In memory of Colleen Davey aka DamaCaillin .

1376417_1988078632615_1225172111_nIt’s when something bad happens that your true belief system is called into question.

Do you react in a way that’s not consistent with what you preach or do you take comfort in what you understand and know.

This is true, especially when a friend or a loved one dies. You are thrown back on what you truly believe about death and the afterlife.

For me, I don’t believe death exists, but it’s a transition to another state where you continue to be fully aware and conscious (assuming you understand what is happening to you) and you continue on.

I also don’t believe it’s random.

However, when it does happen, it can be unexpected, and come as a great shock to you and those who knew the departed.

If you’re an Empath, you will pick up on the grief of those around you, and that can be overwhelming and horrible to feel.

I bring this up because this week, a dear friend of mine passed away. Her name was Colleen Davey, and she was a member of my blog and a mod in my chatroom.

She died from complications from heart surgery. She was in her mid 20s.

She was a gentle and honest person, and very loyal. She cared about people and was always planning to bring joy to the world and make it a better place for everyone. She spoke about her plans for this a lot.

She was also someone I considered a part of my soul family. She had clear past life memories of us and other soul family members. She would discuss these with me in great detail. Sometimes I would get up to 100 e-mails a day from her, and she would e-mail me most days.

She knew who I was before I had worked it out. She reminded me of many things that had the ring of truth to it. And her information was later verified, independently, by several others who had never even met her.

She struggled greatly with her past lives, and who she was, and how she always felt she wasn’t important.

But she was important. I told her that. In spite of how some had treated her, she was the compassion and love that people needed. My soul family is insane. They would have to be to do what they did, but there were always some trying to hold us all together. Colleen was one of them.

She did appear to me in my dream the night after she passed away. It was clear and vivid. She looked good and she looked happy.

Yes, on this level, I am grief stricken, even though I do know full well she’s simply moved to a higher level. It’s the tangible loss I feel.

And if I should connect to those who knew her, I feel the devastation and absolute grief. It’s overwhelming and I feel impotent because I can’t do anything to help them. They don’t even know who I am.

I asked my guides, who she was also familiar with, why she left. They told me her task was done and she was ready to go.

I said they didn’t seem very upset about it. They responded with: Why would they? She was with them now, and they were all waiting for me to finish my work so I could leave, too, and they could all go home. But they said I still had a lot of work to do.

Today is Thanksgiving in America. I wish you a joyful day to all my American friends, and there are many.

I am also thankful to have known you, Colleen, even if it was for a few short years. You filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge and know that I cared for you very greatly.

My prayers, love, healing and thoughts go out to her friends and family. Know she is fine and we are left behind to carry on.


20 responses to “In memory of Colleen Davey aka DamaCaillin .”

  1. Cat Strasburg Avatar
    Cat Strasburg

    Hello again to all of Colleen’s friends on this site,
    It is about 4:30 pm EST in Arlington, Virginia, and I have just returned from celebrations of Colleen’s life which have been going on since early yesterday evening. Hundreds of people came to honor this very special spirit who touched so very many in her brief 26 years (April 17, 1987-Nov 26, 2013). To know her was to love her. Very few, if any, knew of her empathic abilities, her past life experiences, and “other-worldly” matters she may have shared with this group. But they came because of her zest for life which made every moment precious, particularly since she was born with a congenital heart problem which required frequent surgeries. (The final surgery in Palo Alto, California was successful; then an infection during her recuperation resulted in her death.) They came because they remember her from grade school, from two high schools, from band, from drama, from her association with the Am Congenital Heart Assn (ACHM), from church, from Shenandoah University, etc. They came because she was a loving, caring friend, a joyful, happy person who brightened up her world and ours.
    A man and his wife each were connected to Colleen from different groups, but each knew he/she had to come—they drove hundreds of miles from Nashville. Another young lady took time from her busy school schedule at Princeton to be here today, and is driving back now. Others are driving back to Rochester, NY; and so many others whom I did not meet came from far and wide. A group of close friends will be honoring her this evening and weekend with a Disney movie marathon-Disney being a special favorite of Colleen’s. (I had to notice that yesterday’s wake was held on Walt Disney’s birthday, and today’s services were held on the feast of Santa Claus/aka St. Nicholas.)
    Many of her friends were disturbed by their last encounter with Colleen –the visit that was too short, the talk that was not as pleasant as one would wish, or the communication that didn’t take place. (Colleen has been attempting to comfort them.) A few of her friends mentioned that they have had many “dreams” of Colleen since her passing. I was unsuccessful in my attempts to explain a Visitation, or to encourage them to look for signs she is sending to let them know she is at Peace. I can only hope that they accepted my statements that Colleen feels only love for them, and for all of us.
    There is so much more I could share, but so as not to monopolize this site, I will email personally any of you who want more, and write to me directly at (Fairfax, VA).


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Hi, Cat,

      Thank you for sharing. I would certainly like to hear more. Being in another country, it was not possible for me to be there.

      Gary –


  2. Cat Strasburg Avatar
    Cat Strasburg

    I will be attending Colleen’s wake this evening (Th 12/5) and her funeral Mass tomorrow morning. I myself am an empath, a past life regression therapist (for over 30 years), etc., and am most interested in connecting with some of you who are local. I AM sure that together we will keep alive Colleen’s desire to make the world a better place while we develop our own spiritual unfoldment. I will trust that we will recognize each other. Love and Light, Kamari


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Pleased to meet you. I’m nowhere near local, but hopefully you will get to meet some who are.


    2. davidalmeida7 Avatar

      Hi Cat,

      I would be interested in connecting with you, but I can’t find your profile. I tried to look you up on Google, but all that came up is a vet clinic in Colorado. I’m not sure what local is to you. I believe Colleen lived in California. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend her funeral. At least I will always have my memories.

      ~ David


    3. Mari Avatar

      Hugs Kamari. Nice to meet you. 🙂

      I’m in CA and I will be attending the wake for Colleen tonight in spirit. I’m not too local but I will be relocating to the east coast late next year.

      Although she isn’t far away, I still miss her on this physical plane nonetheless.

      Nice to meet you again. 🙂


  3. davidalmeida7 Avatar

    oooohhh. That is so cute! And so true!


    1. davidalmeida7 Avatar

      Like I said before, Colleen was one of my few friends on Face Book. I know that she had a lot of love for her friends. I don’t doubt for a minute that this love has survived her in this world. After all love cannot be destroyed. It will outlast us.


  4. Heather Avatar

    I only wish I could have met her in this life. I felt a strong connection to her regardless, just through the stories from you and Mari. Loved the picture of her dressed as Belle, from Beauty and the Beast on Halloween – my favorite Disney movie. She is not here physically but she is very much still “around”. How lucky are we to have yet another guiding star to help led us onward. 🙂


    1. davidalmeida7 Avatar

      Beautiful comment Heather. We can always count on you to uplift us with your words. Thanks!


    2. scorsha Avatar

      thanks, lady. 🙂 i totally likey this. i was really missing her today and this helped. ^__^
      and yes, she is still very much around. 😀


  5. pattidonofrio Avatar

    God Bless your friend on her wonderful journey ❤


  6. Patrick Keller Avatar

    Beautiful. I’m sorry for not knowing her. And I’m sorry for this “loss” for so many in this community.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks, Patrick.


  7. davidalmeida7 Avatar

    I was friends with Colleen and Mari on Face Book. I believe these were the only two friends I had on there. I closed my account on a bad note the day she passed away. I received daily messages of “love without expectation” on this account from her. I always looked forward to getting these messages each day. It made me feel “special”, which is something I have never felt in this lifetime.

    I deactivated my Face Book account after being terribly hurt by a woman I became close friends with on Google plus last Friday. I believe it was a normal reaction for a person with trust issues to such an awful experience. This is not the first time I have been deceived and emotionally injured after offering my compassion to strangers on social networks (in the past few months).

    After a few days, I was able to collect my thoughts. I recalled the many inspiring lessons I had received about forgiveness and universal love from the new friends I have made in the past few months. These wonderful lessons gave me the strength to pick myself up and continue on my chosen path despite the vicious emotional attack made on me. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to express my gratitude (in writing) to some of the people who have contributed to my (newly acquired) ability to recover from negative experiences like the one I described.

    I am sad to hear that Colleen has passed on. I will certainly miss her. I am sure most us understand that people do not “die” but rather continue on in their journey in a different way. As well I knew Colleen, I know that she was transformed and made whole by the relationships she formed in this life. She touched my life in a way that I did not fully understand until this moment. It is a shame I did not take the time to get to know her better. She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

    ~ David


  8. J Avatar

    “they were all waiting for me to finish my work so I could leave, too, and they could all go home…”. I have another 12 odd years, Gary – Sept 7, 2026 will be my last day here for this life. Then I’ll go home too. 🙂 But you, Sir Leigh, are going to be around much longer. Don’t ask how I know. People like us just know! 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      As long as it’s not in my current day job, then I should be okay with that 🙂


  9. infinitemoon Avatar

    Really sorry to hear about this death, I have spoken to Damacaillin a few times in the chat and she was always very warm and sweet to me. We never talked very long but I do remember the brief time that she did she made me laugh and we had a good time. Even if I did not speak to her that long or know her very well, I feel that small brief meeting was all that was needed between the both of us. I am glad I met her for that short time and will always think of her kindness and loving spirit. Blessings and love Bee.


  10. scorsha Avatar

    I’m totally grateful for having to have had Colleen in my life. We never got to meet in person in this life, so this reunion will wait until another time.

    She gave me great encouragement at a time when I needed it. She sent me countless e-cards and even mailed via Amazon two gifts. One was the best gift I have EVER gotten: the tenth doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

    I totally will miss her tangible presence in many forms like for instance endless hours of texting, sharing a love for all things Disney, fuzzy socks and doctor who.

    I’ve spoken to her a few times already but it’s just not the same. I still feel that same loved and peaceful joyness presence, so I know she is always around or not too far away.

    Good times, we had. Oh yeah.


  11. Julianne Victoria Avatar

    Beautiful! Namaste _/l\_


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