Flash dreams or is this what being on drugs feels like?


Recently, on Friday 2nd August 2013, I realized I forgot to take the milk back home from the office. As I don’t live far from it, I decided to go get it, and then buy something to eat, as it was Friday night, and I really didn’t feel like cooking.

During the course of an hour, I gradually became aware of something very odd and bizarre that was happening to me.

If you’ve ever experienced those flash dreams you have when you’re about to fall asleep, then you wake up and they fade immediately, then you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

I was remembering these fully formed dreams or visions after they happened. Every few moments, I would remember a dream that had just happened, but I could not remember what the dream was about, nor did it seem to actually impact on my actions or movement in any way at all.

I would almost be able to remember some of those dreams, but they were elusive, and seemed to have no connection to anything that was going on.

The only thing was that it seemed to contain fully formed memories of events that never occurred that vanished just as quickly. They were also very intense, but I did not seem to realize they were occurring while I was having them.

While they seemed to last a few seconds each time, I think they must have been split second events because I never zoned out or stopped functioning normally.

This continued when I got home, and while I am not a person who freaks out, I was feeling extremely disconcerted and wondering if I was experiencing some neurological disorder.

I decided I should go to bed and in the morning I was back to normal.

Now, that experience was unnerving and weird within itself, but what was stranger was when I asked for insight from a two of my soul family, one of them responded that she had been experiencing the exact same thing and it seemed that it was at the same time in spite of the fact that I’m in Australia and she’s in the U.S.A.

This person has shown herself to be very connected to my feelings and thoughts in the past, but her waking dream state began a few hours earlier than mine, it seems.

Personally, I can’t explain this one and I certainly did not enjoy the experience.

I’ve never taken drugs (or even been drunk for that matter) so I can only speculate if this is what being on drugs or what a flash back would be like.

I put this out there in case anyone else has had those experiences or has any insights.


12 responses to “Flash dreams or is this what being on drugs feels like?”

  1. Jane McNulty Avatar

    You might be experiencing hypnagogia. I have hypnapompia (hallucinations on waking) but on Wednesday I had my first experience of hypnagogia (which sounds a bit like your ‘elusive dream fragments’ or ‘flash dreams’) when I woke from a moment’s sleep on a train. The fragments continued for an hour or so afterwards, but were gone when I awoke. I too thought I’d had a neurological ‘episode’ but I’m fine otherwise.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I’ve never heard of that before. It’s a very odd thing. I only ever had it once and that was enough lol


  2. Patricia Day Avatar

    I woke up as usual except I had been dreaming of a fast string of memories and I could not remember which memories or of what. They were too elusive to recall. The day before this, I woke up to a fast string of pictures of the faces of men that I did not know or have interest in What I think is that God is checking out our mind and life through our memories. I did not feel any anxiety when these events occurred. I don’t have any mental or emotional issues. I researched it and did not find an explanation. .


  3. pattidonofrio Avatar

    Glad you posted this, as I experience it from time to time…nice to feel I am not going insane 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Glad to see I’m not the only one, either.

      I wonder if it happens more than I’m aware of, except I don’t recall it normally due to it being a one off.


  4. Colleen Avatar

    It’s a type of psychic connection. Since she is the one having experiences earlier then you are then the one psychically connected to her. She is either a hypersensitive psychic that is unexperienced in controlling her gift. Or your meant to have these memories for a reason. I personally call it dream vision. It is a type of psychic paranormal in which you see what the other is seeing. I remember watching a show that had a character like this when I was younger but the name of the show has slipped my mind. There are all sorts of strengths and levels. You can have flashes which is one of the weaker forms of the gift or you can simply touch someone and they can transfer what they see to you. This person either way is a very strong psychic. It takes much energy and strength to do it at these levels.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks. It’ll probably be one of those things where we’ll probably never know what happened.


  5. J Avatar

    hi gary,

    not sure if this falls in the same category but just a few years back, while on my way to some work, I was suddenly, intensely, shown an image for a few moments, very, very clearly. It was an image of an American singer-songwriter who seemed dead. I was puzzled. I have never listened to his kind of music, nor do I ever think of him, nor has he really entered the periphery of my mind existence because my musical tastes are very different from what he represented. I merely knew that such a singer existed. I was in the middle of thick city traffic in another country, a different time zone, and I saw the image of this dead singer clearly, out of nowhere. I tried to shake it off and it reappeared for a moment or two and then ‘dissolved’. I mentioned it to my partner who was equally puzzled. The next morning, the first thing that I read all over the internet and newspapers was about his death which had taken place approximately the same time elsewhere.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That sounds like a vision.

      Not sure it would be the same thing as you were able to be aware of it as it was happening.

      The really disconcerting thing for me was that I wasn’t aware my visions were happening until after they happened, and then they were surreal memories that I could not hold onto.

      And the thing was, it took quite a number of them to occur before I even realized they were happening at all!


  6. nattietee Avatar

    I would explore the possibility of past life for sure, also telepathy and or clairvoyance if there was images. When i have thought communication from another mind I often miss the first word because I am unaware it is about to happen. Because your communication may be unexpected you may only get the last part of it, although the vision did happen it came from somewhere else so by the time you become aware it is just the memory. Hearing others thoughts is like when you verbalize a thought in your mind but the thought is not in your mind to begin with so only the verbalization is heard, but not perpetuated. With pictures it may be that your friend had the visions but her communication of them was of the memory of them because they had already happened. So like the thought and the verbalization so it would work with the picture and the memory of the picture. You could also find all three may be involved. If you have experienced other lives with her, one of you may have triggered the memories and sent the images to the other, being that you were both there in the memory, though it seems that you are the recipient. Just a couple of angles to explore. 😀


  7. ljtrotter Avatar

    Could you have been experiences memories from someone else that you care about? That was my first thought, until you mentioned your friend. Although, if she is that in tune with you I still would not discount it.

    The second possibility that occurred to me was a past life. You stated that you could not remember the dream/flash fully, so it is unclear when the “memories” may have happened. What time period, etc. I only bring this up because past lives is one of my areas of work.

    Although, my instinct says it was more probably the first thing I mentioned, you could think about the possibility of both. I have not read you blog enough to know if you meditate, but that could be a way to explore it further and under a more controlled setting than having things come at you out of nowehere.

    Many blessings.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      It didn’t really feel like the first one. Truthfully, it felt like it was an ‘elsewhere’ memory.

      It’s like those dreams you have where you suddenly remember entire events that never happened, but they are fully formed in your mind.

      It was very much like that.

      Now, it could be past life related because I also remember feelings involved, and they certainly were not connected to this current life.

      My friend (who I’ve yet to meet in real life, and is in another country) is clearly connected to me soul wise and past life wise.

      I do seem to have a few memories of my past lives, though, they are impossible to prove if they are real or not.

      I am certainly curious about your areas of work. I’d love to know more.

      I don’t meditate. I have tried but it doesn’t work for me. I tend to be more the conscious contemplation type person, who is always on.


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