Causes of Depression – Invalidation

Invalidation can lead to despondency, frustration and cause depression. In this entry, we take a In-depth look at it.


The many signs of being an Empath – You are not alone.

You may think you’re crazy or just oversensitive, but you might be really an Empath. Here you will find many of the traits and signs of being one. Do you fit them or know someone who does?

Empaths: I know you’re weary

Being an Empath is a difficult thing. It’s tiring. Sometimes you feel like you’re on the same path you were when you first began your journey: Retreading the same old grounds. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you do, no matter how much you try and no matter how much you strive to…

Empath series: Beware of the holiday depression or Merry Christmas.

It’s almost Christmas time. Generally, it’s the period where people are happier and even the more hard-nosed of people tend to mellow out. Families gather, gifts are exchanged and we all eat way too much food. Generally. It’s also a time of great loneliness for many. There are so many out there who feel lost…

Empath Guidebook – Now fully edited.

Just a quick note. The Empath Guidebook (my free e-book) has been fully edited by the amazing Julianne Victoria. My heartfelt thanks for doing what is a tedious and meticulous job.  I’m sure those who read the edit version will certainly thank you, too! It's rare to find someone so selflessly giving of their abilities…

Empath Series: Death or Why? – Part 2

I've covered this subject before, but there are people, who from time to time, find this article and have told me they've found it useful. I thought I’d post what I've previously written here for those who have not read it yet. This is a channeled conversation with the answers indented in italics.  This channel continues…