Awards and nominations or why am I so damn anal?

So, I received a nomination for an award. Twice, actually.

The first time was by Phoenix Flights. I was flattered, though confused. I wasn’t sure what to do as it appeared that there was no actual award… just nominations.

The lovely, Light of Clarity nominated me the second time, so I decided to go try and work out exactly what it was all about.

Turned out that it’s not really an award from WordPress, but a type of viral meme that is used to connect people to blogs by ways of nominations. However, in spite of the implications of being nominated, you actually don’t end up with an award at all. It’s all community created and there is nothing official from WordPress.

And as I sit here wondering why I’m so anal about such things, and why can’t I just join in like everyone else, I figured that, well, what if there was, not an award to gift to other bloggers, but what if someone created a token of appreciation, and linked it to the blogs they really enjoyed without needing a link back?

It would just be something they could put in their page on the side bar, or wherever, so others can see that someone really loves their blog, and thinks they have something worth reading.

Now, graphic design has never been my strong point, and when it comes to creating something really spiffy, I’m not the one to come to.

Still, I gave it a go, and came up with the following.


And while this is simply just a spin on those nominations, I’m going to start off by linking it to some websites what I really love and enjoy.

It’s late as I write this. I may not have remembered all the wonderful sites I’ve visited, but there are three which I enjoy a lot.

Having said all this, I note there always seems to be rules involved with these kind of things. They vary, even for the same award.

I like to keep things simple, so here are my ‘rules’.

  1. Link the blog.
  2. Let the blogger know.
  3. Tell them they can use it in any way they see fit. Pass it on, put it on their blog, or just ignore it.

It’s just a way of saying, thanks. Love your work.

No min or max number needed. No questions to answer. No link backs. Just a thank you.

Now, I don’t really expect this to go any further than this blog right now, and really, who am I to even start something like this. 🙂

Still, here goes.

The three come to mind right now are:

Light of Clarity who helped inspire me for this.

Patrick at The Big Seance. I love his articles as they are always thought provoking and very interesting to read.

nattietee  at Love Light Learn  who has some really wonderful experiences to share about guides and the dangers of messing with the occult.

Thank you.



4 responses to “Awards and nominations or why am I so damn anal?”

  1. pattidonofrio Avatar

    Thanks for this, I was nominated for an award and still haven’t a clue what to do about it! LOL


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      lol. I understand. I felt quite clueless, too. 🙂


  2. Patrick Avatar

    I’m honored! Thank you, kind sir!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks for an interesting blog 🙂


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