I had this experience the other day or did I…?

Fraser Illusion


We are so ready to dismiss them.

Sometimes you experience something that feels very strong at the time, but when you come away from it, you wonder if you were just making it all up or you were mistaken.

I get this a lot. In fact, I can imagine my guides’ frustration as I tend to go back and forth on experiences which seem to fade in my memory almost as soon as they are done.


Maybe it’s because I have a really poor memory or part of me still has trouble accepting that the unbelievable is real. Or perhaps it’s fear that my ego is out of control and making it all up.

Either way, it’s frustrating: Very frustrating.

My own experiences are so unreal that after the event that I can’t even tell people about them. It’s as though I shift into another frame of mind.

What feels so compelling at the time will feel like someone who is out for attention.

I have to wonder, though: Can I afford to keep this up? Personally, I don’t think so. Personally, I feel that it’s time to stop doubting and just lay my cards on the table.

What bothers me  is that I’ve seen so many others do the same.

What they tell others seemed like rubbish to me. I’m not even sure if  they did experience something or if they just really just fooled themselves into believing their story.

Their stories just didn’t sound real. Or ring true.

While I didn’t sneer or call them out on those things, it did hurt their credibility, at least in my eyes and for those around them.

Then, on the other hand, there are certainly plenty of people for whom I accepted their stories and experiences without a second thought.

What is the difference between those I believe and those I don’t?

I feel, that in the end, it comes down to if you feel the resonance of truth behind their words.

As an Empath, I can sense if something is true or not. If it isn’t true, I will feel anger, antsy and extreme annoyance. (For instance, something I felt about a recently departed so called psychic and many who are still living and in the same line of work.)

In the end, you can only tell your story and trust that those who hear it will listen to their feelings and judge if it’s true or not.

I was going to write about an experience I had last week end, but ended up heading in another direction. So I’ll leave that for another entry.

So, how do others handle this conundrum? Do you believe what you experiences? Do you feel you can tell others? Have people believed you?

Please feel free to comment.

13 thoughts on “I had this experience the other day or did I…?

  1. I have had experiences that I can’t explain. When I tell people about them I honestly don’t expect them to believe me unless they have also had similar experience. If I hadn’t gone through them myself personally I would have a hard time believing it as well.


    1. I would think that only effective if you are truly crazy. Gary is weird, but he’s not nuts. He just has big enough nuts to talk about what the rest of us won’t.


  2. I am just coming up to all these discoveries of myself , and I too, see and feel things that I doubt all the time, I cannot prove most of them or maybe, none? but when I do come to one that I prove it makes my whole body go to that place of believing only to feel discourage again to some other provoking experience that does not render any validity that I can perceive. I started attending a group or initiatives, where we all share our stories and that group keeps me sane. I am not crazy, we are all put there, we all really do see and experience all these shakes and nudges, and we all hear and see things in different ways, but we do. I have to be around my group now, and I have learned so much ever since I joined, it helps to be able to talk about what you have inside of you with people that understand and don’t judge.


    1. Yes, it’s incredible how our minds tends to doubt. Recently, I met someone who has given me experiences that I cannot deny. While there is still, maybe .01% doubt there, I just can’t find any logical things to what is going on, nor do my feelings sense it’s not real. I know that once I manage to do certain things, then I’ll finally know 100% that it’s all real.


  3. Oh that’s strange… earlier today I wrote almost the same subject matter in a post to put on my blog tomorrow… after I’ve thought about it…once I’ve decided whether I want to share it or not…!

    I know exactly what you’re saying. The messages DO seem to fade as soon as I’ve received them, which is the main reason I type them all and store them. I doubt all the time, and when I do pluck up the courage to share experiences that have in some way been validated – at least to satisfy my own doubts, I find the silence or sceptical comments of others make me wish I’d kept quiet.

    And yet I’m being driven to put them ‘out there’.
    I’ll be interested in your comments on my post tomorrow, Gary – IF I publish it 🙂


    1. Oh way to be anonymous and keep the rest of us guessing! 😉 U gotta post now or at least let us know about ur blog so we can follow you. Got a handful of people on Gary’s site that would no doubt support you!


  4. I second what Heather has to say. : ) I guess we need to come to terms with the fact that we are not crazy and hope that their are those that will lend an ear. No judgement. I have also questioned whether are not my guide’s are frustrated and disappointed with me. And, then moments later I will question my own sanity, yet again, for questioning this. There are the experiences and all of the wild synchronicities. Like you said, maybe it’s more that we as humans cannot accept that the unbelievable is real. Are we really waking up to the truth? Are we ever really going to have some kind of confirmation or at least reach a comfort zone per say? Help? : )


  5. Hehe – I would believe you. I don’t say much bc people may call me crazy pants. I guess we shouldn’t care what people think, but it is hard not to at least refrain from saying everything. Somebody needs to go first and then maybe others will share their similar stories. Soooo, you go first and see what happens 🙂

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