Spirit Whispers: Planting seeds – A Parable

This is a good parable about seeds and how intentions can either help or hinder what we wish to manifest. Enjoy.

Jacqueline Mitchell - Insight

I laughed the other night when talking to my Grandfather in Spirit, he said “You want to watch that brain of yours, it will get you in trouble”.     I think of many times that my brain has got me in trouble.  The human brain left to its own devices is remarkably inventive and I have to say not in the best way really.   The amount of times that your brain will zero in on fear based thoughts rather than empowering thoughts is huge.  Yet we at times are completely at a loss as how to stop our brain from doing that.    As my Grandfather so succinctly puts it, it will get you in trouble if you are not careful.

The Guides always say that we tend to water seeds of thoughts inadvertently, or strangle them with good intentions, smother them with fears, we let weeds seep…

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