Is chaos really order or is order really chaos?

Mumbai traffic 1Recently, I was asked to go to Mumbai, India for 10 days. My company decided to follow suit of other shipping lines and centralize part of their operations there.

It was very short notice as the visa had fallen through for the lady who was meant to go. So they asked me.

I have to admit, I was quite reluctant to go. I had to be there 2nd January and that meant flying out New Year’s morning. I had been looking forward to having a day off.

As mentioned, it was very short notice. I had around 6 working days to get it all organized while keeping up with my work.

I also really hate flying. All in all, in order to fly from Melbourne, Australia to Mumbai, you’re looking at being awake for about 24 – 30 hours.

Fortunately, airlines have changed a lot in the last ten years, and the inflight entertainment system makes time go past very fast.

I found Mumbai to be an interesting place. The energy of the land feels quite subdued, as though it has been beating into submission by thousands of years of trauma. In all the chaos, it feels like the earth has quietly surrendered and no longer has the strength to resist.

My feelings are that there is much healing that needs to be done and I’ll look at that in a further post.

What I’d like to do is focus on the traffic I experienced there.

It was completely chaotic to say the least, and I could not imagine myself trying to drive there.

And yet, it all seems to work. Many people cross and walk along the roads at will and in spite of what appeared to be a lack of rules and and a constant peak hour traffic, you somehow still managed to get to your destination in a reasonable time and… I did not see a single accident in time I was there.

In Australia, everything is very strict. Break a law and there are heavy fines. You can’t use your mobile while driving. Seatbelts are compulsory. Traffic lights must be obeyed. Speed limits are strictly enforced (and they are getting lower all the time.)

All the logical and sensible laws are put in place and a lot of resources are used to enforce it.

Traffic seems orderly and predictable.  Yet in spite of that, it’s generally a nightmare, and every day there are accidents all over the place. Road rage is very common.

Does Mumbai traffic work better because they are forced to be alert all the time and drive both offensively and aggressively? Does having to watch out for everyone else mean that everyone has to work together to make it all work?

If so, what does it say for those places where order is the name of the game? Does too many rules equal chaos?

Does allowing chaos lead to order?

If so, how does that translate to how we run our lives?

I wonder… if the more we try to control what we do, the less successful we may be?

While we should have goals and have plans to achieve them, there is a natural flow that should not be ignored. It involves working with nature, people and others and trusting in our timing. If we can trust in such things, perhaps we will have greater success.

Easier said than done, because many come from a place of fear, and try to force events to happen when the timing is clearly wrong.

To me, that’s like sowing seeds in Autumn and insisting that your crops grow.

Timing is everything, and if you can know and trust your timing, everything will shift when the time is right.

I may have touched on this before, but the hardest part of achieving your goal is trying to convince others that you know what you’re doing. Yes, sometimes it may take years to achieve something, but those may be the years where all is being set up and people and events are being put into place.

To act before things are ready will mean you are doing something before everyone gets to where they need to be.

Timing is everything. Knowing your timing is key to a successful life. Everything will unfold as it should if you know your timing.


Empath series: More on psychic burnout or how many hats do I have here?

Image-1 (6)One of the things that contribute to psychic burn out are the requests for help that I get on a pretty regular basis.

For instance, I get frequent requests for help by e-mail.

I would say, they would come at the rate of around four to six a month, and while not very many in the overall scheme of things, each one does take a fair enough of time to deal with as I will answer all mail I get.

Some of them are just thank you for doing what you do, e-mails, and those are always wonderful to get.

However, most are people asking for help on some level.

The type of requests I get  generally fall into the below categories.

–          People who are in real trouble and need help now.

–          People who have genuine questions about experiences that have happened to them.

–          Those who want answers to somewhat frivolous questions

–          People who want answers to questions that can’t be answered.

–          Those who ask the same question over and over until they get the answer they are looking for.

Let’s look at them one at a time.

People who are in real trouble and need help now

This is something that can’t be ignored. Sometimes, it is a matter of life and death, and I can feel this, so I will respond as soon as I can.  Sometimes I can help the person in one reply, but more often than not, it can be a long term project until you help get their life turned around. Generally, though, it can be a very rewarding correspondence.

Contribution to psychic burn out: 1-2 out of 10

People who have genuine questions about experiences that have happened to them.

I get these ones the most. People have had experiences they can’t quite explain and are not sure what to do with them. Many of these are things like soul calls or what might be a psychic attack. I try to answer them best I can. 95% of these types of e-mails are one-offs, and I never hear from them again after I answer. As a rules, I often enjoy answering these types of questions.

Contribution to psychic burn out: 1-2 out of 10

Those who want answers to somewhat frivolous questions.

I get these occasionally and it’s generally someone who has some relationship issue that they want answered. As a rule, these e-mails tend to be very long, and (sometimes a little rambling) so it takes more time, and energy to get through it, and then work out what the question is, and what answer (if any) can be given. The relationships in question are about potential ones, and not ones that they are already in.

Personally, I find those types the hardest to answer as I don’t have clue what is going through the mind of the other party. Most of the time I don’t get any answers. Sometimes, I do, but that’s more the exception.

Contribution to psychic burn out:  6 out of 10

People who want answers to questions that can’t be answered.

I get this from time to time and I simply just don’t have answers, other than generic advice for someone. I’ve had some e-mails sit in my inbox for almost a year before I finally get something.

General rule is: If I don’t feel a flow in answering a question, then it’s a very bad idea to force it and I hate giving bullshit, generic answers, that anyone can give.

Clearly, I feel bad when I can’t give an answer because part of me feels that I should be able to, but on the other hand, I’m not the repository of information. Yes, I do get a lot of things that flow easily from me, but there are times when I feel a great resistance, and pursuing any answer will cause a massive drain on my energies.

In fact, trying to do something that doesn’t flow tends to be the biggest drain on psychic energies.

Contribution to psychic burn out: 8-9 out of 10

Those who ask the same question over and over until they get the answer they are looking for.

This type is the most frustrating. No matter how many times you give someone an answer, they will come back asking the same question in a different form. They will also ignore whatever you’ve just said, and also ignore any questions you’ve asked them.

The most frustrating thing with this type of person is that they are demanding, ungracious, and seem to think that you owe them something.

Generally, the answers they need to hear are not the answers they want to hear. In the end, the responsibility for knowing what is going on, or resolving their issues is their responsibility.

The problem with drain occurs when there is no equivalent energy exchange. You’ve put all you’ve got into helping this person, but you don’t receive anything in return.

Contribution to psychic burn out: 9-10 out of 10

Now, being altruistic, I would just love to help everyone all the time and fix up their lives for them, and answer all their questions, but I’ve found that it’s just not possible, at least, not without making myself very sick.

In the end, there is little choice but to shut down for a while and look after yourself.

Next: Should we charge for our services?

Q&A – A connection to nature or the trees talk to me, but I don’t listen to them.

realm of the nature spirits (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

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This week’s question come from J, a wonderful person I know from the Empath Support Forums.

She asks.

When you talk of setting boundaries, does it work with something like plants? Do all psychic empaths feel the vibrations from plants? Like they perhaps do from animals?  

I’m not into nature worship or wiccan rituals etc. etc. However, I had a huge tree for a friend when young but after someone came and cut it down, I was too traumatised to have a friend that ‘died’ so easily and could do nothing to protect itself despite its size. I stuck to humans after that, often with disastrous consequences. I’m usually fairly oblivious to the vibrations from trees and plants. I don’t pay attention to them (the vibrations). However, recently, one night, I came down with a strange heaviness across my back and shoulders, which seemed to weigh steadily, steadfastly. I could not find a reason for this pain, which was very peculiar, sort of diagonal in its spread. Early next morning, during my walk in the park, my body was pulled in a particular direction where I saw a slightly delicate plant almost flattened out by a thick branch of a big tree around it, which had fallen on it, diagonally. The pain in my back and shoulders grew as I walked around the place. It got unbearable and I sensed that it sort of reached me from the plant that now lay almost prostrated. I managed to get rid of the heavy branch with some help, restored the smaller tree to some of its normal posture and gradually the pain in my back and across my shoulders eased off.  Within an hour it was gone. I’m glad i was able to help out ‘a tree in need’ but one needs to have boundaries or there would be too much of an encroachment upon oneself with physical manifestations in terms of some illness or the other. Any thoughts on this?


Thanks, J.

In my experience and studies, I find that plants and animals are very different in energy to people. For those who are sensitive, they can see the energies around trees, flowers, etc, and for those who are seers, they can sense and see what we call nature spirits, and what others call fairies, etc.

Are they real? You bet your bottom dollar they are.

The main difference between the human collective consciousness and that of nature’s collective consciousness is that they are very much aware of their oneness with all. Nature has a voice, and much wisdom is there for those who are capable of hearing.

As bizarre as this might sound (and without seeing your photo), some people are nature spirits incarnated into human bodies.

If you sense a resonance with trees and plants, chances are you are connected in some way to those levels or to the Gaia energy.

You are clearly very sensitive when it comes to nature energy. Having a tree for a friend is not something too many have as a child in my experience. Also, you are extremely psychic, which tends to be another sign.

While nature can look after itself quite nicely, it does call for help. Though its destiny cannot be perverted or prevented, it does seem it calls on others to assist from time to time.

Personally, I feel this was a wakeup call for you. It was to make you aware of your connection to nature. Boundaries certainly can be set, and you can ask to be left alone, but I don’t feel this is what you should do in this case.

There is another world out there… an amazing and powerful world of wisdom, healing and evolution. If you can re-connect to it, it can be a great blessing in your life, though also be aware that it can increase the sense of isolation from being human.

An excellent series of books on this topic has been written by Michael J Roads. It might well be worthwhile looking him up.

Just remember, just as nature can draw on your help and energy, it can also give you energy, and healing, and a sense of peace and oneness.


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Q&A – Developing my abilities or I might have been out of my mind.

Vector drawing of the five kinds of Zener cards. Ordered by number of lines and curves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you develop your empath abilities?

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This week’s question come from nattietee at (

She asked.

Have you ever thought or tried to hone your abilities as an empath? I would love to hear more.

Thanks Nattietee and that is a really good question because the answer is not what you might expect.

To answer this, I’ll relate a story that happened to me back in the mid 1980s.

At the time, I had just read about being telepathic, and I thought that this would be a very cool ability to develop.

So I made the decision to do what I could to increase that ability.

That was before I really understood that I was an Empath, and that I was suffering from depression., I also was very ungrounded, but had no clue that it was grounded even meant.

But the idea seemed like it would be a lot of fun, and I knew I was already a little telepathic, as I’d often pick up on thoughts of others before they said them.

Back in those days, I was going through a CBing (Citizen Band Radio) phase, and I’d often drive around at night just chatting to random people.

One night, about a day after I decided to become telepathic, I was talking to this lady I had never spoken to before (or since for that matter) and the discussion was nothing exceptional. Then, out of the blue, she stated that she had a friend who became telepathic, and that he had gone mad because of it.

That was a clear a hint to me, as it could be, not to continue my plan. So I dropped it.

It was only many years later when I thought about it, and realized what an insane plan it would have been, as I was barely coping with my current psychic levels back then, and even my basic understandings was sorely lacking.

I would have left myself completely open and vulnerable. I don’t believe I would have coped, let alone stayed sane if I gone ahead and developed those powers.

To answer your question, I don’t try to push my abilities as an Empath, but I work to be aware of them, and listen to my feelings as to how far I should go with them.

To rise too fast, to push too hard is sure to lead to burn out, and as anyone who has experienced such things will tell you, that is a horrible state to be in and it can take years to recover.

I just trust that my abilities are exactly where they need to be, and they steadily seem to grow stronger over the natural course of time.

No doubt I could be further along than I am right now, but going with the flow and the natural growth always feels like the best options to me.

It’s worth reminding anyone that it is dangerous to raise your energies and powers before you are ready to cope with them.

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Q&A session: Your questions answered

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