Empath Series: Reading people or I know you better than you know yourself.

One of the more useful abilities of being an Empath that I've found over the years is the ability to read people. Now, this is a skill everyone has to some degree, and this can be seen in movies that have been well casted. You can immediately tell the type of person, and their personality, on sight.…

30 Traits of an Empath

I like this list. It covers a lot of traits I’ve not thought of or come across. Thanks to Crystal Moon for this posting.

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30 traits of an Empath by Crystal Moon

1. Knowing: Empaths just know stuff, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing. The more attuned they are the stronger this gift becomes.

2. Being in public places can be overwhelming: Places like shopping malls, supermarkets or stadiums where there are lots of people around can fill the empath with turbulently vexed emotions that are coming from others.

3. Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for

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Depression series – Empaths and Anxiety or Everything is great! So why do I feel like it’s not?

Anxiety Checklist. Do you feel anxious without any reason? Do you feel something terrible is about to happen? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Anxiety, though closely related to feelings of guilt, tends to be a different kind of depression. It's the feeling that something is wrong or the sense that something horrible it going…

Empaths and depression – Introduction

This is a repost of a recent depression series I wrote. It specifically written for empaths. In these articles, there will be suggestions for what Bach Flower Remedies will help combat the type of depression being discussed. Introduction One of the main issues empaths face is depression. This is a really crippling emotional state to…

I think you out to know I’m feeling very depressed – Marvin, the paranoid android.

Empaths and depression While Marvin, from The Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy was by no stretch of the imagination an empath, he certainly was depressed, though in my opinion, not paranoid. Depression is a really big problem of empaths. It is massive. Unless you have suffered from depression, you can’t imagine just how soul destroying and…

Are men empaths too? What about gay people?

I've seen this question asked, and I raised my eyebrows, thinking that I had never assigned gender, or sexual preference, etc, to if someone is an empath or not. Fact is, empathy occurs in all walks of life. Men can be just as empathic as women, and straight people can be just as empathic as…