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8 thoughts on “Empath

  1. I am getting worse. I haven’t to seclude myself from others. I can feel others emotions even when they are not that close to me.I am drained whenever I around others. I am starting to hear others as crazy as it sounds. Is there help for this I can’t take being around others I’m drained in minutes.


      1. Thank you Gary I feel as though I may need something. Psych evaluation stated I am not mental. People draw to me to solve problems and I have no life due to being drained constantly.. I will try what you suggested.


        1. Well, for draining, I’d suggest the Bach Flower Remedy Wild Rose. It’s quite an amazing remedy which can really make a big difference.

          Also, don’t forget to download the free Empath Guidebook, which has many hints on how to cope with being an Empath.


  2. Why can’t I come to grips with it. I have taken the tests everyone I can find and make other people take them . They all say I am , the others I have had take the test all say I’m not but that is so you. How can I prove it to myself?


    1. Hi, Lisa. Simply put, if you weren’t an Empath, you wouldn’t even care. Only Empaths care and wonder if they are actually Empaths. A non Empath would simply laugh it off as nonsense.


      1. Thank you so much, that makes perfect sense. Now is it crazy that spirts and animals are drawn to me. I don’t see spirts it just things happen around me. Things fall off shelves, move, come up missing and return where you looked prior. It happens everywhere home, work, malls. Sometimes I hear them. Also animals will walk over to me, bring me toys, food , they could be in a zoo. I had a giraffe leave people feeding it, came to me who of coarse avoids crowds and stayed with me till I left.i had no food. It happens all the time. Is that just nuts or is this just part of it.


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