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Psychic Burnout – How full is your well?

How full is your well?

Empaths and psychics often love to give readings, help people and just generally make the world a better place.

When we are starting out, it’s exciting and we want to practice our abilities.

We might offer readings, healing or act as a medium to those who ask for it.

What’s more, people love receiving these kind things.

But what happens when you are dealing with more people than you can handle?

We can liken this to a well.

Your psychic energy is like a well, and the water in it is your psychic reserve.

People come with their buckets and keep on taking the water till eventually the level drops and you begin to become low on reserves.

Unless some rain comes or there is another source to fill the well, you will run out of water.

Now, most people will know that the well is empty and not try and take from it, however when it comes to psychic energies, they keep on coming with their buckets and trying to take what simply is no longer there.

As a psychic or one who is an Empath, you will also find it hard to say no, I can’t do this today.

What’s worse, people not only demand and expect you to perform, but become very angry when you don’t. If you tell them that too many people are asking for help, they will helpfully suggest that you should ignore everyone… everyone but them. And then instead of leaving you alone so you can just do what you need to recover your energy, they will insist on trying to fix you, often engaging you in pointless and frustrating psychoanalysis that you did not ask for and certainly do not need.

It’s like someone saying that they are sleepy and then instead of being allowed to sleep, they are kept awake by well-meaning people trying to work out why you are sleepy in the first place.

In the end, the well is empty, you have nothing left to give and yet, you still keep on giving it.

This is what leads to what is called Psychic Burnout.

It’s a debilitating state where everything is an effort. Where even simple tasks, such as reading becomes a burden and anything over a paragraph long will cause your mind to wander. You will see the words but not their meaning. You will hear people speak, but not comprehend the words.

If pushed way too far, you will find it can take days, week, months or even years before you’re ready to face things again and the well starts to refill.

The problem is that people take from the well and do not put anything back in. It makes it worse that many expect the well to be always full and become angry when it is not, even to the point where they will abuse, curse or denounce it.

So many take from the well and never give a second thought to it.

If your well is empty, be kind to yourself and take some time off.

If you are taking from the well, remember to put something back in. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough so that when you, or others need that well in the future, there is still something there for all to share.


House of horrors

house jan-jakub-nanista-171889Reoccurring nightmares

Ján Jakub Naništa
This entry is part of a series of my personal stories that I wrote many years ago around 2005.

My mother had these reoccurring nightmares for many years about a large house somewhere in the country. On Tuesday and Thursdays, there were certain rooms that it was a bad idea to go into. The days she did enter them, there was the spirit of two young children. One girl and a boy, who was evil. These dreams kept reoccurred for many years.

On the subject of dead children, the very thought always sent a shiver through me. Whenever certain topics on ghost stories are brought up, invariably, I’ll start to feel an immense sadness go right through me, and tears will begin falling. I don’t quite understand why that is, as yet, but certain subjects will trigger it. Dead children, especially the boy is one of them.

I remember when I first saw The Shining back in 1980. Those two ghost children scared the willies out of me, even though I thought that the rest of the movie was pretty average. There is little doubt that there was something in relation to children in my past.

Back then, I  would get a feeling of terror and sadness. When my mum brought up the subject again back in 1997,  I started to think more on the subject.  When I thought of the boy, I felt that terror, and the more I thought of it, the more I felt it was connected to an malicious being that had been plaguing me all my life.

The boy was evil, I was sure of that. The girl wasn’t. She was just led. As I thought on the subject, A scenario unfolded. One that told of a massacre that happened one night at a large country mansion. The two children were told to hide up in the attic, but something made a noise, and they were found. They were murdered by someone with an ax.

I wasn’t there, but apparently I was a local priest or something like that. I certainly had power from what I understood, and I went up to the attic to deal with the haunting that occurred there.

When I went up, the evil that was there manifested me, and as I wasn’t prepared, I panicked, ran and tripped and fell over the stairs and down to my death, landing on a spike of some kind.

The date felt like it was during the mid 1800s. I was also reminded of what a psychic who I once knew said when I visited her back in 95. She said she would be working, cutting meat or something, and all off a sudden, she’d have a past life flashback and the wall would be covered in blood.

At the time, I wondered what sort of event happened to cause that, but now I feel that she was one of the party present during that night.

Spontaneous Channeling.

Later that week, I mentioned it to a person on the chat server, which was the main way to chat before all the methods around today.

This person went by the nickname of Coco. She often came across as a little psychotic, but she was a definite psychic. I mentioned only that I had a past life flashback with no details of what it was about. She went into automatic writing / channeling mode.

“Here you go,” she wrote. “Spontaneous. I don’t do this often. Watch and wonder 🙂 A raven flew down to sit curiously on a black wrought iron fence. It stared at an old ivy covered house set back a ways off Wigham Rd. Startled it flew up to the roof and cawed screeching. Just then a crashing sound in a high attic loft was heard. A bloodied face was seen by the raven through the high window. It flew and alit on the sill and peered within. Four axes were seen embedded in the floor boards”

I was very impressed. It all fitted in, even with the raven causing the noise that attracted the attention of the murderers. After that, I found that if I concentrated on the boy, I could pick him up. I tried to deal with it by reconciling with him, but it wasn’t too long before the entity just disappeared.

I had hoped that maybe the energy had dispersed and it had finally decided to give up. However, this wasn’t just a one off thing. I felt that this thing had been plaguing me for many lifetimes, and I guess it wasn’t about to quit just because I cornered it for a moment.

This entity, I felt, was a long running battle which had lasted through many life times. I had battled it only a couple of years before and survived. At that point, it wasn’t ready to give up.

In any case, once I had pinpointed the boy’s energy, it vanished along with the dreams.

That’s not to say that the entity disappeared along with that energy. It still continued to cause problems (a subject covered in detail in my book I am The Phoenix) until one day, nearly two years later, I decided I had had enough and it was time to remove this being once and for all.

What occurred was the start of yet another battle. It also coincided with the opening of a chatroom called the Celestine Vision chat room. There I met several people who also picked up on this entity and validated what I was feeling. However, this isn’t what this story is about.

More reoccurring nightmares

A few months later, I was chatting to someone in the chat room (I will not use her name, but let’s call her Mary). She said that her life was terrible and the dreams she was having were draining her and making her life unbearable. When we queried it, she went onto describe how she was having dreams about a large house with a room that held something evil. She was having the dreams a few times a week.

I asked her how long she had been having those dreams. She said for around two years. Just around the time my mother stopped having them.
Well, naturally, I couldn’t ignore this, and began to work with her on stopping the dreams, as they left her drained and depressed.

I felt that these dreams were being used to steal energy from her in order for it to be used for its own needs, which also explained why she was waking up always feeling so tired, drained and depressed.

She also mentioned something freaky. She said that she was walking into a building, when she heard someone call her name. She looked around and the only thing she saw a raven that was looking at her.

Considering it was a raven in Coco’s vision, I felt that was quite significant. I spent a little time trying to help her, but her life was really messed up. My main goal was to stop the dream, and the only way I knew how was to defeat the entity.

Final confrontation

It wasn’t that long after when, I confronted the entity once more. This time it was in the chat room as I was holding a vision of it. Six other people came to help (one or two here might actually remember that) with the intention of destroying it once and for all.

I found out two things that night. One it was as strong as I was and two, I couldn’t destroy it as it wasn’t who I am. So the battle ended inconclusively

It was a few days afterwards when I finally managed to reconcile things with this entity. Perhaps an anticlimax, but it was the only way it could have ended. I don’t believe I’ve had trouble with it since.

As for the lady who was having the dreams, I went through a period where I lost touch with things at CV and lost contact with her. I didn’t know what has become of her and her dreams and her depressing life as she disappeared herself.

Then about two years after, I saw her in the room and she had brought her boyfriend along. She introduced me to him as the one who had helped her and stopped the dreams. (Me, not the boyfriend.)

This was news to me, but when I thought about it, reconciling the entity meant that it had no more need to use those dreams to gain its power. The best part was that her life had changed and she was much happier.

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Feeling drained? The Bach Flower Remedy ‘Wild Rose’ can help.


Empaths suffer from being drained by others quite often. Fact is, they are very vulnerable to not only people draining their energies but also entities that have gathered around them.

The manifesting of being drained can appear in several ways.

  • Your limbs feel really heavy.
  • You feel emotionally and psychically drained.
  • You feel a strong sense of apathy where everything is a great effort.
  • You look at something and realize you can’t face it right now, even if it’s something you want to do.
  • You suffer from being lethargic.

As mentioned, entities are often responsible for this condition. It might be a deliberate attack or due to something that just likes your energy.

Also, many people in the 3D are energy / psychic vampires. They hook into you and before you know it, you are feeling drained.

I first noticed that Wild Rose was helpful for lethargy back in 1995, when I took it after I felt really heavy limbed after a Christmas party. My energy immediately came back.

It’s only recently that I made the connection that Wild Rose helps protect against being drained.

If you are feeling drained, give Wild Rose a go. It could well restore your energies.