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  1. Kirby Avatar

    I’ve been married to my borderline personality disordered/ narcissistic personality disordered wife for the last 13 years. My life has slowly taken a turn for the worse. My codependency issues, coupled with the recently discovered fact that I am also an Empath, has made us a match made in hell.
    I’ve reached the lowest point ever in my life due to the constant and never ending stream of negative energy. My wife thrives off the chaos she causes while it dehabilitates me.
    In attempt to find a solution to my dysfunctional relationship 2 very important revelations came about of which I am very thankful for.
    Firstly, I eventually hit rock bottom emotionally and gave up thinking I could fix her. This forced me to accept things as they were and placed my focus on the only person I ever had any real control over, which was myself.
    Secondly, I began a quest to discover what about me would allow me to not only stay in an abusive relationship but also think that I could fix a dysfunctional individual. This quest led me to discovering that I was an Empath. Being able to have a clear cut explanation to what I was experiencing my entire life brought a level of peace to me. Knowing others have felt and experienced many of the things I did has given me solace. I know now that I am not alone. I may be unique but I’m not disconnected from everyone else.
    I think narcissists are Empaths as well but I feel that they use their gifts to manipulate and hurt rather than help others. I find my wife and I connect energetically too often to believe it’s a coincidence. The fact that my wife refuses or is incapable of acknowledging and dealing with her emotions is the root cause of most of her issues. Her lack of any real empathy on any level makes being in a relationship with her a nightmare. She can “pretend” to be empathetic but there’s no real substance behind her actions. I’m slowly building myself up but know that separation is the only real solution. Thanks for allowing me to share.


    1. James p Avatar
      James p

      Wow ! Reading this ! Was like reading my own life’s story I’m in the same situation only for 27 years and word for word is exactly how it’s been for me and my wife


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