Paranormal series: I’m not a betting man or good old Collingwood forever.

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From time to time, people will ask me for a reading. I’m always bemused when they do, and many times I’ll tell them that I am not getting anything. On the odd occasion, I will get a strong message to pass on, and curiously enough, it seems to be right. I can’t tell you if it’s just me giving a cold reading or it was what they needed to hear, but it seems to be right.

As I don’t charge for such things, I’m not too fussed about it, however I always caution people that if what I’ve told them doesn’t feel right, then they should trust in that and not what I’ve said.

Another thing that should be noted is that, according to my own experiences and observations, just because someone or something is in spirit form, it does not follow that they suddenly know everything there is to know.

That’s akin to saying: Hey, you live on earth, tell me what John Smith did on the 20th of July 1983. He’s from England. Well, you would have no idea. It’s pretty much the same with many spirits. On this level, they simply do not have access to everything, and even if they did, you might not be in any position to accurately receive the information you are after.

When I don’t have an answer, I’ll ask my guides if they can look into it for me. Sometimes I get results, other times I just won’t. Sometimes it can even take years before I suddenly know the answers to something.

They either don’t know, or I don’t have the attunement to hear it, or they can’t tell me.

I also don’t make future predictions or rather, I don’t do fortune telling.

I did have one very interesting experience, though back in 2010.

I was after some information about certain people who were causing me trouble. So, in my mind, I felt this pull to mind travel to this place where records were kept.

Now, when I mind travel, I find that events and the stories tend to unfold naturally, without any prompting from me, so what I often experience is certainly not what I’m expecting.

In this case, I seemed to enter into this complex that had a room where the records were kept.  I’ve no clue where it was or what it was, but I found myself there, and I also found three ladies blocking my way. One young, one middle aged and one old. This was something I had not come across previously.

They demanded to know who I was, and I said I was just a traveler. They once again insisted that I reveal myself, so I told them a little more.

Surprisingly, they suddenly let me pass and enter into a room, where I was expecting some kind of test, however, to my surprise, it seemed I was in the place I needed to be to get the information I was after.

It was at that point I fell asleep, and the entire night, my dreams felt chaotic and uneasy, and one fact kept on coming to me over and over again. It was that Collingwood would win the Australian Rules Football Grand Final.

Anyone who lives in Australia is well aware of Aussie rules football, and what is more, they know of Collingwood’s ability to get to the grand final and lose. (And yo either love or hate Collingwood!)

Also, as this was around May or so, it was just way too early to call such a result, and the other thing was that I don’t follow the football, soI had no clue who was on top or who was doing well.

The only thing I knew when I woke up, with a certainty, was the Collingwood would be premiers that year. I mentioned it to my partner just to mark the spot.

People are probably thinking: Well, if he was that certain, why didn’t you put any money on it?

I had two reasons.

The first was that I did not believe in using such information for financial gain. If what I had received was real, then I certainly shouldn’t be abusing it.

The other was that I felt this was some kind of a test. Sure, I could put money on who would win, but I felt I stood to lose much more than I would gain.

Now, as it went, Collingwood made it the grand final in September and played against St. Kilda that year. Just them getting there said to me that it was very likely they would win. Still, I resisted putting anything on the results.

And interestingly enough, the game was a draw and had to be replayed the following week. If I had bet any money, I would have lost it.

Collingwood had a resounding victory the following week, and my guides said that the information I had received on the night I had visited the room of records would now be downloaded to this level so I could use it.

Information has been coming through ever since.

I looked upon Collingwood winning as confirmation of what I was getting was real and accruate, and considering I have zero interest in sports, the results were not even something I would have been looking for.

Next: Dos and don’ts of channelling.

18 thoughts on “Paranormal series: I’m not a betting man or good old Collingwood forever.

  1. It’s amazing that the mind creates its own realities. That doesn’t mean the characters involved are hallucinations. They’re just not real to everyone else, either in the physical or nonphysical universe.

    I’ve found many spirits, dark entities, and human (of course) are incredibly ego-centric and power hungry. Its always the same no matter where you go in universe!


  2. About mind travel, once I got played majorly by a man who was nothing but deception in its most foul form. He was online and thought he had kept himself well hidden and so mocked me incessantly from behind this veil of sorts. When it went beyond endurance, I simply mind-travelled to another country, saw him in his surroundings, and found his reality incredibly pathetic. His aura was a terrible mess too. My mind travel helped me make my decision.


    1. There are a lot of deceptive spirits in the . . . . I call it the multiverse. You never know who you are dealing with. It takes good sense and experience to weed out the imposters.


      1. I just use the rule that things are never what they seem.

        It’s amazing just how many get sucked into the drama, though. I just met someone who claimed he had fought dark entity after dark entity and acted as though he was the sole power in the universe and was feeling really hard done by.

        When a couple of us wanted to compare notes, he immediately accused us of an ego battle.

        Best to leave such people to their torment and own reality until they have had enough and are ready to try something different.


  3. Amazing Gary, sounds like you were in the Akashic records – records of every soul and its journey. Sometimes our dreams seem nothing like dreams and at times I am left wondering if I am making it all up. I too have turned at times not to Tarot, but Angel cards and agree that your own intuition is always the safest bet you can make. Thank you so much for sharing these experiences 🙂


    1. Thanks and welcome.

      As experiences go, this was one of the ones that helped me to validate what happened was 98% real. It’s true that I still could have just gotten lucky, but because it was a non sequitur and proved to be true, it lends credibility to it in my opinion.


      1. I agree Heather. It’s always best to figure things out for our selves rather than leaving it to someone else. Good insight. 🙂


      2. I’ve found it hard to accept future prediction. There are infinite possibilities (alternate realities), but only a few probable futures. The further into the future one goes, the more difficult it becomes to determine the outcome. It’s kind of hit or miss. I liken it to the law of cause and effect. I base my predictions on where I am at the moment and look at where the situation is headed. That’s just one theory though.


        1. Perfect insight David 🙂 Predictions also can be unreliable because of Free Will. What may be a probable outcome in one reality at one moment, may change in another moment due to yet another reality and one’s Free Will.


          1. Very true. I like to keep a balance between being skeptical and open-minded. I make my decisions when I am satisfied I have the right information to do so. As time allows. 🙂


      3. Also, important to note… you are what I would consider a responsible psychic and practice integrity and understand the repercussions of not doing what serves the greater good. As you said, “I stood to lose more than I would gain” by using your gift for your own personal gain.


  4. Hi Gary,

    As always, your insightful writings have inspired me to write. I hate that. 🙂 I was thinking of the Tarot deck. It came to me that thousands of readers and their clients have come to rely on the messages revealed by the Tarot through its ancient symbolism. Some people live by the Tarot and consult with them on every decision they make. We need to understand that guides and angels are not empowered to make decisions for us. Our Greater-Selves would like us to think for ourselves. This is part of our personal development. The can only advise on which choices would be most beneficial to our spiritual growth. Occasionally these spirit entities will intervene on our behalf. If they do, it is because of a higher purpose, perhaps a lesson we must learn. They are not particularly interested in our material happiness – contrary to popular belief. 🙂
    Thanks! I’m looking forward to more of your words of wisdom!


    1. Thanks as always 🙂

      There was a time when I used to consult the I Ching on decisions. I found an amazing book, and found that the answers were accurate. (I believe that guides provide answers based on the methods you use). However, when I got an answer I did not like, Id ask again. Eventually, I come to the understanding that it was pointless consulting any oracle if you didnt listen.

      Eventually, I stopped using such things and realized that I didnt need any tool; just me intuition.


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