The hidden astral world series – Ghosts – The how-to process – Part 1

The following series of blogs will contain some very disturbing and, for many, frightening information. I find myself in the unique situation of being able to pass on uncommon knowledge.  This is Empath Unfriendly information. Meaning, it may well cause fear and discomfort on an empathic and psychic level.

You might ask, why am I putting this information on an Empath support site? The answer is simple: Many empaths experience demonic attacks and have no clue what they are or their origins. Ignorance does not help. Understanding does. Know what is happening. What you are up against, and always come from a place of unconditional love and trust your feelings when you feel you are heading into danger.

If you feel this information will help others, let them know.

The following is written by a being we refer to as Omen. If you have not read the below blogs first, I highly recommend you do for the background to this.

1 The hidden astral world series – The evolving story.

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 The hidden astral world series – Omen

A letter of introduction by Omen

Following on from Omen’s excellent description on what a ghost is, we look at the what to do when you pass over.


The how-to ghost process (based on my observations)

Finish dying and cross over

Even when the body is clinically dead your consciousness is still attached to it, the brain takes longer than the body to fade and as long as there is still oxygen in the brain it will keep operating up until it’s all used up and after that point your consciousness becomes dormant overall. The ‘cross over’ of data from physical to mental to metaphysical takes hours, you don’t regain awareness until it’s complete. During this time you can and do dream, these dreams are often called the ‘last sleep’ as from that point onward you will not be capable or reaching that mode of awareness again. Dreaming only occurs when there is a distinction between awake and asleep, and as a ghost you will not have such a thing.

Wake up and smell the roses

When you do ‘wake up’ this will be in your body’s vicinity, but you will be separate to it. Depending on the physical conditions you might be able to wander about your own funeral or you might mistakenly think you’ve been buried alive. Your senses will seem no different to how they were when you were alive, you may even ‘breathe’ and have other bodily urges that actually are redundant now. Yes breathing is optional, what a concept. At this point you’ll likely think your still having some weird dream and will not realize you are actually dead.

The realization of being dead can take any amount of time to happen, but generally speaking when you try to see your shadow, your reflection or when you try to interact with anything that is the first tip off to the fact that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Of course, being idiotic most don’t even take that for what it is, instead they often find other ghosts and affiliate with them and enable each other’s denial that their life as they know it is over. Avoiding the truth seems to be a talent of humans both dead and alive.

Time to not forget what just happened

Once you somehow realize you are dead and even if you are in denial of it and trying to convince yourself otherwise, you will get ‘flashbacks’ of your lifetime in the same way living people react to post traumatic stress. Of course it is not always traumatic, it can be wonderful if it is good memories, but my point here is that during these times you are entirely divorced from any reality. You retreat into your mind and work through every morsel of unprocessed data of your life, you try to process it and make sense of it as best you can and come to terms with what matters and what doesn’t. You are reviewing everything.

Next Monday: Part 2






2 responses to “The hidden astral world series – Ghosts – The how-to process – Part 1”

  1. Gary Leigh Avatar

    Thanks, Luna, and always a pleasure to hear from you. And yes, I agree. In fact, I’ve got my own entry on this after these main ones which echo what you have said.


  2. Luna Sol Avatar

    Hey Gary,
    Thanks for writing about this, it resonates with me a lot. It also brings to mind the importance of being ready for the moment of death. I mean, preparing yourself to accept death when it comes. A lot of suffering for the spirit (ghost) can be avoided if the dying soul accepts its death as it is happening. So, meditating upon the time of death, and accepting our deathbound reality during life can bring forth much clarity. I can’t say I’ve gotten fully there, but I’ve felt it a couple of times, in dreams. An accepted death is a beautiful thing. Furthermore, I think we are also capable of accepting our death even when it is not imminent, and this acceptance will set us free in life as much as in death. I’ve been reading a wounderful book about this called ‘The tibetan book of living and dying’ by Sogyal Rinpoche.
    There is also the special case of suicides, I’ve seen a few suicide ghosts in dreams, they continue living and reliving the pain and madness that drove them to suicide. Suicide will never be a release from pain, rather it is an entrapment.
    Thanks again for the post,
    Luna Sol


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