Cause for conCERN? Is Armageddon coming?

supercolliderTerrible pun aside, there is a lot in the news lately that Armageddon coming. It’s pretty much connected to the CERN Super Collider project where they are trying to recreate the big bang.

Back in 2012, they successfully identified the so called Higgs Boson (also known as the God particle) and this was hailed as a major discovery for physics and who can blame them for saying that?

What has many up in arms is that the Super Collider has been turned on again, this time with twice the power. While I do not believe it will be earth ending, I have to question the wisdom of such an act. It would seem they are trying to discover hidden dimensions.

There is a reason why dimensions are separate and opening them up in this slice of reality is not really a good idea. But that aside, it’s interesting timing for this to happen. I can’t get a proper fix on the dates on when they will do this, however the general date seems to be from the 20th March to the 23rd this year. (2015).

A rare solar eclipse has just happened and it occurred near the equinox (that time of year where the days are of equal length).

While those two events would not really have much effect on their own, in my opinion, it should be noted that many rituals are done at this time and that produces a lot of psychic energy, that can be harnessed by those we term as negative beings.

It also seems that CERN will also produce its own energies and those who can see into the astral have reported countless groups of demonics building portals.

What is most interesting is the reports of beings in the astral ‘freaking out’ about Armageddon coming.

Now, normally I tend to ignore such things. I’ve seen plenty of ‘End of Days’ stuff, including the infamous 2012 scenario which I had to ensure for seven or more years.

However, over the past few months, there have been things happening that I can’t ignore as it matches those mentioned in Revelations.

I’ve never really read through that book. I’m not a Christian and it’s a hard slog for me in any case. In spite of this, I have come across many references to it during my life, so when something happens, it twigs my memory and I look it up.

There are several clear signs that things will come to pass, and it appears it’s all because of CERN trying to open up into another dimension.

Other astral level are not barren or vacant. It’s not like space where it’s mostly dead and debris. There are entire societies which are extremely active on those levels. Sometimes they will interact with this world, either by coming closer in spirit and taking over a body, but all in all, they go about their daily business just like we do.

It seems very unwise to try and bridge the gap in such a way.

I’m still tossing up on whether I should say what signs I have seen pass for Revelations. Suffice to say they are not allegorical or vague interpretations, but the literal events including the one that refers to ‘The Beast.’

In any case, it is a nightmare for Empaths as they will be picking up on the activity and many will no doubt feel anxious without understanding why.

I guess its watch this space for now.

7 thoughts on “Cause for conCERN? Is Armageddon coming?

  1. I’ve had so many more “attacks” of late which my doctor calls “panic attacks” but such a desolate feeling that something entirely horrible is about to happen on a worldly scale…I don’t know…never felt such strong imminent danger


      1. Oh Gary I would never forget “this place”…just knowing you are there is so comforting 🙂 After meeting you I finally was able to not feel so weird, “too sensitive”…”how could you possibly know that about someone right off the bat?”…”It’s all in your mind”…”snap out of it”…”why on earth are you so upset?”…”you really are crying because of an add on tv?”…”just go, you know you’ll have fun when you get there”…ad infinitum
        I am feeling somehow though, that I need to progress in some way, spiritually, it’s just time and I know it. Something awaits me, although I haven’t a clue what it is yet.

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  2. So is that why I’v been feeling anxious for the past month and a half? It even got worse today…Sometimes it feels like Im about to get an anxiety attack. You know with technology, I’ve had my intuitions straying me away from it ever since I was a kid (around 12) and this is when cell phones started coming up but just starting to get some color. My intuitions still to this day, is giving me bad vibes about it and I think besides the fact that privacy and some form of freedom will be taken away by tech (people arent too concentrated in their lives or blind to realize it.), this also could be another reason why or the biggest reason. I’ve also felt something off about after the year 2015 for a while (kind of a light feeling? Not too heavy?), like 2016 is going to be different or dark? But for some reason I sometimes feel afraid of the future.

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