stages of realization sounds like it would be very helpful to a lot of people Gary. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and support.


  2. Past lives: Why we remember and why we don’t. | Psychic Empaths Avatar

    […] In my last entry, I asked the question: If past lives are not important, why do we remember them? […]


  3. NetherRealm Avatar

    I recently moved, and the one thing I’m determined to do is establish a container garden. All my life gardening has been a trigger for past life memories. I started feeling an emptiness without these memories the past few years. So, I really understand and relate to this blog.
    If a past life shows what makes me happy, it’s worth going back and seeing if a past path will yield the same result in the current life.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That’s a really important comment.

      I know that until I remembered, I felt pretty isolated and empty. I knew there was more, and I knew I needed to remember. I’m much more self realised because of it.


  4. lindalitebeing Avatar

    You bring up an excellent question and I look forward to your next entry. Like what you said about future lives ( non linear time). if I knew I was going to “exist” again in the future, perhaps I could put my fear of death to bed permanently.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Someone said to me recently that when I’m staring death right in the face, I wouldn’t be so blas about it. But when you know you’ve died, and have experienced actually dying in the same life time, it’s hard to be scared. Especially when you know you can come back at any point and redo it all.

      but that sounds crazy to most, especially those who have not had such an experience.


  5. Twix Avatar

    For humans, there are many things we don’t take into consideration and we don’t think that it “matters” to us but in reality it does for us and whats around us; be that as it may, spiritual or natural and we continue to ignore this rule or thought. Basically life is a puzzle we need to figure out with the spiritual and natural but humans have strayed away from it for so long that we lost touch with that and we will never find answers to life and why we are here(In this day and in the future). I believe most of our ancestors had the answers to things but were ignored by later generations because of being taught to only know one story or not to believe it or have their own negative thoughts about it and point to it as a myth or some just don’t care. Most of them were close to the spiritual and nature (Like the Native Americans). I learned that some culture/religion/spiritual/nature has an answer to a question; it’s a part of the puzzle that we need to figure out. If anything, probably….learning about ones past life is important because it has an answer to something and whatever that answer is, we will know what to do in our next step towards the present life or the future life.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, agreed. And it’s amazing how some just so strongly, not only oppose, but insist others oppose it, too.


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