Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 2


Part two of the stories from the  Facebook Empath Support group.

Gary Leigh

This one is not so much a creepy story but one that happened against the odds.

Back around the year 2000, I was on holidays and me, my ex wife and step daughter visited a local carnival.

With every such place come those impossible to win vending game machines. I don’t bother to waste money on them as they are rigged and the odds of winning anything are very low.

I passed by a claw machine that was packed with stuffed animals and I idly pushed on the control handle. To my surprise, it moved. I instinctively pushed for the other direction and then the claw dropped up and picked up a toy mouse. Though I had totally no use for such a thing, the fact I won so randomly without paying amazed even me.

I gave the mouse to our cat who loved it. It was his favourite toy and he played with it for so long that in the end, it was barely recognizable.

One day in early October 2014, I just had this urge to be in the woods / mountains. I hit one location, but something just didn’t seem right. It was as if the Earth was telling me, “Ummm, no, not here.” It was just as if I was in the wrong location. While a gorgeous hike through the mountains, it just didn’t “feel right.”

Over the course of the next few days, I had my Jeep into the dealership for service and coincidentally, the service writer mentioned a few places in the area where we could take Jeeps. I left the dealer and immediately headed off to his recommended location.

It’s funny how things work, because when I got to this location, I started down the trail and about a 1/4 mile in, something just “clicked.” I found a place to pull off the “trail,” parked, and exited the Jeep. I looked around, took in a fresh breath of air, and immediately noticed the fresh scent. It was cool, clean, and crisp. I also couldn’t help but notice the silence; it was almost eerie. Then, I started noticing the sound of the branches of the trees, swaying in the wind and acorns started falling upon my head.

I started walking and soon realized there were no acorns falling from trees or a breeze unless I was walking. Whenever I walked, the branches of the tree I was under would sway in the wind and the acorns would fall, but they were the only trees.

As I was experiencing these strange occurrences, an overwhelming feeling that I was not alone swept over me. I stared into the trees and saw these clear “outlines,” or “formed fluid,” kinda like the Predator in the “Predator” films. They were formless and more like “puddles” in the air. Normally, one would be frightened, but I was not; not in the least. I felt comforted and could not believe what I was witnessing.

I spent a few hours in the woods/mountains that day and the entire time I was back there, I did not see one person, and no other vehicle travelled the path. It was as if that day was just for me, and me only. It was as if the Earth wanted me to experience and appreciate Her in Her finest moments.

I will never be able to put this surreal experience into words, but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life. It was just so emotional.

That day, I drove into the woods as an Atheist. I drove out as something else. “Seeing is believing” is a pretty sure-fire way to gauge whether or not something exists, but on that day, things were different and that “mentality” just didn’t hold any water.

We all have our beliefs in our own deities and to us, our own deities are more real than someone else’s, but I know what I saw and experienced, and I am convinced there is a higher power out amongst us. I’ll just leave it at that.

Jennifer  So many thing happen around me it is hard to pick which to tell so I will just use the most recent.
It was about 11pm and I was heading out to my car to pick my daughter up from a dance. As I opened the gate to my yard I saw what looked like a mix between a human and a grey mist at the back of my car. I walked around my car and checked out the inside before getting into it to leave. As I got home I noticed that same mist thing was across the street next to my other vehicles. A few days later which was actually last night I took my daughter to class in the evening and as it got darker that mist appeared behind my car. I got out and looked all around the car before getting back in to read while I waited. I threw the keys in the cup holder and be gain to read when the stereo popped on and started to grind the cd. I just felt like there was something there in the car with me. About 10 min before my daughter got out of class the lights near my car in the parking lot all turned off leaving me in almost pitch darkness. I was watching the doors of the building just wishing class would be out soon and something hit my car making the whole thing tilt a little and vibrate. I was so thankful that moments later class had let out and I could go home where it is safe.

Wendy  My twin sister and I lived in another state in 2002. We were planning a trip home that month in June to visit the family. She and I were chatting on the computer about the trip, because she lived three hours from me, when I got a phone call. I told her I’d be right back and she told me the same, because she got a call herself.

When I answered the phone, no one was there. Immediately, I thought about my grandmother..
I returned to the computer and told my sister about the phone ringing and no one there, and she told me she had the exact same experience, including immediately thinking of grandma!

That night, my father called me and told me that grandma had passed on, “a few hours ago” but that he couldn’t call because of the phone lines being down from the storm over there.

He told me how in grandmas last breathes, she wanted “her twins”. My sister and I honestly believe that the phone call was grandma calling us to say goodbye.





One response to “Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 2”

  1. xaranahara Avatar

    I have a similar experience as Jennifer. My now-fiance and I were walking to drop something off in the mail. When we came back, I saw his mother leave the house in her car to go to a job interview. He was aggravated with her, so he said nothing. I, however, smiled and waved goodbye. She smiled at me and waved goodbye. I knew when I smiled and waved that she would never come back. No words were exchanged. I just had an eerie feeling, but I said nothing and hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t… At 3:02 p.m., right when my now-fiance started at his at-home technical support job, a cop knocked on the door and basically told him to get to the hospital immediately. He and I of course hauled ass to the hospital, and when we went there, they told us she had a heart attack behind the wheel and crashed her car. I was right. She never came back…


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