The hidden astral world series – Incubi and Succubi part two – Your responsibilities.

Omen succubusThe follow series of blogs will contain some very disturbing and, for many, frightening information. I find myself in the unique situation of being able to pass on uncommon knowledge.  This is Empath Unfriendly information. Meaning, it may well cause fear and discomfort on an empathic and psychic level.

You might ask, why am I putting this information on an Empath support site? The answer is simple: Many empaths experience demonic attacks and have no clue what they are or their origins. Ignorance does not help. Understanding does. Know what is happening. What you are up against, and always come from a place of unconditional love and trust your feelings when you feel you are heading into danger.

If you feel this information will help others, let them know.

The following is written by a being we refer to as Omen. If you have not read the below blogs first, I highly recommend you do for the background to this.

1 The hidden astral world series – The evolving story.

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 The hidden astral world series – Omen

A letter of introduction by Omen


 Question: What responsibilities do you have with your contract. 

Omen’s response.

As the companion or partner of the incubus your responsibilities are as follows

– Give access to your mind and body during and outside sessions for ease of handling and to pass on information.

– Do not deny access under any circumstance, including trauma, threat of death or in dreams.

– Do not mention the name of the incubus, not aloud or in writing.

– Do not mention of any sessions until after the contract is over or after a specified amount of time after the specific session. However names remain ‘coveted’ thereafter.

– Be made aware that access to any of your lovers current or prior is included in your agreement (or access to at least three predefined biologically unrelated individuals,) as a protection policy against not meeting your base requirements.

– Be made aware that any physical damage or disregard for your personal wellbeing during sessions is monitored and healed indefinitely if natural processes cannot compensate for such. (AKA – you heal naturally unless there is a problem.) More importantly specified is that knowingly fatal (indirect or otherwise) injuries are not to be caused as that voids the contract despite the potential for survival being present.

Cautionary notice: If you deviate from any of the above listed then there are inherent dangers because that means you have broken the contract and so it becomes a free for all. You owe them everything they would otherwise get from the agreement during the full timeframe and then some extra for compensation.

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  1. Diana Avatar

    Interesting. Seems a little complicated and I would totally mess it up.


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