Past lives: Why we remember and why we don’t.

past lives clockIn my last entry, I asked the question: If past lives are not important, why do we remember them?

When I’m unsure of the answer, I’ll sometimes ask my guides to channel one. As usual, their response is in italics.

This dialogue also ended up being more personal than I thought it would, so if that kind of stuff does not interest you, feel free to skip it.

So, my question to you is: If past lives are not important, then why do we remember? In fact, why did you go out of the way to help me remember?

It very much depends on what your soul agenda is. Are you here to experience yourself in the presence of what is not you? If so, then it generally is not required that you remember who you are. You will experience this without knowing or remembering anything about your past or future existence. (Which is all happening now.)

So, what you’re saying is that if we want to just experience who we are, we need to forget everything so we can do this?

Yes. That is the basis of most people’s experience here. It doesn’t matter what they did or what they were before, they can choose to forget everything they ever knew and have a life that seems completely independent of everything they ever experienced. Of course, they will not remember this, so they will assume they have only one life.

Is this a good way to do such a thing? The answer is: depends. There is no right or wrong way, just what suits your purposes and soul agenda.

And some people have no other agenda than to live a life without any recall of their other ones.

You, on the other hand, are not here to just experience who you are. You have a very clear and defined agenda. In your case, it is quite important that you remember who you are, and why you are here.

I guess so. I’ve certainly got a few comments that me defining who I am, and who others are is not a good idea.

If it wasn’t what you needed to do, you simply wouldn’t be doing it. As I said, you have a very clear agenda in mind. You have a very lofty goal and you would have great difficulty achieving it without those memories. Do you think anything you’ve managed to do in the past 20 years would have been achieved if you had no clue as to how it all fitted together?

It’s possible. Things seemed to happen regardless of what I wanted. Especially back then.

Then you reached a point where you could proceed no further until you began to understand exactly who you were. You were even told this at the time (though you rejected it out of hand).

Okay, so whether it’s important for us to remember past lives depends on what we are here to do then?

Yes. As we said, you have very specific goals and agendas. You also have stated that you do not wish to return so you need to get it right ‘now’ and not stumble about blindly.

So… what exactly am I hear to do that is so important?

Your main agenda is to help people remember who they are. Give their power back to them and have them understand that they have the ability to create the life they desire. Too many feel they have no control and have to live with the hands they feel they are dealt with. Little do they realize that they choose those very hands they believe to be random.

How does me knowing who I am help here? Surely I can just read this stuff in books and pass on it on to others.

You can’t read in books what you have remembered. You can’t find that information online. It simply doesn’t exist at this point of time. No, you can only impart it once you remember it. And on that subject, when are you going to start doing so?

I thought I was already doing that. Isn’t that what this blog and my websites are all about?

In part. That is general information. The knowledge you can pass on can help explain why this world is in such a mess. It can explain why things happened the way they did. It can help people understand some of the history and what can be done to create a higher version of this life.

But you hold back on doing this. Why?

Maybe because the information is so out there, I would doubt it would be believed in any way shape or form.

So, you’re deciding for others if they are going to believe it not? Fear is never a good enough reason not to do something. Yes, your information might appear to be ‘out there’ but think about this. People, who are meant to find it, will find it. They can only find it if you’re ready to put it there.

Empath information is wonderful, but you have other things you can share. It’s time that people understood that they are not the only ones experiencing the things that you do. You can give them this gift. Don’t worry about how it will look. People will make their own decisions regardless of what you write. Some will accept it. Some will reject it. That’s not for you to decide. That is their own life-path. Your job is to make the information available. What people choose to do with it is then up to them.

Okay, well, I think I’ve gotten somewhat off the topic here.

No, the topic is why remember past lives? In order for you to do what you must do, you need to remember. It’s that simple.

So, to sum it up, it depends on the individual and what they wish to achieve?

Exactly. Hence, do not tell another what they should or should not try, especially if it feels right for them. You have to right to do what you need to do and they have the right to ignore you.

That sounds like an open invitation for chaos.

All actions have consequences. Always be mindful of that. If your actions do not reflect who you are, and where you going, then you are best not doing them. If you wish for chaos, act chaotically, but remember, you will end up in a world that reflects that. If you wish for peace, then act peacefully, and you will end up in the world that reflects that.

Choose wisely. 


10 responses to “Past lives: Why we remember and why we don’t.”

  1. pattidonofrio Avatar

    I had just read your previous post and shared that I do not believe I have ever remembered anything regarding past lives. However, after reading this post I don’t believe it is because I am happy or choosing to remain this way. On the contrary, I have found life to be very difficult regarding things like depression and self doubt. To put myself out there, I will say that one of the few remarkable experiences I have had is this incredibly strong belief for as long as I can remember, that I am meant to be here for a reason but the years go by and I still have no idea of what that reason is. But I do believe I found your blog for a reason, I believe that quite strongly


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I always believed that, too, and the entire thing didn’t start to reveal itself until I was nearing my 40s. I know it’s frustrating. In my 20s and 30s, I felt I was just wasting time. I wasn’t, though. It was just hard times that needed to be endured.


      1. pattidonofrio Avatar

        That is wonderful to know as I too have felt like I’ve just been putting in time, waiting for something to happen, but at least now I believe that the time wasn’t wasted.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          It’s never wasted. I can promise you that. It’s just freaking hard, that’s all.


  2. key Image Photographers Avatar

    Thank you for taking the time and strength to share your insights. Your guide is right, it is important that we share our unique abilities and insights with the world, even if they choose to reject them. I really resonated with your statement about helping people remember who they are. I think there are a lot of empaths out there who have the same mission without even realising it!

    Really enjoying the posts 🙂


  3. Etalia Avatar

    Very interesting. As soon as I finished reading this I remwmbered a time when a friend told me a little bit about what she sensed had been a past life of mine. It resonated even though I have no actual memories of any past lives. How do I remember?


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I believe that when you’re meant to remember, it will just come naturally. Trying to make it happen can manifest false memories.


  4. KDKH Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this. I find my past/parallel lives very accessible in dreams and meditation. I thought everyone was like this, but my family tells me that it’s not that common. So thank you for getting me to question why!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thank you! No, doesn’t seem to be common. We seem to be the odd ones out.

      On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Psychic Empaths wrote:



    2. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks you. Appreciate the encouragement. I still need to write that blog but can’t quite bring myself to do so just yet. 🙂


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