Paranormal series: Dos and don’ts of channeling or does this fit my belief system?

Last post, I relayed my rare experience of getting a prediction that actually came true.

All that aside, getting answers to questions is not as quick and easy as just asking someone. At least, an answer that is useful and meaningful. Sometimes I can, for whatever reason, just see how things will pan out, and they do so as I foresaw, but it can be hit and miss.  There are too many variables. But getting information on demand is not something I can easily do.

Now, I have heard of people who get very strong messages to pass on to others, and I would say that fall under the category of soul calls.

I’ve certainly had that from time to time, too. I’ll have a strong pull to pass on a message. I don’t know if the source is a guide, a departed one or just a call for what someone needs to hear, but when the pull is strong, I will always answer it.

Then there are the times when I do get an answer, and it’s not the one I was expecting.  Sometimes I’ll get told that the person is making something up and I then feel like an idiot for believing them in the first place.

Even though I can sense truth, I tend to put myself in a space where I’m open to what someone tells me (as I do not judge), though at times, I often get a sense of anxiety when something isn’t right, but I tend to ignore it if the person seems to believe what they are telling me.

The problem then is, what do I say when I find out someone isn’t being truthful with me? Do I call them on it and tell them that they are embellishing their story or do I fade away from their lives?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of people exaggerating the truth.

The point really is, though, that just because you have a guide or you are in contact with a spirit, it doesn’t mean you have all the answers, or even some of them.

Generally, I find that there are several factors in getting correct information.

It depends on:

  • Your own level of awareness.
  • Your ability to ‘hear’ what is really being communicated to you.
  • Not filling in the blanks for information you are not receiving clearly.
  • Your ability to accept things that are not in your current belief system.

I’ve certainly fallen prey to all of the above at various points in my life. The stories told to me from my guides were ‘dumbed’ down at the time because I just couldn’t accept anything else. Even then, what was told was hard enough to believe (in spite of all the evidence supporting things.) When I received clarification later on, I found that it was the same story, except it was more fully fleshed out.

Sometimes, you just have to admit that you don’t know the answers, at least not yet. Sometimes it might take decades to reach a place where you do and sometimes it may not happen at all in your current life.

Letting go of preconceived ideas and ego can be terribly difficult, especially as we don’t like to be wrong, and we feel our own credibility is on the line. There’s also this odd perception that psychic people can do everything all the time and without any effort. That simply is not the case. I doubt there’s a single psychic out there that can be ‘on’ all the time without suffering severe burn out or will not get very ill because of it.

There have certainly been enough times where I’ve found out I’ve been wrong to make me question just how psychic I might be and just where those thoughts in my mind are coming from. Are they mine, or do they really come from a guide?

But then, I’ve also had really specific information given to me from time to time that I find out later that it was true.

Those are really wow moment for me. Generic information is easy. Anyone can do that. Specific information, now that’s a talent.

Anyone can say: My dear, I see you’ve had some trauma in your life, and it’s affected you.

Well, unless you’ve lived a charmed life that would certainly apply to most anyone. Now, if you could specify the type of trauma and when, then that’s another story.

Be aware of those who claim to be of the psychic world. Be critical. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to not believe. Just because there are fakers out there, it does not mean everyone is fake.

Just remember, this is not an exact science.

But we are always learning, and being wrong is just as important as being right. Look at it critically. See how you felt at the time you received your information. Did it flow? Where there any anxieties? Did you feel any resistance in passing it on? Self observation is very important to success.

It’s okay to say: Yeah, it wasn’t right this time, but at least we’ve learned something from it.

Next: Psychic Empath or Psychic Skeptic? 


6 responses to “Paranormal series: Dos and don’ts of channeling or does this fit my belief system?”

  1. Colleen Avatar

    the hardest thing about this level is that the energies are very low.Therefore any of those psychic abilities are hard to access 100%. It is because the human bodies energy takes so much to function on a daily basis that you’d have to be strong physically and spiritually to be able to handle it on a full time basis.

    I have tendencies of clarivoyence. On a good day I can communicate with spirits on another level, read book segments straight from the cover, and also see the unseeable like fairies and other beings not based in pure sight. However when I am tired I can hardly do any of this. When the energy level rises here it will be easier.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, low energy will make it virtually impossible to do it.


  2. nattietee Avatar

    So many good points in this one. I resonated a lot with the getting as much of the story as you can understand and the rest getting fleshed out later. I am thank ful every day for my guide and guardians. I feel so lucky that I can get physical confirmations of my messages. Because of my situation I get more information and access than my current psychic level would usually allow. I sometimes feel like I am cheating. But I go through that point too of not believing despite everything I have experienced. I find intellectual belief easy in my case (though I go through intense periods of questioning everything I believe about my situation and all I’ve been told.) but core belief is harder. Once I decide that a belief at least serves my positive purpose and decide I want to adopt it, sometimes conventional thing stops it from truly sinking in. It’s all too out of the box. Then I ask if I am crazy, and the answer I come to is yes but not mentally ill. Lol.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yep, that certainly is the hardest part. I wonder if we’ll ever get to a point where we are comfortable with it all?


  3. timbush222 Avatar

    I’ve definitely been in the same boat but you can rest easy knowing that you are on the spiritual path and that the more you do something and get out of your own way, the better you will get and the further you will go. Stick to it and have faith in where you are at to get you to where you want to be.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Yes, that’s my experience. Though it still comes and goes more than I would like.


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