Emmy the Empath – A cartoon story series by Anneli Rufus

I received an e-mail the other day from an empath called Anneli Rufus.

It’s quite engaging and describes what it’s like to be an Empath quite nicely.

Below is a short sample of her work and I encourage people to go check this out at: Emmy the Empath.


Certain people are born with the otherworldly ability to simply know, with nary a word or signal exchanged, how others feel. They detect others’ emotions the way antennae detect radio waves: through thin air, effortlessly.

Emmy the empath 1






In this way, they pick up the unspoken, secret emotions of acquaintances, loved ones and strangers — sometimes even animals.

Emmy the empath 2

Sure, most human beings lack this amazing superpower. Thus most human beings must base their opinions of others, and their conversations with others, on leadenly obvious dead giveaways such as body language, facial expressions and actual words. Oh, and bottles, books or weapons that those others might be cradling in their laps or waving in the air.

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