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Q&A – A connection to nature or the trees talk to me, but I don’t listen to them.

realm of the nature spirits (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

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This week’s question come from J, a wonderful person I know from the Empath Support Forums.

She asks.

When you talk of setting boundaries, does it work with something like plants? Do all psychic empaths feel the vibrations from plants? Like they perhaps do from animals?  

I’m not into nature worship or wiccan rituals etc. etc. However, I had a huge tree for a friend when young but after someone came and cut it down, I was too traumatised to have a friend that ‘died’ so easily and could do nothing to protect itself despite its size. I stuck to humans after that, often with disastrous consequences. I’m usually fairly oblivious to the vibrations from trees and plants. I don’t pay attention to them (the vibrations). However, recently, one night, I came down with a strange heaviness across my back and shoulders, which seemed to weigh steadily, steadfastly. I could not find a reason for this pain, which was very peculiar, sort of diagonal in its spread. Early next morning, during my walk in the park, my body was pulled in a particular direction where I saw a slightly delicate plant almost flattened out by a thick branch of a big tree around it, which had fallen on it, diagonally. The pain in my back and shoulders grew as I walked around the place. It got unbearable and I sensed that it sort of reached me from the plant that now lay almost prostrated. I managed to get rid of the heavy branch with some help, restored the smaller tree to some of its normal posture and gradually the pain in my back and across my shoulders eased off.  Within an hour it was gone. I’m glad i was able to help out ‘a tree in need’ but one needs to have boundaries or there would be too much of an encroachment upon oneself with physical manifestations in terms of some illness or the other. Any thoughts on this?


Thanks, J.

In my experience and studies, I find that plants and animals are very different in energy to people. For those who are sensitive, they can see the energies around trees, flowers, etc, and for those who are seers, they can sense and see what we call nature spirits, and what others call fairies, etc.

Are they real? You bet your bottom dollar they are.

The main difference between the human collective consciousness and that of nature’s collective consciousness is that they are very much aware of their oneness with all. Nature has a voice, and much wisdom is there for those who are capable of hearing.

As bizarre as this might sound (and without seeing your photo), some people are nature spirits incarnated into human bodies.

If you sense a resonance with trees and plants, chances are you are connected in some way to those levels or to the Gaia energy.

You are clearly very sensitive when it comes to nature energy. Having a tree for a friend is not something too many have as a child in my experience. Also, you are extremely psychic, which tends to be another sign.

While nature can look after itself quite nicely, it does call for help. Though its destiny cannot be perverted or prevented, it does seem it calls on others to assist from time to time.

Personally, I feel this was a wakeup call for you. It was to make you aware of your connection to nature. Boundaries certainly can be set, and you can ask to be left alone, but I don’t feel this is what you should do in this case.

There is another world out there… an amazing and powerful world of wisdom, healing and evolution. If you can re-connect to it, it can be a great blessing in your life, though also be aware that it can increase the sense of isolation from being human.

An excellent series of books on this topic has been written by Michael J Roads. It might well be worthwhile looking him up.

Just remember, just as nature can draw on your help and energy, it can also give you energy, and healing, and a sense of peace and oneness.


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