Should we charge for our services or putting puppies in a box. (part 2)

I started this off as a musing on if we should charge for our services, but found it became a little more personal as I explored options.

I offer it here to others who face the same dilemmas and welcome any thoughts and suggestions on this subject. 

I’ve been on the fence about charging for a long time, though.

The following issues are what I am concerned about.

  • What if people don’t get the results they need?
  • What if they don’t feel they’ve got their money’s worth?
  • Is it ethical to ask for anything in exchange? (Especially if you prefer to make everything free.)

The last one is the biggest sticking point for me. Does asking for something in return hurt my credibility?

I’ve come to the conclusion that not doing this is actually more detrimental in that regard. If you provide a free service, then people will treat it as though it is either worthless or they will feel that they can’t take anything without giving something in return.

And the fact is, I’m just as guilty of not wanting to take anything without giving something in exchange. Generally, I tend to over-compensate and give more than I think it is worth.

If I’m ever going to really make a difference, I’m going to have to leave the job that I get paid to do (especially as I know I  am being well underpaid for the skills I have) and focus on helping others.

There are many legitimate reasons to charge for my services.

I am a master with the Bach Flower Remedies. I have made significant discoveries about them, including how to break the seven remedy limit so you can take as many as you wish.

I can help a lot of people. I can cure depression, and I have done so many times for many people.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience (though I have and will continue to share it freely.)

Interestingly enough, people think nothing of paying $150.00 to see a psychic who will generally give them generic information, and I actually have a real service to provide.

My reservations about charging often come down to my belief that they probably can’t afford to pay in the first place because many people I know seem to be unemployed or are stretched with their incomes. Some people are still in school.

So, of course, I’m going on the assumption that most people can’t afford to pay, but realistically, I don’t believe that’s true.

I think there should be some kind of sliding scale though.

For instance, when I helped out someone who was local, they created a website for me in exchange. I felt this was more than a fair bargain. (And over the years, I gained much socially, too.)

Another used to pay me in peanut brittle!

To my mind, bartering is a reasonable way to exchange services when someone is low on funds.

Another reasonable exchange is information and support.

Interestingly (and frustratingly) enough, people I’ve helped have promised to help me out with something, but they rarely come through for me.

Best not to say you’ll do something for someone unless you intend to actually do it. You do more harm to yourself than good.

A sliding scale works well, especially if someone is a student, pensioner or supporting others.

You can also give the option of donations, though I feel that causes more problems than it solves, especially if someone doesn’t know how much something is worth.

The point is that somehow, we are made to believe that it’s wrong to ask for anything in exchange for providing a service that makes a difference, yet it’s fine to be paid for doing something you don’t even like or enjoy!

We’ve got it turned around the wrong way.

If you are good at something, and you enjoy it, then there needs to be some kind of exchange.

Not doing so will just lead to frustration and psychic burnout, which is what sparked this entire monologue in the first place!

An ex said something to me that her father once told her and it has stuck with me ever since.

Give away puppies for free, and no one will want them.

Put them in a box saying: Puppies – five dollars each! and they’ll sell like hotcakes.

In the end you’ve got to value your own worth, or no one else will.

Next: Money – the love / hate relationship. 



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23 responses to “Should we charge for our services or putting puppies in a box. (part 2)”

  1. mollyb111 Avatar

    Gary, ya got great material here! Thank you 🙂 🙂

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks Molly 🙂 Nice to see you here, Also, check out the free Empath Guidebook. You can find the links at the side.

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  2. pattidonofrio Avatar

    I say go for it, you have a gift to offer that is rare and unattainable for most people, helping a person in any way usually involves some kind of recompense. And you are kind enough to know when or what someone can afford. Don’t get me started about athletes and how much they get paid for their gifts and who do they really help in the same way that you would be capable of? Good luck with figuring this out


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar


      Guess I’ve got to make a decision sooner or later.


      1. Colleen Avatar

        I find that in a good business there are one of three business options. First there are set charges. As in its 30 dollars for every half hour. The 2nd is called a package deal 49.99 if you get my hour my dvd and the cream set… and thirdly they charge but offer special discounts for certain age groups or needs.

        So if you do charge you could always do some sort of margin for how you charge. I also agee with patti. That you should charge. And yes I agree with her about football players too. This world has is incredibily backwards we pay our football players millions of dollors but our educators barely nothing. Our doctors get paid slightly more but not nearly as much as pamela anderson or RG III, RG III is the quarterback for our state football team the Redskins.


  3. Colleen Avatar

    I’d personally take the free puppy XD

    but I struggle with this train of thought from time to time. Which is why I try to balance things


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      We all like free things, but many just don’t value them for some reason.


      1. Colleen Avatar

        Maybe, personally I get giddy when I save 5 dollars with a coupon. In fact it makes me feel better when I get what i want and save a few dollars. Just me I guess 😉


      2. ljtrotter Avatar

        My uncle quoted my grandfather once to me. He told me if you give something to a man, you will have to deliver it. If you sell the same thing to a man, he will come and pick it up. It actually makes sense.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          I like that quote. Makes a lot of sense.


  4. Patrick Avatar

    I say go for it. At LEAST go for the peanut brittle!!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Great idea. Should help my weight issues. 🙂


  5. NetherRealm Avatar

    I’ve been in the same place recently. I spent the last three years actively working with paranormal groups, individuals, and even an archeologist using my abilities, and proving them accurate. It was my way to get into doing what I did in high school, for free. In this adult stage, I was spending money like crazy for the sake of making a reputation.
    Our talents require a lot of our time and energy. I think I use my brain and body just as much connecting with people as I did as an accountant. It’s a lot of energy being expended, if not more than an office job! If carrying mountains of debt makes you unhappy, by all means ask for payment. I agree, payment can come in the form of returned services, or goods, not just money. One can not keep making others happy without being happy in our own lives. We need balance, and if that means charging fairly, then so be it. 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, agreed, though I should point out that money isnt the issue here. My day job is what I do so I can do this kind of thing. Its the burn out that results from doing too much.

      Also, though, if Im spending 10 or so hours a day on a meaningless job (in the grand scheme of things, and some psychics take the naive view that its not meaningless, but I disagree) thats 10 or so hours taken away where I cant be working on things that can help others.

      Once again, its a balance.

      In the end, though, its not those I help, but those who treat me as a resource so they can indulge their dramas that has brought me to this point.


      1. soul . to . earth Avatar
        soul . to . earth

        It helps me to think of money as a tool, of sorts. For ex: To build a chair by hand, a hammer is just ONE of many tools in a toolbox. But, it’s only when I learn how to use each tool that I realize some are clearly more imp than others. Which means I can’t build anything without them. So, I must keep them handy, in good shape to last longer and help me keep building more.

        Great discussion, btw and insightful comments.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Yes, and we need the right tools to get the job done.


      2. NetherRealm Avatar

        Ah, I call those people “energy vampires”. I can thank my local utility company for that term. They’ll suck you in, and then suck you dry. I’ve met many like that, and having a family makes the drain even more intense. Those are the people I’ve just bluntly told they need to see a professional counselor, and that they are hurting my relationship with my family.
        I hope you can resolve the situation that has led to burnout, so you can rise again to a healthy energy level.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Yes, that certainly can be an apt description.

          I know some can indeed hook into your energies, though generally I guard against that.

          Sometimes I still get drawn in, though. 🙂


          1. NetherRealm Avatar

            It’s like a bad soap opera or MTV reality show that is in your living room instead of the TV.

            Yes, sometimes I’m fascinated by a trainwreck until I hear the whistle blow to get out of the way. 🙂


  6. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

    I think you have the right idea. I think I am understanding this exchange of the energy, as we were talking about yesterday. I know people who give and give of themselves and don’t ever seem to get anything in return. Sure, it feels good to give but after so much of just giving….

    I suppose if everyone you help happens to work for the electric company and can get you a free month of electricity, or they own a hair salon and you can get a haircut a month then that would be awesome. But something has to pay the bills and pay for your supplies. I get it now. I think you have simultaneously solved my dilemma as whether to charge or not. I would love to quit being a pharmacy tech and just be a spiritual student and teach others and make money to live off of, but that isn’t possible unless I supplement my income in some way. I would welcome the idea of bartering if it is some object or service you could use, then this is an awesome way to exchange services. I know I would NOT have the money for a psychic reading right now if it were me and things are tight for a lot of people I know.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, its a tricky balance.

      I really want to make it accessible to all and sometimes a person can offer something other than money.

      They can refer someone if they are happy with the service you provide. I would certainly give a free consultation to anyone who did that. They might know someone who can help me with a problem I have. (For example, Im crap at self promotion, so anyone who could help there would pay their way in that manner.)

      Anyway, still more to come. Glad its helping you here.


  7. infinitemoon Avatar

    Those are all just suggestions and thoughts by the way, as had some ideas to your questions, they might not be what your looking for, but i hope its helped a little.
    Bee xx


  8. infinitemoon Avatar

    I think its fair that you should get an exchange in something, I think if the person doesn’t like the results they need, offer something else or say money back guaranteed, (Which is a suggestion) that might mean the person still maybe unhappy with your services, but at least they have gotten they’re money back and you both haven’t lost that much.

    Even though you may still have given something and not getting much in return, they’re will be others who will replace that with love, understanding and being able to give something back to you. So it wont be too much loss if one or two people decide they cant give anything in return after all because they dont like your services.

    I’m sure if you put a reasonable price on your services it could work, for those with money and those with less, you’ll have to decide on the right pricing, in what your offering and have some rules and boundaries within it, so that others know what will happen if they don’t get what they wanted. Sometimes you’ll get unhappy people who wont be happy with anything, but you can make it easier by doing the money back guaranteed so that things don’t get messy.

    You have a right as a human being to ask for exchange, its what your energy needs, sometimes other people do find it hard to give back, especially if they havent much to give but love and thanks, depending on where they are in life, but it could be even a simple gift in the post that they have sent to say thankyou too, that always give some kind of exchange even in a different way.

    Nothing has to stay free forever, I am sure things will work itself out for you one way or another, you have a lot to give people and you have a lot of kindness, Im sure youll find the right answer your looking for, just make sure its balanced and now that you feel happy about doing it.

    Many Blessings and Love Bee xx


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