Creating your reality series: – Acts of self-definition

IMG_1355Over the years, I’ve come to certain conclusions about the choices we make.

Each one is an act of self-definition.

Now, this is hardly a new revelation. Many over the years have said it, though I really don’t think they really comprehend what it actually means.

I’ve given a lot of thought on what it means over the years and have written about it in other blogs, but right now, I feel a push to write this, so I will.

We make choices at every moment; some obvious, some not so much.

I believe each choice is an opportunity and a chance to attune yourself to a reality or outcome of your choosing.

As stated in other entries, my observation is that free will exists so this blog is from that point of view.

Those with free will (which is virtually everyone on this planet, though there are exceptions) are blessed with the power to create their own realities. Most don’t seem to realize this and even those that do don’t seem to understand exactly what this means.

To put it simply, the reality you eventually find yourself in is based on our intentions, believes, thoughts and actions.

Think about this for a moment. Life isn’t happening to you. It’s happening because you are creating it. Your circumstances aren’t random. (Unless you believe they are) they are a product of the reality you have created.

You have no idea just how truly powerful (and magnificent) you really are!

It is said we have free will. Some don’t believe it (and thus, they experience a life without free will. Ironically, their free will in action.)

Some believe it, but think that it means they must make the right choices, though this implies that free will isn’t really free will if you can’t make any choice but the predetermined ones.

And some understand that that free will allows us to create whatever circumstances we desire.

If you believe in free will, then it must follow that all situations are of your choosing on some level. To have something happen to you that you did not choose is contrary to free will. It is the opposite of it.

Most people, however, unwittingly choose badly for themselves. Most choose coming from a place of fear rather than a place of love or trust.

The outcomes they experiences are more often than not, unintended. This is because that on this third dimensional plane of existence, it takes much longer for things to happen.

There is a lag between your creative thoughts and the results. It might be days, weeks, months or even years, so when it happens it appears that it is happening to you, rather than by you.

If you dare to suggest this to someone who believes they have a rough life, though, they will generally react in anger and abuse; spouting venomous words.

I find this curious. To me, it’s like saying: “Yes, your life sucks. Here’s what you can do to create the life you do desire,” and their response is: “How dare you suggest I can do this. *#^% you!”

People love to give their power away and blame others for it. For many, nothing is ever their fault. It’s always someone else’s.  They are always the victim and everyone else is screwing them over.

This is generally life on a base level for many I know. They go from drama to drama. They struggle day to day and believe their life is horrible because of everyone else around them. They ignore all warning signs and dismiss any feelings of intuition they may have.

They make bad decision after bad decision.

They don’t seem to realize that each decision they make is attuning them to that life.

Next Thursday: What is Attunement


I had this experience the other day or did I…?

Fraser Illusion


We are so ready to dismiss them.

Sometimes you experience something that feels very strong at the time, but when you come away from it, you wonder if you were just making it all up or you were mistaken.

I get this a lot. In fact, I can imagine my guides’ frustration as I tend to go back and forth on experiences which seem to fade in my memory almost as soon as they are done.


Maybe it’s because I have a really poor memory or part of me still has trouble accepting that the unbelievable is real. Or perhaps it’s fear that my ego is out of control and making it all up.

Either way, it’s frustrating: Very frustrating.

My own experiences are so unreal that after the event that I can’t even tell people about them. It’s as though I shift into another frame of mind.

What feels so compelling at the time will feel like someone who is out for attention.

I have to wonder, though: Can I afford to keep this up? Personally, I don’t think so. Personally, I feel that it’s time to stop doubting and just lay my cards on the table.

What bothers me  is that I’ve seen so many others do the same.

What they tell others seemed like rubbish to me. I’m not even sure if  they did experience something or if they just really just fooled themselves into believing their story.

Their stories just didn’t sound real. Or ring true.

While I didn’t sneer or call them out on those things, it did hurt their credibility, at least in my eyes and for those around them.

Then, on the other hand, there are certainly plenty of people for whom I accepted their stories and experiences without a second thought.

What is the difference between those I believe and those I don’t?

I feel, that in the end, it comes down to if you feel the resonance of truth behind their words.

As an Empath, I can sense if something is true or not. If it isn’t true, I will feel anger, antsy and extreme annoyance. (For instance, something I felt about a recently departed so called psychic and many who are still living and in the same line of work.)

In the end, you can only tell your story and trust that those who hear it will listen to their feelings and judge if it’s true or not.

I was going to write about an experience I had last week end, but ended up heading in another direction. So I’ll leave that for another entry.

So, how do others handle this conundrum? Do you believe what you experiences? Do you feel you can tell others? Have people believed you?

Please feel free to comment.

Empath Series: 30 Traits of an Empath by Just Be – Trait 3 Picking up on feelings or what station and I on?

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

A while ago, I came across an amazing blog called 30 Traits of an Empath which covered many more traits than I come across before. They were written in a very clear and succinct way.  

I approached the author, a very humble person, to see if she or he (I can’t be sure on the gender) would give me permission to discuss them with my guides and post them here. I was told that I may.

The traits will be presented in their original form and if you wish to see the entire list, (and if you haven’t, I really recommend that you do) you can do so here.

As always my guide’s responses are in italics.

 3.     Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for Empaths. To some, they will feel emotions off those near by and with others they will feel emotions from those a vast distance away, or both. The more adept Empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from a great distance.

This is essentially what defines an Empath. We can generally sense how people feel about us, even if what they show and what they think are two very different things.

The further removed you are from the person or the situation, the less likely you are to pick up their feelings.

That means that the more something or someone affects you, the stronger you will feel it.

This can be especially apparent at work. I could always tell when things were being done behind my back. I would always get a great sense of anxiety on the way home and sure enough, the next day, I would have received a nasty e-mail from someone, or find out someone had been attacking me. In all cases, the attacks were unjustified and unwarranted, especially as these people had nothing to do with me in my day to day job, and my work was always done quickly and to a very high standard.

My guides did not take kindly to those attacks either. They eventually took action.

You have some very protective guides. As you said, they don’t take kindly to attacks on you that you did not initiate. You will also notice that even though these people did exactly what they accused you of doing, you were the only one targeted. Also note that you were the only one trying to help people (and at times save their lives) at work. It is an oddity that, in this world, helping others is actively resisted by many.

However, what we want to discuss here is why we sense what others feel.

So, why?

We are all connected because we are one soul. Even though it is split into infinite aspects, the same energy still flows through it.

Now, that does not mean you will sense everything all at once. That’s not possible, or even healthy, unless you are on a much higher vibrational level.

What it does mean, though, is that the more you resonate with something, the more you will feel it.

Look upon people as transmitters. You are the receiver, and they are the station generating their thoughts and their feelings.

The only things you will pick up on are those you are tuned into. Now, it’s possible to have a broad range of frequencies that you can pick up on, but even that would be considered small considering that the range is infinite.

The more relevant and important something is to you, the stronger you will pick up on it. If a loved one is having a hard day, chances are, you, as an empath, will sense this.

If they are having a rough day and it’s due to you, then  you will certainly sense it very strongly.

If it’s an acquaintance, you can still pick up on their feelings, but generally only when you focus on it.

If someone is plotting behind your back, that information is important and relevant to you, so you will certainly feel something is going on.

In short, the further removed you are from the situation, the less likely you are to feel it.

But don’t some people feel everything all the time?

Not everything. They feel what they resonate with. If they resonate with fear, grief, trauma or anything that’s negative, they will most certainly pick up on all those things around them. Once again, it’s what you are attuned to. What frequency are you open to.

If someone has experienced danger and trauma in their past, they will always be open to such things because they will be trying to sense potential danger.

I will tell you this, though. The stronger the energy, the more likely people will pick up on it. Even non Empaths.

Great traumatic events, such as 9/11 was felt strongly around the world. Many psychics felt something horrible was going to happen weeks before it occurred. It was a major event.

The problem is, you can feel something is going to happen, but you can’t always work out what.

In the end, all you can do is send healing and positive energies to those feelings, and know they will help.

As an Empath, you are powerful. Enough Empaths sending positive energy and love to those they see as negative could heal this world and it wouldn’t take long.

Past lives – Remembering them or more dramas than a soapie.

There are various methods of remembering such things, including meditation and past life regression.

I believe that when you go about it in that manner, you not only risk awakening traumatic memories, but you may not remember them correctly.

This may occur because what you remember may not be the full story, or even the entire memory of those events.

When things are remembered out of context, everything takes on a completely different meaning.

As mentioned, you can also awakened past resentments and dramas, though this may occur regardless.

If you’ve ever met someone you’ve instantly disliked, it may be due to some past life conflict. The same goes for those you feel an instant connection to. They may have been family, friend or lovers in a past life.

There is also a school of thought that suggests that because you knew someone in a past life; it means you must connect them with them in this one.

This is akin to saying that you knew Mr. Blogs from accounting in another part of your work place, so you should connect with him outside of the office.

Realistically, that’s not how it works, of course.

There is a reason why we don’t remember our past lives before we are ready. We are meant to live this life, unhampered by the baggage of the past.

Each life is a fresh, new start, and we are meant to forget everything we ever knew.

Free will dictates that we can choose to remember if we wish, though generally, in our greater wisdom when we are spirit deciding on what life we will be born to, we know it’s not a wise choice.

Watching my own soul family squabble over past grievances feels like watching your kids having an argument. I end up just shaking my head most of the time, knowing there isn’t anything I can do, as the past is the past, and it’s who and what we are being now that really matters.

When you are ready, those past life memories will return, normally spontaneously. Sometimes someone will help you to remember, or jog the memory, though beware… it is extremely easy to be subject to suggestions and remember something that did not actually occur.

As always, go on your feelings. If they don’t feel right, then something isn’t right. This goes for when they do feel right.

Paranormal series: Dos and don’ts of channeling or does this fit my belief system?

Last post, I relayed my rare experience of getting a prediction that actually came true.

All that aside, getting answers to questions is not as quick and easy as just asking someone. At least, an answer that is useful and meaningful. Sometimes I can, for whatever reason, just see how things will pan out, and they do so as I foresaw, but it can be hit and miss.  There are too many variables. But getting information on demand is not something I can easily do.

Now, I have heard of people who get very strong messages to pass on to others, and I would say that fall under the category of soul calls.

I’ve certainly had that from time to time, too. I’ll have a strong pull to pass on a message. I don’t know if the source is a guide, a departed one or just a call for what someone needs to hear, but when the pull is strong, I will always answer it.

Then there are the times when I do get an answer, and it’s not the one I was expecting.  Sometimes I’ll get told that the person is making something up and I then feel like an idiot for believing them in the first place.

Even though I can sense truth, I tend to put myself in a space where I’m open to what someone tells me (as I do not judge), though at times, I often get a sense of anxiety when something isn’t right, but I tend to ignore it if the person seems to believe what they are telling me.

The problem then is, what do I say when I find out someone isn’t being truthful with me? Do I call them on it and tell them that they are embellishing their story or do I fade away from their lives?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of people exaggerating the truth.

The point really is, though, that just because you have a guide or you are in contact with a spirit, it doesn’t mean you have all the answers, or even some of them.

Generally, I find that there are several factors in getting correct information.

It depends on:

  • Your own level of awareness.
  • Your ability to ‘hear’ what is really being communicated to you.
  • Not filling in the blanks for information you are not receiving clearly.
  • Your ability to accept things that are not in your current belief system.

I’ve certainly fallen prey to all of the above at various points in my life. The stories told to me from my guides were ‘dumbed’ down at the time because I just couldn’t accept anything else. Even then, what was told was hard enough to believe (in spite of all the evidence supporting things.) When I received clarification later on, I found that it was the same story, except it was more fully fleshed out.

Sometimes, you just have to admit that you don’t know the answers, at least not yet. Sometimes it might take decades to reach a place where you do and sometimes it may not happen at all in your current life.

Letting go of preconceived ideas and ego can be terribly difficult, especially as we don’t like to be wrong, and we feel our own credibility is on the line. There’s also this odd perception that psychic people can do everything all the time and without any effort. That simply is not the case. I doubt there’s a single psychic out there that can be ‘on’ all the time without suffering severe burn out or will not get very ill because of it.

There have certainly been enough times where I’ve found out I’ve been wrong to make me question just how psychic I might be and just where those thoughts in my mind are coming from. Are they mine, or do they really come from a guide?

But then, I’ve also had really specific information given to me from time to time that I find out later that it was true.

Those are really wow moment for me. Generic information is easy. Anyone can do that. Specific information, now that’s a talent.

Anyone can say: My dear, I see you’ve had some trauma in your life, and it’s affected you.

Well, unless you’ve lived a charmed life that would certainly apply to most anyone. Now, if you could specify the type of trauma and when, then that’s another story.

Be aware of those who claim to be of the psychic world. Be critical. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to not believe. Just because there are fakers out there, it does not mean everyone is fake.

Just remember, this is not an exact science.

But we are always learning, and being wrong is just as important as being right. Look at it critically. See how you felt at the time you received your information. Did it flow? Where there any anxieties? Did you feel any resistance in passing it on? Self observation is very important to success.

It’s okay to say: Yeah, it wasn’t right this time, but at least we’ve learned something from it.

Next: Psychic Empath or Psychic Skeptic? 

Intuition series: I now know what I need to do or at least I thought I did!

Image-1 (4)So, you’ve decided to do something. It feels right, and you’re excited. You go to bed, but when you wake up the next day, you suddenly feel doubt, and a sense of uneasiness, or even panic.

But you decide to go ahead anyway. After all, you need to trust your intuition right?

Yes, you do, and this is the time to do it.

Especially when what you feel was right suddenly feels right.

Something has changed. You don’t know what it is, but in the time you felt good about it and now, some new factor has come into the equation that wasn’t there before.

If something good suddenly feels bad, then take note. Do not proceed until you know what it actually is.

Sometimes it’s just a small thing that might make a difference. Sometimes it’s a complete change in direction. Where many people become unstuck is that they will feel that something is right one day, and then next day they will feel the same action is wrong. So they feel they should stick to their original feelings, otherwise, how can they trust anything if they were wrong?

What isn’t understood is that your intuition is based on what is happening right now. Things change and people change, and they might change their minds on certain issues, and then change them back later. If you felt something was right, and then felt it wasn’t, that’s the time to really listen. Trust the moment. All we have is now.

Personally, I wish I had known this information many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money and stress, but I didn’t.

So I am sharing this with you now. It’s important information. Use it well.

 Final musings.

My final thought on this subject is that just because you try and make something feel or be right, it doesn’t mean it is. Your intuition can guide you to making it right, but first it’s important to acknowledge that things aren’t as they should be, right now!

Also, I notice that when I’m contemplating doing something that isn’t good for me (such as ordering a pizza!), I will feel a sense of depression. I’ve come to realize this is my intuition warning me not to do this. If I decide not to order, that sense lifts immediately.

The more important something is for you, the stronger your intuition will be. Things that are inconsequential to you rarely tend to raise any alarm bells one way or another.

Remember, your intuition is like your personal GPS. It knows where you need to go, even if you can’t see the road ahead.

Intuition series: An example of intuition or why doesn’t anyone listen to me?

Hanging Rock

I don’t scare easily.

In spite of me ignoring my intuition on certain things (such as relationships I wanted to pursue because I didn’t like that answers I got), I have generally listened to it in the past when there was no emotional attachment involved, and I didn’t care about the outcome.

I’ve stated that you can’t always just explain intuition away rationally, so I thought I’d share a story about how intuition can warn you when there is potential danger, even when there is no reason behind it.

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I used to go up to Hanging Rock on a regular basis in the late 80s and early 90s.

It would be either just me and my then friend, Paul, or a group of us in a couple of cars. It was always at night, and we’d always go to both Hanging Rock itself (because the gates would mostly be left open after dark) and Straws Lane, which is a place of weird anomalies that cannot be dismissed as just illusion.

In the early 90s, we had been there quite a number of times. Sometimes we climbed the Rock in the dark and there was even one time when we came back down to find the gates had been padlocked closed. (We got out because I happened to have a hacksaw in my car that day.)

Never once did any of those things bother me. Never once did I sense anything bad might happen, and nothing ever really did.

Except for this one time.

Because memory can be such a fragile thing, I’ve decided to just post an entry from my diary at the time (and edited to remove irrelevant details.)

This entry was written on Sunday  22nd March, 1992.

Yesterday was not quiet the equinox but we decided to go up to Hanging Rock anyway.  Paul also asked a bunch of his mates and around eight of us went up that night.

We took two cars. Normally I take my car but Paul felt it was his turn.

It was night, but everybody to climb the rock again.  I wasn’t against it but somehow I felt we shouldn’t do it. As we were driving up, Paul remarked: “I’ve got the feeling nothing going to happen tonight.”  

I didn’t agree and said so. The uneasy feeling was growing.

We arrived and made our way up to the gates.

I once again stated that we shouldn’t climb the rock. Paul asked why not and all I could say was it was a gut feeling.

The gates on one side the grounds were open. We all got out of the car and heard this unearthly howling sound coming from the direction of the rock.

“That was no animal,” said Paul.  After a couple more times, it stopped and everyone promptly forgot about it.  I kept it in the back of my mind and kept bringing it up as an argument why we shouldn’t go in.

We also saw lights and heard some sort of music.  A bit more investigation revealed there were people inside. 

Still, everyone wanted to go inside and climb the rock, regardless.

Once again, I argued against it.  I was adamant that we shouldn’t do it.  Somehow I knew I wasn’t going to convince them. 

I then suggested that the gate could be closed when we come about out and I wasn’t about to climb over barbed wire.

We drove around to the other gates and found those were closed.  One of the guys used his keys on the lock and found, to my horror, that it opened it.

“That’s one of your excuses gone,” Paul said to me. 

“I still feel we shouldn’t do it.”  I replied, with a sinking feeling. No one listened and we drove in through the open gate and down into the car park.

I reluctantly accepted that they were going to climb the rock and I decided to go with them.  I felt the rock itself that wasn’t the problem:  there was something else. 

In any case, I felt they would be safer with me with them. (I always had a sense that I could protect others.)

We started to climb but barely a few minutes later, we saw headlights drive into the car park and stop where the cars were. The lights went out for a few seconds and I heard a door a slam. Then they came back on and a four wheel drive drove up and shone his headlights up towards the rock.  He must have seen us for he sounded his horn

We made our way back to the car park and Paul said to what must have been the park ranger: “Is there a problem?”

“Can’t you read,” he said angrily.

“The gates were open,” Paul replied.

“Wake up to yourself. Get out of here,” said shouted back.

He drove off up the track and sat there waiting for us to leave.

“He knew he was wrong.  That’s why he didn’t hang around,” said Paul.

But I wasn’t so sure.

When we got the cars, we smelled a strong lime smell that seemed to be strongest in the car.  I thought it was odd and could find no rational explanation for it.  As we were driving down the road, the driver of the other car, Dean, said on this UHF CB that there was something running down our back window and boot. We stopped to take a look at it and found someone had poured some sort of acid and brake fluid over the boot (trunk) and it was burning into the paint work. 

We rushed back to Woodend as fast as we could and pulled up at an all-night service station where they proceeded to wash the acid off.  Dean’s car wasn’t too bad and I think we just managed to save Paul’s but it would need a cut and polish to restore the finish. 

We spoke to the service station attendant who described the man we met as the park ranger called Guido.  He was adamant though that he knew Guido and he would never do something like that.

“You get all sorts of weirdos going up to the rock,” he said. “They have satanic rituals up there and on Straws lane. I even had some guy ask me at midnight were the graveyard was.”

My strong sense was that we were lucky that night. Possibly the ranger scared off whoever had the acid, and even more possibly, my delays may have just been enough for him to call us back before we disappeared from sight on the rock.

Certainly sounds like a plot from a bad horror movie.

My intuition was very clear on what to do, and what not to do, and the important thing to note that, even though it started as a normal journey, I was already feeling that something would happen, and as I said, I don’t scare easily.

Next: When intuition changes.