Should we charge for our services or what is nobody took anything? (part 5)

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Asking for payment for a service is easier said than done.

Now, I admit, I have a really hard time getting out of the mindset that I should not charge and that it is somehow bad to do so, but really, it’s not if I charge or not, it’s the quality of service that I provide.

I’m also a master a fixing computers, but I’ve had the greatest of difficulties charging for that service, too. When I did, I never felt happy doing so. (But always provided a top notch service in a very fast time.)

Also, my wage at work is okay, but really, considering my skills and knowledge and my twenty five years’ experience in a specialized industry, I should be getting twice what I do now.

I suspect my mindset on money has a lot to do with me being underpaid.

Also, If it’s okay for me to get paid a decent wage for doing a good job in a normal job, then the same should follow with other work that is done.

Having said that, I don’t feel it’s okay to be paid for doing a bad job, or pretending to do work and charging for it.

I’d rather say to someone, I can’t do this and give them their money back than potentially give them the wrong information or hurt them by misleading them.

I’ve had many readings over the years, some paid for (in my earlier years) and most offered for free.

The paid ones were never accurate, but I still ended up paying good money for them. I can’t say I ever gave it a second thought afterwards, though. Having said that, I don’t think I would have gone back a second time.

I feel that if you do charge for a service, there must be a code of ethics which is available to your client.

What it is would be up to you, but it should be stated for reassurance to both you and the client.

There is also another factor to be considered here.

One can have the attitude that they should only give but never take. However, if everyone did this, then it would be impossible to give anything because there would be no one there to take what you offer.

It is also very unbalanced.

If all you do is give, and refuse to take, other may well feel awkward and even avoid you because they just don’t feel right about taking themselves.

Also, consider that when you refuse to receive anything in return, you are denying another the chance to give back, and possibly help their own sense of flow and karma.

In the end, it’s all about balance and when things become unbalance, then it can lead to illness and other problems.

5 thoughts on “Should we charge for our services or what is nobody took anything? (part 5)

  1. I look at it this way; If a plumber, carpenter, boiler man can charge for their time, efforts and knowledge, why can’t we?


      1. I personally believe that if a person does a job, they should be allowed to charge…unlike the gov. who charges us for things God gave us for free like water.


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