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Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 3

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it. May it be a good one.

This is the final part of the Empath’s expereinces. Thanks to all who contributed.

Gary Leigh  

When I was a baby, my mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw this tall hooded figure looking down at her. He nodded and then walked backwards into the wall and vanished.

Years later, my step daughter claimed she would see a hooded figure in the same house. What was even more disturbing was that when we moved to a new house, she kept on seeing it.

Even more years later, one of my psychic friends was putting some protection around a new house I had just moved into. She told me that she could see a hooded figure that was outside and watching me.

A couple more years after that, the entity, Omen, made mention of beings that were called ‘Nobodies’ and they were not friendly beings. From his description, it sounded exactly like the hooded being that had been watching me.

I can speculate why they were about but my heart tells me that they were not there for my benefit. They never got close enough for me to see, though. They always appeared to be watching from afar.

Michael  One night when I was 16 I was sitting at the computer in my bedroom and I heard my mother call my name from her bedroom, which was next to mine. I called out “what?” She replied with something I couldn’t understand. I called out “what?” again for her to repeat what she said, but she didn’t reply. I walked over to her bedroom and opened to door to see what she wanted only find she had been asleep the whole time.

Deborah  I had an encounter with two entities when I was 11 years old. I lived in Germany then. This happened at night after everyone else in my household had gone to bed. Our apartment was on the third floor and there was a large picture window in my room. I woke up and on the wall at the foot of my bed were two orbs of light. They were perfectly round and at first I thought flashlight. But no, they weren’t made by a flashlight. They didn’t come from the window either. My curtains were closed, my shade was down and the streetlight was on the ground floor. There was a vent on my wall over my bed but it was closed. There was no explanation for the light. I got out of bed and went over to the wall and waved my hands in front of them. I say “them” because from the time they showed up and until they left I always felt like they were living beings. My waving hands didn’t interrupt anything. The light didn’t shine on me, there was no reflection like when you play shadow puppets. I wasn’t afraid so I put my hands directly on the wall. One palm in each orb and stayed there for some time. Nothing happened. I sat down on the end of my bed and watched them watching me. I don’t know how long they stayed, I only remember waking up and feeling as if I wasn’t alone. That I would never be alone. This is not something I ever told my parents about. My father wouldn’t have understood. For a whole year after that I use to have black outs. I wouldn’t faint but I would lose my vision. Everything would fade out and stay black for a few minutes and then slowly come back. Again, I wasn’t afraid. I don’t frighten easily. I am not sure who “they” were, I’m still not. But I know that at certain times they come to me, not as light but as a feeling.

Nick   Hi everyone. I have many endless tales of memories and would love to tell all about them. But I think most of my memories I need to keep to myself as it’s a part of my growth. But I have one particular memory I’m willing to share. The reason I’d like to tell about this one. Is that it’s a tie between a dream and reality.

It was late. My father me and brother lived with my grandmother. Who the three of us shared a room on the second floor of her two story house. I slept nearest to the wall. Brother in the middle and father nearest to the door. It was two beds pushed together. It was a tight space but comfortable. So much love. As we all slept calmly. I had woken up to the feeling of floating as I accidentally do in my sleep at times.

It was dark  and it seemed that I was being pulled away from where I was sleeping. The force wasn’t nice. I could see all of us lying together in our usual places. In the exact same places we went to bed. I felt uncomfortable as I was drifting out of the room. I remember feeling a presence of something very evil in the house at that time. But the drifting away was scary itself because I had not control of what was going on. I was in a bit of shock as I felt the need to reach out to my father, but was moving quite quickly out into the hallway. Everything was in place, unlike most dreams.

Usually things are turned around or seems like home but isn’t visually. The house was very much normal. As I floated to the staircase, I remember stopping. Things were very unsettling.

As I turned to look down the stairs, I could see a tiny man. With a grin that took up most of his face. He was short and stood no more than the height of a toddler child. He had large black eyes. It was very disturbing to see. It took off running through the downstairs dining room. I remember a positive presence behind me manifest just before waking up.

It was morning and I had unusually slept in. I never told anyone about this dream. I needed answers as I grew older. But never knew where to begin. Or who to talk to. Time went on and as most psychics have this ability of knowing things, I realized. that this wasn’t a dream. It is what happens right before possession. When a demon takes a body they lure out your soul and jump in and this was my example.

Not all possession cases may be the same or have their differences in some cases, but usually forces do their work while we sleep when we’re not conscious and are relaxed. During my OBE’s I’m aware of what’s happening but very seldom go too far. There is a mechanism as well that when you’re afraid, we get pulled/yanked back into ourselves to wake up. It’s the subconscious natural instinct. But during possession the soul cannot return. As demons over run the body and you get trapped. I was 10 years old and very much hold Jesus Christ close to my heart. I was raised Orthodox and there is a spiritual science in all dimension. Jesus is very much real. And I truly urge this belief for everyone.

Quana  When I was 4 I lived in a Shelter with my mom, I was sleep but woke up because I felt a hand lay gently on top of mine. I open my eyes in the dark and saw what looked like the reaper of death with no face under the hood with his skeletal hand over mine. I screamed and jumped up and my mom covered my mouth and pushed me back. I was so scared I just lay there but didn’t see it anymore. The next day there was a fire, we got out but some did not, R.I.P.

Suzanne  I’ve had so many, ever since I was little. I didn’t understand then that I was empathic or even what being psychic/empathic meant. Here are a few out of the many. When I was little, about 6 or so, I started to see the “people in the closet” in the house we had moved into not long before. No one else really saw them. My parents didn’t. Weird things would happen in the house (toilets flushing on their own, lights flickering, odd sounds, etc…), but I saw them, everywhere in the house and especially in my bedroom closet. They would bother me at night when I tried to sleep. Pull my covers, tap my feet, call my name… I’ve been terrified of the dark ever since. We later learned that the house was built over where another house had burned down to the ground and the family perished. They had never removed all the remains. My dad and his best friend who we called “uncle” were digging out the dirt cellar to make a finished basement and would find bones. They used to fill a big green garbage can and even called the police once they found the first skull. It’s also when I started to have nightmares.

Another was my step-dad’s house. His baby sister, his father, his mother, and his first wife haunt it. His parents built it, he was born there. They were never evil spirits. It was creepy, but other than the radio dial going crazy at night on its own and doors opening and closing and his sister roaming the fields (farm house) we’d only occasionally hear a voice.

My brother’s basement.

He lives in this house that has an apartment in the basement. My daughter lived down there for several months. She kept telling me she couldn’t sleep well and felt uncomfortable. Her bedroom was right next to the furnace room. The closet in her room and the furnace room have a very oppressive and dark feel to them. I went in with burning sage and “blessed” each room. I got to her room and stopped three feet from the closet. I couldn’t go closer. I decided to do the shared laundry room, and turned towards the furnace room door, which was open, and I froze. I couldn’t go in. There was such a powerful “stay out” darkness and threat to it I couldn’t do it. It hides. Whatever it is hides and the feel of it is not good at all.

Me’chelle  Here is mine. I had a dream in which the Lord God appeared and said someone needed my help and only I could help them.

He took me to a hospital and I saw my paternal grand aunt dead on a table. She wasn’t breathing. I heard sobbing outside her son was crying he had been told she died. I held my aunts hand and told her to breathe and she breathed.
I woke up and went to tell my dad what I dreamt but my dad told me our aunt died but came back to life! She told everyone she heard a stern voice telling her to breathe!!! I told her son my dream and he thanked me for saving his mother.

Tina  I have had numerous experiences throughout my life. One situation which frightened me….I was in my late teens and living on my own. I had been dabbling in astral travel, etc… A lady asked me if the man she was having an affair with was lying to her about his relationship with his wife. I travelled to the man’s bedroom and his wife was there lying beside him, she must have sensed something because she sent “me” away (told “me” to go to hell) – suddenly I saw what I would describe as the mask of death – a skeletal hand reached out and grabbed my wrist – I bit off the fingers and spit out the bones – returned to my body and woke up. I had bruises on my wrist and was scared to death. I made an appointment and went to see a psychic who I knew. She told me that had I not been able to free myself I would have died that night. She then taught me a ritual to cleanse and bless my home. I was advised not to do any more astral travelling until I was “stronger”. Took me almost a year to get over my fear enough to try astral travel once again.

Bonnie  When I was 16. I had moved from my mother’s house because she was an alcoholic. I moved in with a couple of male friends and one of them was going around depressed because his girlfriend had broke up with him. He went around playing freebies by Lynyrd skynyrd. After a week I was so tired of hearing all about his breakup and that some that I packed and moved back to my mother’s leaving the house key behind. When I pulled into the driveway around 12 am the song freebird came on the radio. Something stopped me and for some reason I had to go back. When I got there his truck was there but no answer at the door. I couldn’t get in with no key so I flagged someone down who broke in for me. We walked in to the small of gas all in the house. He had his head on the oven with a towel around his head draped and he was unconscious. There was a suicide note that mentioned the song freebird. Paramedics told me just yen minutes later he would have been dead.

Lisa  Two ghost sightings that I can clearly recall. One was when I was 10 and I saw my next door neighbor come into my room. We had a conversation & I remember smelling his old spice cologne. He was dressed in his good suit & told me he’s taking a trip. The next day, I found out my neighbor who I used to go to the store for died. I told my mom he was just over last night, but she said it never happened. It felt so real!

Another time was in 2007 when I bought my house. My aunt had recently died & my uncle helped me renovate and paint. My aunt always wanted to see the house. But she got sick. It was August, right around the time of her birthday when we had a barbeque. That night I was so tired, but recall seeing a flash of white light pass through me and into the wall! I thought I was seeing things, but by mom saw it too. I got scared  and prayed I wouldn’t see it again and I never did.

I forgot to mention that my cat that used to belong to my aunt was acting strange that night. She was meowing loudly and often. She’s usually a quiet cat. Then she was looking up and jumping on the high China closet and standing lamp even! Everyone in my family was saying how strange Kitty was behaving and wondering if she was seeing my aunt’s spirit, since it was right around the time of her birthday!

Lee-san  9-June-2015, a demonic entity overpowered me and took place over my thoughts and my body when me and my mom are inside the church. He despises churches a lot and church people and said that they are all fake. He just laughed all the time and in my mind’s eye, I saw another demon at the priest’s side (i don’t know if it was real) and after that, all the lights went out. A black out. And then the priest said, “You think I’ll stop? No way!” And he continued his sermons. After a while, the light came back and everything went back to normal except me. When I got out of the church, everything went fine again but my energy was too drained and I need to walk like a drunk man.


Personal experiences: Part 4 – The Lord’s Prayer or Reyarp s’droL ehT

Nokia N8 - Haunted...

This is a six part story about a paranormal event that occurred in January 1980. As usual, it’s told without any embellishments and according to a document that I had written after the event.

It was later that day, after Shawn claimed he suddenly felt weak and dizzy on the staircase, that I heard a story that he and another friend of his were in the dorm.

Shawn had a tennis ball and racket in his hands and he claimed to have heard a voice tell him to throw the ball at his friend, Terry. He hesitated for a moment, and then served the ball right at him with all his might. Fortunately, it just missed him. He excused his actions by claiming that he couldn’t control himself. Terry, himself, was stunned.

At dinner that evening, he was looking flushed and his hands were shaking. Whenever he looked at him, he would just shake his head. During practice, I noticed that he was looking at everyone in a strange way, and his face was white. Many there also noticed this, and made comments about it. Even for Shawn, this was odd behaviour.

After dinner, he came up to me and said there was going to be another séance that night and I had to come to it. I knew this would be a bad idea, so I told him no.

I believed in demons and possession back then, and I was now starting to feel like I was in over my head.

So I discussed what was happening with, I believe two of the boys, David and Terry and David (who was a student there) suggested we should go visit one of the resident Christian brothers in the hope that they could help or at least tell us what to do. 

So, during a break, we went to visit one of them, and ended up having a long talk with him. To his credit, he didn’t just disbelieve us, and let us tell our story. In the end, he suggested that it could be some sort of mental telepathy and said that you should assume that there are no evil spirits around until you proved that there were.

It does sound strange that he pretty much dismissed any spirits but spoke about telepathy in the same breath. In any case, he did give some advise that we were able to use.

He said that if I really felt the need for protection, I could make an imaginary cross and call for God’s help by saying The Lord’s Prayer. So we decided to do  just that.

We went to the stairs and we all felt the presence  there, though it was not as strong as it had previously been.

We made the imaginary cross, said The Lord’s Prayer together and asked for help.  The presence then left and did not return until the final days of the camp, only then very weakly.

You would have thought this would be the end of it all, and really, it should have been, but you’d be wrong there.

The next day, we went swimming to a local pool as it was a hot summer’s day. Everyone was throwing a tennis ball around to each other. Shawn got hold of it and threw it right at me. He managed to hit the side of my face, though, being a tennis ball, it didn’t actually do any damage. I was still shocked, though. Later he told me that he didn’t want to throw it at me, and that he couldn’t even throw straight. He said that every time he looked at me, he would hear a voice saying ‘get him!’ and he was being instructed to stay close to me.

Later on, he told me that he was going to have the séance that night, and that I must come to it. I said I wouldn’t, but he seemed confident that I would come.

Then  someone mentioned that if you said The Lord’s Prayer backwards while looking in a mirror, you would see the Devil.  Well, this was too much for Shawn to resist doing, and so, before he planned to have the séance, he took a group of people down to the shower area and he had someone read the words while he repeated them back while looking in the mirror.

I stayed away, no longer wishing to be part of it. If I had gone, I might have witnessed what many others said they saw happen.  He said the first five words, then his cheeks went white and his eyelids went red, taking on a glow. I did note, however, that when everyone came up the stairs, they all had bloodshot eyes, and looked exhausted.

However, once, apparently wasn’t enough for they went downstairs and did it a second time, and this time, he had his friend, Terry, join him.

Shawn told me that he saw his hair, which was blond, go dark and his eyes appeared to glow and Terry said that a shadow passed over his face.  They both claimed to have stuttered one a word at one point, and then went into a trance. They said they could hear themselves speaking, but they couldn’t feel themselves doing it.

Interestingly enough, Shawn chose to not have the séance. He said he felt it was too dangerous.

That night, we were once again swarmed by the flying black beetles, entering into the dorm in plague proportions.

Interestingly enough, all the bugs fell on Shawn and Terry’s bed, but missed mine. They even bit Terry three times and they were also crawling towards Shawn and biting him. These bugs do not bite to the best of my knowledge.

A voice in my mind said: They won’t get you because you didn’t attend the Lord’s Prayer in the mirror business.

This time the bugs were also swarming in the shower area where they had said the prayer and soon there was a carpet of crunchy black beetles lying dead on the floor.

At that point, I found that one of the teens named Glenn had a cross necklace so I asked if I could borrow it. He agreed. Back in those days, I still believed in the Devil, and that was what I was starting to fear we were dealing with.  I hoped the cross would help protect me. 

Well, fear would be too strong a word, really. I can’t say I ever was scared or fearful. I was continually fascinated, though.

The bugs kept on crawling toward Shawn, so I decided to give the cross to him to see if it would help. The bugs stopped crawling towards him and attacking him.

Shawn told me he was hearing a voice saying that it was going to get me. I denied that it would but he insisted that it would.

In the morning, he took off the cross and said he didn’t need it any more. When it touched me, I felt a jolt, as though something had left me. I put it back on and it as though it did give me some protection. Indeed it was a quiet day and I hoped that whatever it was that was happening was over.

Once again, the timing of events is interesting. While I don’t believe in a Biblical Devil, I have seen evidence to suggest that there are demon type entities out there and most certainly, doing something like what they did in the mirror was just foolhardy.

Next: Q&A with the devil!

Personal experiences: Part 1 – The presence on the stairway or don’t go there alone in the dark.

The dark staircase

This is a six part story about a paranormal event that occurred in January 1980. As usual, it’s told without any embellishments and according to a document that I had written after the event.

As a youth, my father insisted that I play in a brass band, and so I ended up playing that Euphonium. So every year I would end up going on a god awful band camp to play awful music that your family would end up politely listening to in the inevitable end of camp concert we’d subject them to.

Between January 13th and 26th, 1980, I attended one of those camps for The Victorian State Youth Band.

During this camp, quite a few unusual events occurred.

After the camp, I took it upon myself to write it all down, lest I forget. I’m glad I did, as I had forgotten most of it. What follows is my slightly edited version.

This camp was held at a Christian boarding school which, I recall correctly was called St. Patrick’s College in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, which is a historical gold mining town.

There were two large rooms for sleeping in, and one of them led to a landing and a stair way.

When going down the steps that lead to the showers, a then friend of mine, (let’s call him Shawn), claimed that he got an uneasy feeling there and he didn’t like going down there at night.

At the time, I dismissed this as just being in his mind so he dared me to go down there myself. I did, and I did feel uneasy, but considering I did it in the dark, I would naturally feel that way.

There was nothing special about the staircase. Just two flights of steps winding from the boy’s dormitory down to the boy’s shower block.  As a rule, it was well lit, though the light bulbs kept on blowing. Five times in total, which is also something I have noticed occurring whenever there appears to be some type of spirit energy play going on. It was that, or just bad wiring!

Hanging on one of the walls, was also this abstract painting on the first landing. It was like a red angry face, and I didn’t like it. It gave me the creeps. Personally, if I had to put what happened down to anything, I would have to say that this entity was connected to the painting. In my experience, such things are possible, and it would certainly not be the last time I’d see something like that.

It wasn’t very long, though before we both felt a slight tingling in our mind every time we went through the double doors that lead to the stairs. It was a pricking sensation, like walking through a field of static electricity. It was almost as if some force was pushing against you. This gradually got stronger over a matter of days. It certainly didn’t take very long for it to become noticed by several of us.

Now, more than likely, this was the power of suggestion at work. I know what I felt (and considering I was always under some kind of psychic attack back then) I may have been more sensitive to it. I couldn’t speak for Shawn, though. I just accepted that he was feeling what I was feeling, and of course, everyone else joined in.

It’s like your tongue. You don’t feel it, even though it’s always there. But if you think about it, then you notice it, and somehow it doesn’t seem to fit into your mouth correctly.

So I certainly can’t discount that people focusing on feeling weird would not have produced something from their own minds.

It also could have been a group phenomenon brought on by suggestion and then our minds creating this.

What probably didn’t help was that I had shared a few of my own experiences, as I was want to do in my youth. I didn’t have many people I could talk to back then, and it was still all exciting and dramatic for me.

So, by taking about possessions and attacks, I’m sure I fueled the imagination of others.

Now, whether we attracted something or something was already there, or we made the entire thing up, I am not sure, but the things that followed were out of the tackiest Hollywood horror movie.

Interestingly enough, as I told the others about my experiences, these black beetles filled the dormitory and fell around my bed. Strangely enough, none fell around the stairway or the toilet area which was only meters away.

I’m not sure what type of beetles they were and if you asked me to identify one now, I wouldn’t be able to as there are a few varieties that are black, fly and swarm.

These ones apparently just dropped dead once they reached my bed, and I’ve no clue if that is normal behaviour or something that was unique.

I will note, though, this happened at two different times during the camp, the second time being after a group of boys had messed around with a ritual.

I’ve not actually seen anything of that nature occur before or since.

Next: The séance. 

Empath series – Spirits, ghosts, negative entities and all those fun things that can’t possibly exist.

Psychics and the spirit world.

Here’s the problem with empaths and other sensitive people: They see and sense and even hear things that others generally do not.

Scientifically, such things are hard to prove, if not impossible, as what we experience cannot always be recreated and tested under lab conditions.

I was listening to an old podcast the other day, and it was said that there are no haunted houses, only haunted people.

I thought about this and I think that’s a fairly accurate statement because sensitive people are the ones who will pick up on areas that have a higher amount of activity occurring. Someone who is not able to pick up such things will experience nothing noticeable happening, though that doesn’t mean they are not being affected. I’m sure there are plenty of sceptics who have suffered depression from unknown causes and the draining of their energies.

There are certainly those who love to mock those who do sense and see spirits and that’s okay. We need perspective. We need to not fall into the trap where we read every little sign as something paranormal, even when it may not be, and can be proven as such.

Still, I wonder just how many of these sceptics have put themselves into places where such activity is high?

I only muse on this subject because psychics, empaths, and sensitive people can, and do see things that do exist on other levels.  They may not have the ability to interpret the information correctly, after all, it is just another sense and not even our normal five senses will always be correct. Just ask someone who is colour blind if that’s not true.

As scary as it is for some, entities, spirits, beings, elemental energies do exist.  The normal person in the street may not see them, but that doesn’t mean they are not there.

Those who can detect them will be under no doubt that what they see is real to them, even if they do believe they are, perhaps, crazy.

I don’t believe they are, though. Everything exists on some level and some people are just more adapt, and attuned, at seeing them.

For those following this blog, I need to make it clear that I believe that these things do exist, and the reason why is because there will be blogs which will cover these things which will be important for empaths, especially those who are suffering from depression.