4 Types of Intuition

I really liked this blog entry. Lots of food for thought here and I thought it was well written.


I have always considered myself an intuitive person. My husband knows this… we’ve been together for 8 years and he accepts that when I make a prediction it often comes true. Lately, I have become more interested in developing my intuitive capabilities because I don’t think I use them to their full advantage. For instance, when I met someone a few years ago, I instantly had a premonition of things ending badly between us. At the time I chose to forego my intuitive warning system and decided I shouldn’t judge the person so harshly just because they are different from me. So I was really open and nice to this person and this turned out to be a bad mistake; things did end up badly.

I am not always correct in my assumptions either. Sometimes, for instance, I think that other people can feel what I feel because to me…

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