Past Life

Where do Past Life Memories come from?

Past life memories

For this entry, we are going to take a brief look at past life memories and if they are real.

If memory is stored in our brain, then past life recollections could not be there as the body did not exist at that time.

So where does it come from? Is it real?

This is what we will explore.

Three stages

According to Wikipedia: Memory is the faculty of the brain by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved when needed.

There are said to be three stages to memory. Sensory, short-term and long-term.

As far as I’m aware, past life memories are not accounted for. You could argue that they don’t exist, and it’s the product of an imagination.

However, the experience of certain people, I have known, tells me that there has to be another source other than the brain.

Previous memories

These people claim to have been bound to human bodies for many millenniums. While their bodies will die, their awareness and memories do not. When they find themselves in a new body, they retain their previous memories as well.

You could dismiss such things as delusions, made up, or the results of an active imagination, but as these people all know each other, independently, and have clear memories of those past lives and their interactions with each other, it becomes apparent that something much more is going on there.

Another source

So, while memory is certainly stored in the brain, there is another level to it.

I believe it comes from another source. I can’t say exactly where it is located, but I suspect it’s astral based. It’s also possible that it may be from something akin to the Akashic Records.

You can look at your brain as your local hard drive in your computer, and the astral memory as the internet or possibly a cloud type service. If you need to retrieve some information, it comes in the form of downloads.

From what I’ve been told, it’s impossible to remember more than three hundred years of memories. Our 3D minds simply do not have the capacity.

Downloading astral memory is a matter of setting intention and waiting for the download of information to occur.

Past Lives

That past lives do exist, is not in question for me. I’ve had overwhelming and ample proof that it does.

What is fascinating to me is that we do have more than one way to remember our past.

So, how do you know your memories are real?

That’s a really tricky question because you rarely have a way to check records of something that may have happened many thousands of years ago. Add to that, the timelines may be different (as in The Mandela Effect), and those events may not even exist at all in this current one.

Some can remember their previous lives as though they happened yesterday.

For the majority, though, they seem to come through as impressions that have an emotional attachment to them.

When I remember my own past lives, I find that I am bringing down information through my third eye. It will have a sense of truth to it.

There will also be a sense of flow. If a memory or a stream of thought produces frustration, anger or annoyance, I can be sure that it’s either not right or it’s not real. When there is that ‘ah ha!’ feeling, then it has always turned out to be correct.

I’m fortunate that I’ve been surrounded by those who also have the same memories and they remember the same things I do, and more importantly, will confirm when something isn’t correct.


So, if the memory is stored in the brain, can it be read by another being?

The answer is yes.

It is possible to read the memory of another soul’s brain, if you can jump into their body.

Remember, our bodies are just organic vehicles that hold our light-body or soul.

There are certainly many cases where a Being has entered into a body and accessed the information that is recorded in the brain.

I’ve also seen a case where the host of a body was able to seal off their memories from another that was sharing that body, by using wards.

I have also noticed that when one claims to be a ‘walk-in’, they will often end up confusing the original’s host memories with their own.

Past life memory Podcast

If this article has piqued your interest, you may find our past life memory podcast worth a listen.

We discuss this topic, in more detail, with an actual person who has been bound to bodies for ten thousand years.

3 thoughts on “Where do Past Life Memories come from?

  1. I’m very confused ryt now bc there’s alot of signs leading 2posibility of being an Empath since just now doin a litl research bout it aftr 2 did people just told me they think I am one. Plus without even trying, I apparently sent the senders neg energy back to them without even tryn, hell without even knowing any of this stuff yet. Sum really strange new things been goin down 4me n idk who or where to ask to talk to n possibly fig this out


  2. I was called by my daughter and told her father was unconcious and pray for him so I went to meet them at his house to pick her up , I waited in the neighbors yard she said she wanted to stay with her sisters so I left there were already two ambulances at his house on my way back home one was on its way to his home so I pulled over on the side of the road and watched it pass it was on the opposite lane as I watched it pass I had an out of body exp everything went black I could not here or see for a few seconds wjen I came back out if it I drove like crazy about 7 minutes to my house I arrived at the foot of the driveway and his oldest daughter called me to tell me her dad had past I feel he died when I blacked out in my car when I pulled over

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