Our children: Possessions or resources?

Today is a minor rant on how I see too many parents treating their children.

It is said the children are our greatest resources.  There’s certainly a lot of truth to that, and like many resources, children tend to get exploited by their parents or caretakers.

I’ve not had my own flesh and blood baby at this point in my life, (however I did bring up my step daughter from the age of nine for 7 years) so I speak on partial experience and my own philosophy in regards to this subject.

I believe that the child chooses their parents.  The choice is made based on what they want to experience and need to accomplish n this life.

I know that I chose my ones very deliberately in this life. (Though next time I choose to incarnate in this world, someone give me a good swift kick to bring me to my senses!)

What I observe over and over again is that many parents act like they own their children. They feel they have the absolute right to dictate their life.

  • Who they should be.
  • What they should do.
  • Who they should marry.
  • What they may or may not do.
  • If they have children or not.

And so on.

And many of these children are now adults in their 30s!

At what point do we stop using children as possessions and extensions of what we believe our lives should be like?

Personally, I believe that we are caretakers for our children. We do our best to provide a safe environment for them to grow up in, and give them the tools, wisdom, knowledge and experiences so that they can grow up being themselves: Hopefully healthy and well adjusted.

Yes, boundaries should be set and yes, we should be ever vigilant on their activities.

But we should not try to mould them into our image.

In fact, by attempting to do so, you may well end up with someone who is rebellious, neurotic or full of guilt. (Not to mention a high level empath!)

Our children are our greatest resource. Let us be their greatest resource, too.


5 responses to “Our children: Possessions or resources?”

  1. Colleen Avatar

    Mom just doesn’t like the fact that she can’t control it. It was when mari, you and I were talking about egpyt and certain things with that and names and ideas were being bounced around. Mom already thinks I am crazy for believing in past lives. I didn’t want her reading e-mails in regards to egyptian god matter and thinking I am even more crazy considering she’s already threatened me to send me to a psychiatrist because I like Disney……


  2. Colleen Avatar

    p.s I have been fighting not to be my mother since the age of 12 and its still a fight. Id rather leave a legacy of good to the world then worry about my hair.


  3. Colleen Avatar

    I see this in my mom all the time. She is always telling me I am abnormal when I believe differently then she does. Unfortunately it doesn’t have as much as an affect now as it did being fully aware of who she is and mostly who I am. But it’s still a constant struggle. I rarely go to her and tell her what I want to do in life anymore because she always says something else and says what she thinks I should do and that I can’t do what I want to do.

    my hair has been my most recent topic with my mother cause she doesn’t like it and she says what I should do and I tell her no and she says why? I say I don’t like it and she says will I like it. She always says some sort of comment about how I need to do myself up when I am with her because she has to look at me. She still thinks she needs to be involved in my life because I live at home and one point wanted dad to go into my e-mail because I didn’t want her reading my e-mails. So she thought I was hiding something from her which I was but it was my private e-mails! I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant.

    But needless to say I agree but I would also go on to say that to help them to be the best they can be. Also respect is something we should teach our children as well. The lack of respect in this world causes violence and bullying and its not fair to the parents who have taught it to their children.

    p.s I am not having kids in this life because of the society we breed our children in. I personally believe its not fair to any soul to reincarnate to learn in a society of such violence and the way we treat each other. That may sound mean and makes no sense but if i were ever to have kids in any life it would be a very loving society.

    Man this post is longer then I wanted


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I personally can’t imagine you being the type of person people need to snoop on and all. hope it resolves one day.


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