Past lives: – Wrong information or a poet and I didn’t know it?

Khalil Gibran (April 1913)

When people ask me for a past life reading, I hesitate because they should come to their own realizations in their own time, and if I tell them they were so and so, how will they know it wasn’t me who put the idea into their head, and not something they would have arrived at in their own way and time?

Such information should be given with caution because past life readings can go wrong.

You wouldn’t think that’s possible, but believe me, they can.

If you get wrong information, or even partial information, it can literally send you into a tail spin.

On the other hand, when you hit upon a truth, it can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck.

It’s exciting, but sometimes you may find that who you were in a past life might not be to your liking, especially if you consider them to be someone negative, according to your current belief system.

I’ve known people who had great difficulty initially coping with such knowledge. It took them a while to come to terms with the memories.

The main reason was that, even though who they were had been recorded in history as a so called evil person, the true story was actually very different. Eventually, other memories started to surface, and that helped.

It’s worth remembering that no one does something that they consider ‘wrong’ considering their model of the world.

Sure, it may be evil to us, but to them, we might be the evil ones. Everything is all relative.

Still, that’s when the information feels right.

When it doesn’t, then you can really be thrown for a loop.

I mention, from time to time, I saw a psychic healer back in 1995. At one point, I asked who I was. Back in those days, the question: Who are you would always be asked by that voiceless voice that I came to know as my guides.

One session, my healer took me into a visualization that she was able to tap into a share. (She was certainly psychic enough to do that, it seemed.)

She saw a man who was writing poetry and she was getting the strong message that I was this person in a past life. The name was Khalil Gibran, a name that, at the time, meant nothing at all to me.

She tested this up several times with her pendulum, and each time it appeared to confirm this.

Now, you might think that being told you were a famous poet would be pretty exciting, but what actually happened was that I was thrown into a panicky spin.

In short, I came as close to freaking out as I never did, and considering this is something I don’t do, it’s saying something.

There was something about this information, and about the belief that I might have been this person, that made me frustrated, angry and very, very annoyed.

I don’t know if it was because I didn’t sense it was true, or if I did indeed have some connection there, but it was a horrible few weeks as I struggled to comprehend and come to terms with it.

Even today, I sense a turmoil here, and don’t wish to give it any energy or thought.

In hindsight, it wasn’t a good idea to be told I was Gibran. It didn’t add anything to my life. It didn’t bring any peace of understanding. Just the opposite.

I contrast this to my other revelations of who I was in my past lives, and I am at peace with that. They explain so much and I can feel the resonance.

However, those were not given to me by others, they were revealed to me over the course of many years and many events.

Knowing who I am came naturally (though the process was certainly danger filled and traumatic at times.)

It’s not a good idea to try and seek out who you were unless you have a strong pull to do so. Even then, it’s wise to let things unfold as they should. Do not try and force it. You may open that can or worms that you will find hard to put back

16 thoughts on “Past lives: – Wrong information or a poet and I didn’t know it?

  1. Is it possible to have not past lives? I feel like a baby in this world most of the time could this also mean that I just haven’t grown in any of my past lives? I feel lost and naïve most of the time but I have definitely sensed spirits, usually in the form of humans, helping me along the way which I have called my Angels.


    1. It’s possible that might not have has a past life here, but unlikely that this is your first incarnation. You would not be reading this type of stuff for a start. No, more likely you’d fit into the star seed type genre. You should check into it.


      1. Thanks Gary I will check into it, I am halfway through your Empath book and it resonates very deeply for me, looks like I’m on a long journey of self discovery 🙂 OMG I just read about star seeds, which I had never heard of, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks, it also scares me and makes me wonder if that is why I have always felt so lonely, I will research this further. Gary you are a font of knowledge for me I know there was a reason I found you.


        1. I can relate! It takes a lot of maitnenance and self-care to protect our energetic boundaries. I will be posting more about this in the future so stay tuned. I really, really appreciate your thoughtful feedback on my blog and I look forward to keeping in touch. Warm wishes-Julie


    2. hmmm. That makes absolute sense (and soulhd have been so obvious to me!). I guess because the 2 are so intertwined for me, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish? Either way, it’s certainly a gift that I appreciate. I would love to get more of the visuals though. Thanks again for a wonderful post!


  2. I had a few past life experiences through healing sessions. Ummm… I knew that in this life I was “paying” for some of the things I did in the past. The lives I remember the most are from 14th century France and Egypt. In one life I saw a glimpse-my death and the events surrounding it. As Gary mentioned, remembering certain events can be traumatic. I can say that I was distraught with some events for some time.

    There are times when I don’t feel like this incarnation but more like a previous one. Does anyone here ever feel old? Like really, really old-almost ancient? I’ve had dreams too where in the dream I am walking around in a previously incarnated body. It’s only happened once or twice. Talk about an identity crisis.

    I feel also that I am attracted to similar objects and events from past lives. I also think that talents we possessed can also carry over.

    The question: “who are you?” is very special..who, indeed, are we? I am that I am.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I know what you mean by feeling old.

      It doesn’t help when your sense of self if expanded beyond this life, either.

      It took me a long time to come to terms with who I am. 🙂


  3. Your blog is so darn interesting to read.
    I however have had (so far) a different experience with being told about a past life. I was told I was an Egyptian in a past life. Funnily, this has been popping up throughout my life, from people asking me if I was part Egyptian, to a love interest having a dream about me being in an Egyptian temple, and then once I was actually told this, it was like that’s what needed to be said to let everything else happen.
    I am attuned to an Egyptian healing energy and the night I received the attunement I gained insight on my past life. I constantly now have guides around me – sphinx, giant Egyptian gods and goddess. It feels like I enter every room with a posse. From my understanding I made a deal with them in the past life, which is why they are hanging around me now.
    I’m unsure how I ended up making this agreement or why though. However Egyptian things keep popping up in my life since, for example when I was attuned to reiki 2, my mentor said she saw an ankh that was given to me.
    I hadn’t spoken with her about the past life until she said that.
    So sometimes good does come out of others telling you of a past life! It did for me.


    1. Yes, it can certainly be useful at times.

      Seems that most past lives I deal with are from Egypt. Guess that was one of the major thing around at the time.

      As to if the myths about gods, etc, are true, the jury is still out on that one.


      1. I still deal with Egypt stuff too all the time. Or atlantis I find many from their too. Also the place I am working at all the people I have been connected to before in which I had a memory today that one of my bosses and I, I think had a sexual relation. And we are so far removed from each other now. But it sounds like the old me…….


    1. Very interesting post. I agree evernoye is intuitive & I think many take those hunches for granted but in a good way we accept the guidance we are given. Mostly my intuition could be considered empath but the muses know no bounds when they are delivering a message or guiding me to an outcome.


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