Psychic reading: Tips on what to look for or those readings leave me cold.

English: Psychic reader booth at the Canadian National Exhibition midway August 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sylvia Browne being in the news in regards to her wrong reading about Amanda Berry being dead is a cautionary tale about psychics.

This isn’t going to be a blog ragging on these kinds of people. There are already enough of them out there on this subject, and, anyway, psychics who scam with cold readings really annoy me because they hurt people, and also those who are truly genuine psychics by bringing them into disrepute.

This topic is about those who actually do have some abilities, but are not discriminatory about their sources.

There’s an odd perception by the public at large that if something comes from a spirit, or a guide, or a ghost, or what have you, it must be true.

Those who believe in psychic readings will latch onto every piece of information they receive, which can be to their detriment.

There are certain things that really one should bear in mind if one ever consults a psychic.

The future is not set in stone. In fact, there is no future as such. (Yes, the old time is an illusion thing) All there is, is the eternal ‘now’ it’s being created and recreated every moment by our thoughts, words and actions.

A psychic reading might well pull you onto a path you did not intend by making you create what you expect to happen, based on that information.

Remember, reality creates belief, and belief create reality.

There are many beings and entities out there on the astral levels. Not all of them are interested in working for the good of people, and some are just mischievous, or even malevolent.

Also, just because a psychic is passing on a message, it doesn’t mean they actually have the full story. One thing I have learned from my own experiences is that bringing down information to this level is really a challenge. Often, one needs to be attuned, and sometimes the information coming through is clearer than other times. And really, you simply can’t be ‘on’ full time. Not unless you are willing to risk psychic burn out, which is a very unpleasant state to be in.

And supposing, just for the sake of arguments, your messages are crystal clear, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the entity delivering the message actually knows what they are talking about. Not everything is clear to those in the astral, and not all information is readily available. At least, not on this level.

I know when I need to find out information, I have to ask my guides to look into it, and a few days later, I will get an answer if they are successful. Sometimes, it can take years!

I am pretty sure that there are genuine psychic readers out there, based on my own experience.

A few years back, I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit Expo with a couple of people I had met in a spiritual chat room.

In the afternoon, there was a man called Jason McDonald  (If I recall the name correctly) who was doing group spirit readings. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical, as I am want to be.

However, he said he was getting the smell of freshly cut lawn, and asked if that meant anything to anyone. It did to one of the ladies I was with, and she was told it was her father and she got some messages passed on.

Afterwards she said that before the readings, she had asked her father that if he came though, to indicate it by using freshly cut grass.

After the session, the other lady, Maureen, said she wanted to find out if he was genuine, and so she want to where a group had gathered around him to ask him questions.

I was hanging around in the back with her, when Jason asked if there was a Maureen in the crowd. She went up to the front, and then, for no apparent reason, I was called to join her.

He asked us what we were looking for, but I had no answers to that question. I can’t recall Maureen’s response, but suddenly he said: Hang on, you’re just testing to see if I’m genuine or not.

As I was walking away, I felt a presence right behind me. I felt it was probing me to find out who I was. I probed it back and it became aware that I could sense it, and left right away. My sense was that it was a lower level being or entity that while, not malicious, was not considered on a guide or angel level either.

So I’m pretty sure that genuine readings do exist.

If you ever get one, just remember to run everything through your feelings. If it doesn’t

feel right, it’s not the information you need.


23 thoughts on “Psychic reading: Tips on what to look for or those readings leave me cold.

  1. Hi. I’m a mother of 5, I’m 40 years old.
    I went to see Jason McDonald 2 years ago in September.
    He told me to write out my will, that it will be heart failure. I’ve lived with that every day since. He did not tell me in a nice way, he was not a nice man at all.
    Very cold about it….
    I am a nice person I don’t no why he did it & left me like that.
    He also told me other things that were meant to happen & never did.
    But what he said to me about my death, was so wrong to do, I worry now about bringing this to myself as it’s never far from my mind.
    So upsetting no one can imagine.


  2. Hi. I’m a mother of 5, I’m 40 years old.
    I went to see Jason McDonald 2 years ago in September.
    He told me to write out my will, that it will be heart failure. I’ve lived with that every day since. He did not tell me in a nice way, he was not a nice man at all.
    Very cold about it.
    I am a nice person I don’t no why he did it & left me like that.
    He also told me other things that were meant to happen & never did.
    But what he said to me about my death, was so wrong to do, I worry now about bringing this to myself as it’s never far from my mind.
    So upsetting no one can imagine.


    • Pretty nasty stuff. But believe it or not, we don’t die until we are ready to. I’ve personal experience with this. (You can find information by looking up timelines in this blog.) I’d just ignore Jason’s message. Nothing is set in stone.


    • That may be so, but also remember that cold readings are remarkably easy to give.

      Few psychics have actually told me what is relevant to me, and fewer still have perceived who I am.

      If one is able to do so, let me know, and I’ll promote it on this blog.


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  4. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have to say I am SO happy to hear someone saying the things you’ve said above. My training in retail sales has made me a good “cold reader,” and that really has nothing to do with psychic gifts so much as just being observant. It’s so terrible, the way people who are frauds take advantage of the people who come to them for help.


  5. Interesting article. From my experience of doing readings professionally years ago is that it is an equal give and take. I found as an empath I would reflect the person’s own expectations of the reading, so those that were out to debunk got exactly what they were looking for, which was not a lot. But those who were very open and willing to entertain new ways of looking at things made it far easier for me to carry out a successful reading. I have learned the hard way from this, the lesson being that now I listen very carefully to the nature of the energy that I am receiving and I work with what I have in as positive a way as possible. I no longer dismiss even the cloudiest whisps. The sense of blockage you can get can be exactly what the message is about. Sometimes you just have to refuse to give people information even if they ask, if only to protect yourself from the emotional overload that some people are so happy to share. Far be it from me to teach anyone to suck eggs, particularly fellow empaths and fellow bloggers, but I just wanted to share this. 🙂


    • Yes, agreed. People can and do block you. The more sceptical, the less the results. I do feel, though, that any psychic reading should take a soul call into account when doing one. If they have an compelling sense to pass on something, then they should. It’s only when they don’t vet the information that it can cause trouble. Discretion is just as important as passing on information.


      • I do feel that if someone is meant to know something they will find out one way or another, whether as a ‘psychic’ you tell them or not. But as nothing is set in stone, being unnecessarily negative does nobody any good, it just creates negative suggestion. However, as another human being you are not responsible for the way others react to you. That’s their choice. You can be as nice as pie and still others can read that the wrong way. As a practising empath, psychic, intuitive whatever label your comfortable with, other people will always put a lot of weight on what you say because of what you can do, and yes that does leave a lot of room for abuse on both sides.


        • Indeed. People will hear what they want to hear. However, it’s always important to tell them that in the end, what will happen is what they are choosing on some level.


          • Yes I agree, but even that’s a tough call sometimes! I’ve met some real tough cookies in my time, as I’m sure you have too. When you’re on the clock it’s hard sometimes to make sure that the person walks away happy. I don’t know, I think a good reading will always resonate with people. Perhaps I’m being naive here.


          • It will. Being on the clock is a problem, though, if you’re not getting something. When it flows, it flows. When it doesn’t, it’s hard.

            I’ve never charged myself, but there will come a time where I will need to give up my day job so I can focus on this path and will need to consider charging for my time and expertise. I made a decision a long time ago that if I’m not getting anything, or nothing is happening, I will tell the person and give them the option of having their money back. I’m only content if people get something out of it. If they are paying for a particular service, then they should get what they are looking for, even if it’s just one thing. I’m not concerned about losing money this way. The universe will take care of that for me and it takes the pressure of.

            That’s just my thoughts.


          • I never liked charging either but if you choose to make your living in this way then that’s what you do, and people will pay you willingly, if at least just for your time. Personally I don’t do one to one readings anymore, I prefer to use my abilities in other ways. Besides it’s difficult to talk about the future when suggestion plays such a huge part, even if you do see someone taking a particular path over another. There are too many factors involved. Keeping things present is how I’ve come to deal with it, because as far as I’m concerned nothing is predestined and everything is subject to change. It’s not what I’ve always believed, but it’s what I have come to believe. It’s always great to talk to you Gary, and thank you for letting me share my thoughts and likewise for sharing yours.


  6. I think you are right on the money there. My guide and I always speak in terms of probable, possible and impossible when it comes to future and she is always picky with her word not to give too much away, what she has told me is that the future is not set and although she can see through the illusion of linear time she can not tell which out come will come to pass and tries not to affect it too much if at all.


        • Well, unless they have been through it themselves, they can’t really understand. The higher the level, the more blissful things are.

          As a side note those who ‘die’ or pass on, can actually choose to return, but the feeling of freedom (and perspective) is so exhilarating that no one would want to do it. It’s like being weight down for years, and then suddenly being able to fly. Would you want to return to being weighed down?

          Having said that, some do return because they have things they still need to do. A sense of obligation keeps them coming here. (Or the desire to aid others.)


          • Based on the dreams I’ve had of flying, that’s an emphatic no! I wouldn’t want to come down. My only experience has been with Angels, at least as far as I know. They always seem empathetic to me… You’ve given me something to think about. Thank you. 🙂


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