Emmy the Empath by Anneli Rufus – Second instalment.

emmy the empath 3


A new chapter has been posted for the Emmy the Empath series.

You can find it here.


7 thoughts on “Emmy the Empath by Anneli Rufus – Second instalment.

  1. It was a perfect story… Public transportations are the worst thing ever! I try to take classes that are not in the morning so at least I wouldn’t have to take a bus filled with people at 6am… My second biggest dream is to live near a beautiful beach and away from big cities..

    Thank you for the great story!


  2. Thank you for following me. I just caught up with new followers on my own blog and you were one of them. I can totally relate to Emmy as I am an empath as well. Thanks for writing this gem. I truly appreciate it and look forward to reading more and delving into your blog. 🙂


  3. I am so sensitive & tenderhearted who try level best to umderstand feelings,demands of others and by fufilling it feel satisfied. But noone cares about my feelings even those for whom i sacrificed everying are not ready to spend few minutes or speak few words. But everyone expect help in their misries. Now its ending point of my life that i think .without love, attachment i am feeling to pay homage to this beautiful world. Without mistake everyone expect from me to stop travelling in life-journey. Why? Dont know… I am ambituous but no ambition is yet fulfilled till the age of 33. Can u give me feeling of happiness?


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