The hidden astral world series – Ghosts

GhostThe following series of blogs will contain some very disturbing and, for many, frightening information. I find myself in the unique situation of being able to pass on uncommon knowledge.  This is Empath Unfriendly information. Meaning, it may well cause fear and discomfort on an empathic and psychic level.

You might ask, why am I putting this information on an Empath support site? The answer is simple: Many empaths experience demonic attacks and have no clue what they are or their origins. Ignorance does not help. Understanding does. Know what is happening. What you are up against, and always come from a place of unconditional love and trust your feelings when you feel you are heading into danger.

If you feel this information will help others, let them know.

The following is written by a being we refer to as Omen. If you have not read the below blogs first, I highly recommend you do for the background to this.

1 The hidden astral world series – The evolving story.

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 The hidden astral world series – Omen

A letter of introduction by Omen

Gary asked me to write about what humans apparently call ghosts. He said that most don’t believe they exist and at the time I thought to myself ‘I wish they didn’t’ as they are more of an annoyance to me than living humans to say the least and then took the liberty to complain at length about it…anyhow I was surprised they apparently don’t exist, however apparently we don’t exist either so I should not be surprised. However boring this is for me as its like the equivalent of me giving a sex education talk as its just things that you’ll all find out regardless and it can’t be fully portrayed to you because experiencing it and knowing about it are two entirely different things…Gary insists it’s interesting and would be of value so here we are.

(And thank you for that. Boring to you or not, it’s a thing so many say can’t possibly exist, so it’s worth getting the point of view of someone who can actually see them. – Gary)

We simply call your ghosts ‘the human deceased’ or ‘deaders’ (while in comparison living humans are ‘breathers’.) They are as their namesake denotes, humans who have died and are not flesh anymore, however we do not consider them to be legitimate spirits, but I will get to that point further on.

So, if they are dead but they are still present, where are they? They exist on a pseudo-physical layer of reality, one that is closest to the physical world itself yet far away from the spirit world, and they are limited to that particular ‘vicinity’ (not that there is any kind of mass or legitimate space or distance in physical terms there.) This doesn’t mean they are trapped or in ‘limbo’ or ‘purgatory’ as you religious ones might say, they simply don’t know there is more outside of where they reside and so they simply don’t try to move further away from the physical world as there is just not context for travel or awareness within them. Yes, it can happen in some rare cases and some human spirits go on to become ‘fully fledged’ and aware as we say, but that is another topic altogether.

Although I have said I wouldn’t talk about the afterlife I have realized that I can’t separate afterlife processes from the entire notion of your ghosts, as the latter is a product of the former. I will put most of the following into a personal context because writing ‘you’ instead of ‘they/human’ is just convenient.

When you become dead your consciousness remains intact and this is the same consciousness that was once driven or ordered by human biological processes within the body and mind. This identity and thoughts and such are like (and I’m being very descriptive here, not literal) an all-encompassing layer smothering whatever was already present beneath it (assuming there are prior experiences outside the body) and suppressing or overwhelming these prior aspects of your consciousness. To reiterate, this layer would be comprised of the way you are forced to behave via being attached to a physical body, it is existential conditioning at its best and it all gets carried over mentally after the body is shed. As a ghost you would appear as an echo of your physical state of being, everything from the shape your energy forms to mimic your prior body, to your mannerisms and the way you try to interact and even to the way your mind tries to perceive the world as though it is in-fact physical, is simply a reaction to this carrying over of mental data from your body’s physical processes to yourself.

So this layer comprised of physical processes is then overlaid with your current self, which is not physical anymore and this creates a kind of pseudo-spiritual identity that is neither wholly attached to the physical world, and not yet a part of the afterlife and/or spirit world either. This pseudo-spiritual identity is what creates your limited awareness as a ghost. This is what defines being a ghost.

There are processes or stages to being a ghost, it is like any other growth cycle you might have. I’ll list the general order of processes, of course every individual is different…but just as you might recognize the stages of grief and everyone might express it in altered ways, there is still a recognized process of grieving to complete and so there is also a recognized process of being a ghost to complete as well.

Next Monday: The how-to ghost process 

2 thoughts on “The hidden astral world series – Ghosts

  1. This is absolutely FANTASTIC information, Gary. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see the next piece on this. Had never read the ghost phenomenon described the way it has been here. wow! I thank Omen as well. Had never thought I would be thankful to a demon for anything!!!

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