Creating your reality series: – What is Attunement? – Part one

tuning forkWhat is an Attunement?

Following on from my last entry, we’ll look at what attunement actually is, and then go into the process of attunement.

Every day we are faced with making decisions. Some are standard and trite ones such as: Should I get out of bed or sleep in and what should I have for breakfast today, or should I even bother?

You also have decisions on how you will respond to certain situations. They might be at work, with friends, strangers, or just uncommon or rare occurrences.

I look upon such decisions as opportunities for attunement.

But let’s first look at what that actually is.

From my personal understanding, attunement is bringing yourself to a place that resonates with who you are and who you wish to be. It’s also a method of allowing access to things, generally dimensionally based.

Interestingly enough, games like World of Warcraft used to use the word ‘Attunement’ as a way of describing the process that you needed to complete before you would be allowed into certain areas of the game. It used to be that if you had not performed all of the required quests and actions, you simply could not enter into some places. This is a fairly accurate representation of what attunement or attuning yourself is.

For all of us, life is the process of attunement. Every decision we make attunes us. We do this all day, every day, with every thought, word, action and deed. Every decision we make defines what we create and ultimately our reality.

However, it seems that most seem to choose badly. The choices they make are generally poor.

Now, to be clear, I use the word ‘poor’ quite relatively. Poor or bad are decisions that take you away from that is desirable to you and a good decision is what brings you closer. Really, there are no right or wrong choices, it’s all just relative.

You can normally tell a bad decision when you are feeing anxious bad about it. Most tend to ignore what their feelings tell them, though. They don’t like what they hear, and generally logic triumphs over intuition.

The short term gains tend to be quite apparently, but not too many see the long term ones. Those who do rarely see it beyond their current life.

The attitude of Yolo (You only live once) is incredibly prevalent in this day and age. Most don’t believe in reincarnation even though there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. Just as most don’t believe in the spirit world, and will ignore even their own experiences that such things are real. (It actually amazes me that the Omen series has very little interest, even though it’s exactly the kind of thing people are trying to look for.)

So people rarely look beyond their lifetimes. They figure that they can do anything they wish and not have any consequences later on. They believe that they can make deals and if they don’t honour or complete them in this life time, they are null and void when they pass away.

However, they are wrong. Any agreement made with two or more parties must have all parties agree to let it go before it can really be considered complete. Anything that is unresolved remains unresolved until it is resolved.

That means that it carries over from lifetime to lifetime. It keeps on bringing you back over and over again until you have fulfilled your agreement.

Trouble is that we don’t remember our past lives (and this is by design) and because of this, and because some belief systems and religious teach us that they don’t exist, we keep on making the same errors over and over again. People act as though they only live once every lifetime.

Generally, you can go by the rule, that if you make an agreement, you will eventually have to honour it. It doesn’t matter if you made this agreement in the 3D world (generally known as Earth) or the spirit world or in your mind, you will be soul bound to honour it.

So be very careful what you agree to or if you take an oath or a vow. They are all binding.

And while free will dictates that there are no karmic debts, it does not necessarily follow that it means you can choose it ignore agreements or get around them by sleight of hand.

They were made with free will and thus must be completed to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Next Thursday: The process of attunement – Part one



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9 responses to “Creating your reality series: – What is Attunement? – Part one”

  1. Lenie Avatar

    Remember it is only a few people that can see demons be it in spirit or physical form, or who will confess to encounters with them. People tend to choose to rather ignore what they fear than to acknowledge it.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That’s exactly why it’s needed. If others could see them, they would understand they are surrounded by them or dark entities. At least this way they will have a clearer understanding what they are dealing with.


      1. Lenie Avatar

        Gary, I fully agree with you, I found that when I tell people of my encounters, they look at me as if I am mad and then they distance themselves from me. I also believe in warning people of the dangers out there, but I have also learned that you can warn people and if they choose not to listen, they must take responsibility for their choices. One evening, not long ago, I asked the question “what must I do if people don’t listen, am I responsible for them.” Who am I, what is my spiritual name and why am I here? The word Ezekiel came up. I then read Ezekiel in the bible, I am very spiritual but not religious. It warn people of what is coming, and it says that the “Source” or “God” send Ezekiel to warn the people of what is coming if they don’t listen and was warn, Ezekiel is not responsible for them If Ezekiel don’t warn them, Ezekiel will be punish for not warning them.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          I don’t really care of anyone believes me or not. There are enough out there who experience it in any case. This is for those who are looking for answers.

          Interesting about Ezekiel. Does it resonate with you?


          1. Lenie Avatar

            Yes, I know I am an incarnate angel all my life and that is why I can’t adjust to life on earth and the actions of humans. I know I have been fighting demons in a spiritual dimension since I can remember, I also help the dead to move on in a spiritual dimension. It is my work to make people believe in good and in God or the Source or Spirit as some may call It, and to never give up hope. My main reason for being here is to help humans change their attitude and actions from negative to positive. Time is running out, legions of angels are here to help. People must just ask for it. Sorry Gary that is all I can tell you.


          2. Lenie Avatar

            Gary it is very important that people should know there is life after death. It is extremely important that people should know that they are responsible for there actions to all creations. They must know about Karma. They must change to live in harmony with all that is created and do good and the most important of all is love. Love creates positive energy that needs to save the earth and all species on it. People must not fear death, the spiritual realm is…, sorry, there is no words in any dictionary to describe it’s wonderfulness. I must congratulate you on this series, it is the right time for it and all are looking for a bit of hope in these times, your series will give them hope. Hope is all that is needed to survive.


          3. Gary Leigh Avatar

            I agree. Though, let’s face it, this blog is like a broken record on those subjects. Still, all I can do is keep on giving out information and hope that someone finds it useful.


  2. Lenie Avatar

    Thank you Gary, you are now on the right path with this series. You are going to help and give new hope to more people than you know. Good for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks. I was taking a break. (lack of readers or feedback doesn’t do much to inspire me). The Omen series will still continue as I believe it’s important information, but I’ll be doing my own thing, too.


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