Psychic attacks -Emotional magnification

This video is about how our feelings can be magnified as a type of attack.



3 responses to “Psychic attacks -Emotional magnification”

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    I think psychic attacks come from toxic people. You know them…they radiate negativity because they have such a deep misery. You must feel sorry for them, even though they try to attack in their desperation to escape their own psychological illness. It’s the old saying “misery loves company” except you don’t have to join this person. You don’t have to enter into their negative sphere like they want you to. They want to bring you down so that they feel superior, but that is only because they view you as above them. Deep inside, they know that they are inferior to you and your ability to see right through them. So just deflect that psychic attack with a little sideways movement and a wink of your eye 😉


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    Sometimes an empath will be put into a situation that they cannot get out of. They were hoodwinked, manipulated and lied to. They are TRAPPED now. They then become the “accused”. All the problems in the relationship are being blamed on the empath because the dark one sees their own reflection in the empath even though the empath is doing nothing but being their usual humble and happy self. The empath is left scratching their head wondering why the dark one cannot comprehend logic? They are scratching their head wondering why the dark one refuses to look in the mirror and humble themselves? The empath is a humble individual, the dark one has the biggest ego around. Light vs. Dark. The empath starts to lose their light and happiness. They are being dragged down to the level of the shit that they were too stupid to see in the beginning because of their stupid HEART!!! The empath deserves the psychological torture because it was their naivety that got them into the situation. It’s their fault. THEY FAILED to see it coming


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    No, you would not. Why? Because NO BODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This world is full of FAKE, pretenders. Most people are wearing a mask and I am not one of them. No body cares…They are not genuine. I am sick of this planet and I am NOT a freaking animal either!!!!


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