Paranormal series: Songs I’ve never heard before or name that tune!

New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)

Have you ever heard a piece of music, knew it by heart, and yet it was the first time you ever heard it?

I know I have, but it always happened in dreams, or the period where I was between sleeping and waking.

The problem is, though, unless I somehow record it right away, it fades from my memory like gossamer strands on the breeze.

My earliest memory of such an occurrence was when I was around maybe 14 or so. I was just falling asleep, and I had this vision of both my parents standing on either side of me while I was playing the piano.

The tune was one I knew well, and yet I had never heard before… or since.

I woke up, and the memory, sadly, faded.

It is true that I used to play a piano when I was nine years old. Well, play isn’t the right word. I did it for a year, and I did not enjoy it, and it certainly wasn’t the high standard of the music I was playing in my vision.

Also around those years, I would hear music playing as I would drift off to sleep. Mostly it was instrumental, though not all the time. It was never music I knew, but I enjoyed hearing it.

It also was not from some other place outside my room. I could only hear it in my mind.

I would call it the music dimension, and I would often try to tune into it as I was falling asleep. I would succeed only some of the time, though.

That, too, eventually stopped. I think I just forgot to try and listen for it.

Another music dream occurred in 1983. It was one of those confused dreams, but someone said the following words to me: Brilliant days. And I replied: Wake up on brilliant days.

The weird thing was that I retained that memory.

I found out soon after that this was the line from a song called Someone, Somewhere in Summertime by Simple Minds, from their album New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

Maybe I had heard before that dream, as the album did come out in 82, even though I didn’t actually own it till later.

However, that particular song became extremely meaningful to me in 1984 (and is still meaningful even today with lines such as ‘Somewhere there is someplace that one million eyes can’t see and somewhere there is someone that can see what I can see’.)

It was just weird to have that line in my dream.

Another incident was when I went to sleep recording a classical piece of music to tape back in 83. I needed to get up around 3 am to drive to a holiday house, and I got some sleep in the area where I kept my music equipment.

Once recorded, the tape would reach its end, and automatically rewind.

When it was time for me to wake up, a very loud burst of music woke me up. I assumed that the recording had just ended, but when I checked, the tape had fully rewound so there was no way that could have occurred.

Another incident was a dream I had just before waking up. It was a very catchy disco song that I knew well in the dream, but when I awoke, I knew I had never heard it before. Sadly, that song faded right away.

I did not have anything more of that nature occur until more recently.

There were two separate dreams where I was dreaming of songs. They were also catchy, and I somehow knew them.

For both times, I was able to retain enough memory and sing it into a recorder. (Though, I honestly cannot sing to save my life.)

I remember both songs, and while they do not actually exist in this world that I’m aware of, they are very well formed and could actually even have hit potential. .

I also spoke of, in a previous blog, about hearing a song all night when I was nine years old, but the different was that I was not asleep for that incident, so I’m not sure it falls into the same category.

That is all I can recall in regards to such incidences. The only other thing I’ve had on the odd occasion was waking up to woman calling my name, even though I was alone in the house.

I think, each time, this occurred, there was a need for me to be up and awake.

I’ve heard of the Music of the Spheres, and while I am a little vague on what it actually is, I wonder if that is where music comes from, and what I was able to hear.

Has anyone else had such experiences?

39 thoughts on “Paranormal series: Songs I’ve never heard before or name that tune!

  1. Woke just ten minutes ago from a dream where I heard a good song, I was looking at his album cover. He was a young guy with red hair. The song begins with the piano and percussions. I can only remember a bit of the lyrics “well I saw her, standing there, (next verse I can’t remember), are Amanda Green’s eyes are blue, does she wear them with a smile’. I tried doing a search for the lyrics but no luck. Twenty years ago I dreamt of a classical song, it was very moving, sadly I forgot how the tune went once I woke up. I also (when I was a teenager) heard a loud bang in my dream that startled me awake, it sounded exactly like a song from Beethoven. My mother’s room was next to mine so I went to ask her if she heard it but it was just me.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve dreamed about some amazing songs (some I’ve even managed to remember enough to hum (badly) into my voice recorder) that just don’t exist. It’s always mind blowing to me.


  2. It happens to me very often and the one that happened last was tonight right now. I dreamt about my favorite artiste released a new single, I browsed it up on my phone in that very dream and the title was Lamborghini girls (gold), I played it, the song was so sweet and beautiful, it was even a music video, I loved it so much but waking up I tried to remember these lyrics but sadly I forgot everything, the tittle is the only thing I can remember. I picked up my phone to check if this song had really happened but there was nothing like that on the internet. Then I concluded that it was my brain playing me again. It’s not the first nor the third time, it oftenly happen to me

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    1. I’ve done the same thing. Recently, I had a dream about a song of an early 60s group that called themselves “The Safety Nets”. I looked it up, but nope, couldn’t find anything. Was a really decent song, though. lol


  3. I just woke from a dream, I had gone to the movies in this dream and I was in a plane and we ran out of fuel and had to land on the water at night. Anyways it was very chill and the jet just glided across the surface like it was on ice and it spun around a few times while a song was playing( this is the movie I seen in the dream). When I woke up I remembered one lyric from the song so I pout it into google and no kidding a song popped up as a exact match. I do not know the song or the words from anywhere but I checked the song out and no kidding its exactly the song I heard. On top of this I read the lyrics and listened very intently and the song is describing exactly what I’m going through right now. I woke up and told my lady. Then I googled to see if that sort of thing has happened to anyone elts and I found this page. This has happened to me before but I don’t usually get the words into my phone quick enough and I forget completely about it until it is too late. Anyways I was wondering what do you think about that? I am very musical and play a lot of instruments.


  4. I have experienced something similar to this. I will somehow know the lyrics to songs I’ve never even heard. I know I’ve never heard them because I’ve perfectly knew the lyrics to a new song that dropped that day. I was quite shocked myself. I only know it when the song is on but it was a new song I’ve never even heard of.


  5. I had a experience like this but i wasn’t dreaming. Today i went to see the musical Wicked which I’ve never heard or tried to listen to at all because i wanted it to be new but i knew 3 whole songs all the lyrics to them and the melody. I thought i saw a YouTuber do a cover of it because i heard their voice in my head when i was singing along to the 3 songs but they don’t have any covers of any part of any of the songs and non of my friends or family has heard it.

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  6. I have dreamed of a lost Island, that does not exist. was flying over the Island and could see below the huge mountains and vales going down into the ocean. It was a tropical Island with luxurious vegetation. In this Island a TV serial is making huge success and people are learning a language through a Brazilian song: “Maria Bonita”. When I woke up, this morning i google the name and found the song “acorda maria bonita”. The song exists and the tune gets very easily into the hear. I am thankful for your advise of the “music spheres”, I do believe they exist as well as the Mandela effect, since I found myself many times in a “deja vu” situation. Thanks for your blog


  7. Strange..In my dream I was inside an old house and while observing some beautiful trees outside the window I heard this marvelous melody…it was an angelic voice echoing all over the place singing maybe in a strange language to me..I remember I feel paralised from this weird voice but strangely felt this thing , like I was going home..


  8. Yes! I have had my first few occurrences recently. My occurrences only happen when I wake up in the morning and I only have a line of a song stuck playing over and over and it’s usually lyrics. Nothing meaningful, this mornings one is “it starts with one, ends in (2 or 3 I can’t remember now) *something something* hallelujah” ?? Very random and I’ve never heard anything like that before! But it was very distinctive and I know songs I’ve had in the past have been quite catchy melodies I’ve never heard and I remember thinking to myself it could be a hit too!
    I hope to hear back 🙂


  9. Yes! I have had my first few occurrences recently and only today I decided to look it up on Google and your post was the first thing I found! It’s so unfortunate you haven’t had any comments in 4 years it scares me a little. I thought there would be plenty of people able to relate. My occurrences only happen when I wake up in the morning and I only have a line of a song stuck playing over and over and it’s usually lyrics. Nothing meaningful, this mornings one is “it starts with one, ends in (2 or 3 I can’t remember now) *something something* hallelujah” ?? Very random and I’ve never heard anything like that before! But it was very distinctive and I know songs I’ve had in the past have been quite catchy melodies I’ve never heard and I remember thinking to myself it could be a hit too!
    I hope to hear back 🙂


  10. Yes yes and yes,I am a 33 year old woman and for many years now since a kid I’ve been experiencing the same and only started researching the subject this morning feeling compelled to do so..Over a course of years on several occasions I have found myself waking up to the sound of beautiful music, beautiful lyrics sang by me but I’m no professional singer I enjoy music so much though,I know almost every song in the planet because of my love for music but like I said nothing on a professional level,I’d wake singing a song and I know it is so beautiful and I say to myself that I know the song but when I’m fully awake I try to remember it and it’s gone it’s travelled off so far away from where I need it to be,maybe if I could remember and my memory didn’t fail me Everytime I’d be a famous singer with very catchy lyrics in my songs and I’d be worth millions!!! Who knows,I know I’m a very spiritual person and I Google many problems I experience but those songs man are incredible,we must be in tune with the spirit planet astral planes and the angels are tutoring us and showing us our potential,I consider myself so lucky to experience them yet my memory is so bad afterwards,pity really!!! Your not alone man!!!!


  11. Today I woke up with an eerie guitar tune in my head…feels dark and I’ve never heard it in my life. I’m not musically inclined nor do I play…people I’ve never met in. my life were big parts of my dream as well…I’ve also known”new” songs by heart.


  12. Yes, I enjoy had this occurrence twice in the past 4 months. There are songs I know we’ll in my heart or in my dreams that I have never actually heard in my waking life. They happen to me right before I wake up usually. The first time this happened searched for the lyrics to the song and they were no where to be found. The second time this happened was today as I was taking a nap. They both happened come to think of it when I was in nap mode. When I wake up I let the song play in my heart for a while. I don’t like to lose the tune too quickly because for one reason or another the song gives my heart peace. The songs have special meaning. The song I woke up hearing in my heart today was from a neo soul artist that I actually like. The instrumental and lyrics to the song is something I’ve never heard from that artist yet when I researched the song his name popped up. I didn’t even search the artist yet the keyword in the song that was playing in my heart was named ‘special’. I have yet to listen to it yet because I came online first to see if I could find and search some information of this happening & how it could be. It’s very strange to me. Lol but I can tell you both times this has happened I have been going through a rough patch in my life emotionally to the point of letting go of something I no longer need in my life.


  13. I often get this alot.its kinda creepy but i get use to it. But ive always wondered why i know some of the lyrics to a song that just came out and that ive never heard of. Can someone explain to me what is going on.?


  14. I’m so thankful to have found this blog… I’ve often found that throughout my life a song will come on that I’ve heard for the first time but I’ll know it exactly like I’ve been listening to it for years and it’s part of my being. It’s so curious to me because I’ll discover soon after that the song was only just released. It typically takes me awhile before I get attached to music but certain songs resonate immediately like I was waiting for them to be “born”. I get many communications from spirit through the music that comes on the radio so I really listen to the lyrics. It was nice to see this post and realize others also experience this and pay attention to what is being said. I think maybe the “known music” puts me into some kind of constant déjà vu for a time once it comes on. It’s so bizarre but to me it means that I’m in alignment and in the reality I’m meant to be in. The feeling is euphoric. I love when it happens.


  15. this thing has happened to me before. i know this toon and i’ve never heard the song before i knew it for a long time. like since i was a baby practically. one day i was watching youtube and i heard the very toon in the background i asked what the song was it turns out it was take it off by kesha. oddly enough i hate kesha music and so does my mom and dad i didn’t know there were lyrics i always just hummed it wondering where it came from. i thought it was ancient egyptian. ay nope. its so weird has this happened to anyone else? heres the link to the song. ( listen to the fist part the toon thats the toon i am talking about)


  16. I had this dream of being with someone i love the way i never loved anyone before .it was very intense kind of love i cannot explain it ,and dont even know that person.we were just cuddling the whole time it felt like it was someone i had longed to see again in a hundred years, and during the dream that lasted about 5 min there was this angelic tune humming in my mind i never heard before .I often still hum it its so beautiful and out of this world… I think it was a visit from GOD


  17. This happens to me a lot and in 2 cases I was able to recall enough of the lyrics and the background music beat where I was able to google it and locate the songs which I know I hadn’t heard before. Funny enough both of them were Madonna songs recorded in the 80s when I was only a toddler and I am not a Madonna fan nor is my family. Other songs I have managed to recall some of the lyrics and I just know I have never heard of them before in my life and in other dreams I have been singing songs and I can’t sing to save my life in waking life but I sound great in these dreams lol


      1. ok i’ve had this song in my head all my life then i heard it on youtube ” kesha take it off” i’ve never head the song yet i’ve known it all my life and my mom hates kesha. i am a bit freaked out. i always asumed that i made it up or that it was ancient egyptian. i don’t know why here is a link. the begining is the toon i’ve known i never knew there were words. it might be a lost memory but i don’t know. im ranting again grrr. wait why am i replying urm this has nothing to do with your comment ( SO MANY SPELLING ERORRS )


        1. No need to freak. She based this on an old tune. And yes, I think it might have been Egyptian. In any case, it’s been around for a very long time. (I remember it was a preteen, too.)


  18. And I used to be a music composition major and composed from time to time. It has been a long time though. Sometimes I wonder if I was creating and composing in my sleep. 🙂


  19. I’ve had a few similar experiences, waking up with a non-existent song stuck in your head. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes singing. Doesn’t stay there long though. I should have done what you did and record it when I woke up.


  20. Not exactly like that but I have three such experiences of hearing music. I have a capable ability of connecting to spirits so I sometimes hear them singing songs. For instances there is a legend of yosemite national park which is one of the largest national parks in the US. The legend goes that there was a clan of Native Americans there that tragically died in the river merced which travels from the beginning of the park to the end which is over 40 miles worth of park.

    Anyway while I was there I had the rare experience of being able to hear the spirits sing. I did not understand the words but it was rather pretty in a sad way.

    I have also had this experience in Canada with the native american spirits there and I also can connect well with the fairies and be able to enjoy their music on the solistics and full moons.

    Other then that sometimes songs pop into my head during different situations that seem to be connected to them. For instances the day before my surgery when I was being anxious about it the song I will survive popped up and I felt much better


  21. Songs have always been a powerful tool used by spirit to communicate with me. I will wake up with a specific verse or song in my head that I question where it came from. Once I listen to the lyrics of the song it usually makes sense.The same with hearing a song on the radio or a store’s background music will suddenly hit me with power and clarity at the perfect time. I have never heard songs that have not been created yet however. I have always thought I should have an amazing melodic singing voice because I feel like I can sing and when I sing in dreams I sound fantastic. Not true, I am a horrible singer and people beg me to stop should I dare sing aloud 🙂


  22. My guardians often communicate with songs. I will often wake up with a song in my head, or it will pop into my head, I may have heard it the previous day, I may not have heard it for months. But there will be a message in the line/s that keep repeating. Seconds after figuring out the message, the song stops rotating and is gone.


    1. It’s fair to say I’ve experienced songs with messages, too. Sometimes entire songs with obscure lyrics that only make sense to me are pointed out to me.

      However, that’s another topic which could go on for a month lol.

      Thanks all for your comments.


  23. I often wake up with a line from a song in my head, which is usually clearly a message to me about something I’ve needed assistance on. However, the lines are from songs I’ve heard before. I have also, a few times, woken up to a voice saying something (usually one word) or a telephone ring or doorbell ring coming from the ether (that is, one did not actually ring).


    1. Oddly enough, one of the dreams I had was when I was singing this song I never heard (one I actually was able to record after) but I can’t sing for nuts, either.

      Still, the words and music and voice was perfect. Was actually my most intense and oddest dream.


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