Causes of Depression – Invalidation

Invalidation can lead to despondency, frustration and cause depression. In this entry, we take a In-depth look at it.

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The Guide’s guide – Dos and don’ts. (2)

Guides - what not to do This is a two part look at spirit guides. Part one looked at how they may communicate with you. This entry looks at dos and don’ts and how you might end up with your guides. Contracts You might well ask: How do we even get guides? Generally, there are…

The Guide’s guide – Part 1 – Communication.

Guides A question that comes up a lot for me is how do you speak to your guides? Can you communicate with them telepathically? What are the signs? How do you hear your guides in your mind? In this two part series, we look at ways that guides may communicate with us. Repeated Short Messages…